Why do Deku & Naruto Look Alike ?

Why do Deku & Naruto Look Alike ?

Deku, the hero of My Hero Academia, is a main character in this anime series about people with extraordinary talents known as Quirks. Deku is an anomaly in this world where the majority of the inhabitants are people with anomalies.

Deku, like many shonen heroes, encounters difficulties on the way to realize his idea. In the case of Naruto, who dreams to be one day the Hokage, Deku has an almost unattainable goal. Deku goes through all the obstacles in order to become the best superhero in the world; thus he becomes the Naruto of the series.

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10) Deku Is Ridiculed Because He Is Different


Deku is different in a world where having an alter is the norm. Deku was born without a unique power, but was chosen by other children his age who had already developed their alter.

The nine-tailed demon fox, like other demon foxes, has both physical and psychological abilities. Carrying his chakra in Naruto changes all that. It is only a matter of time before Deku and Naruto are accepted by their peers. So they are considered outcasts, but their dreams will never change.

9) Deku Has a Big Dream


Deku studies alters even though he does not have his own alter. He spends a lot of time researching other alters. He takes detailed notes and analyzes all the data he collects about superheroes.

Naruto and Deku all dream of becoming the greatest superhero in the world, just as Naruto dreams of one day achieving the title of Hokage. Even though the boys know that they will have a lexicon field of work to complete on the way to their ambition, they never give up on it.

8) Deku Acquires His Power


With the passage of time, half of the nine-tailed chakra that is then in Naruto has been sealed inside him. This is not a power that Naruto received, but he had it. Deku receives the same gift as Naruto.

Deku’s destiny changes when he meets All Might. One For All is given to Deku by All Might. As with Naruto and the beast-like chakra, Deku must learn to master the new power he has obtained by shaping it and making it his own.

7) Deku Has Rivals


Deku, unlike his classmates who were born with incredible alters, has no alter. Deku is without an alter when he suddenly takes control, which everyone starts to notice, especially Bakugo.

Deku and Bakugo, like Naruto and Sasuke, have a long history of animosity. They are always fighting because Deku and Bakugo share the exasperation of Nakatsukasa. Everyone is trying to become the number one hero at UA, so they all strive to be better and stronger than Naruto and his friends.

6) Deku Inspire The Others


Deku underestimates the AU entrance exams. However, when Uraraka is trapped under the rubble, Deku is the only one to intervene and help her. His actions prove to be heroic, and he admits his enrollment in the dream school of his life.

Deku, like Naruto with his ninja way, inspires others with his actions. Deku throws himself in front of the pack when the others hesitate. Because of Deku’s exploits, both Iida and Uraraka have been influenced to be good heroes.

5) Deku Has Powerful Teachers


Naruto was taught by powerful people during his prodigious years. From Kakashi, the sensei of Team 7, to Jiraiya, the famous Sannin, various experts are looking into it and helping to build Naruto’s future.

Deku is also very lucky when it comes to strong mentors. Deku meets his role model and the number one superhero, All Might, by chance. All Might becomes Deku’s mentor and connects him with other powerful instructors such as Gran Torino and Nightteye after their fateful meeting.

4) Deku Has His Own Fighting Style


Deku does not yet have all the skills necessary to manage his power. Deku inherits his gift, but he doesn’t know how to use it completely. As the son of All Might, Deku tries to imitate the hero’s fighting style. However, Deku’s body prevents his gift from reaching its limits.

Find out how Deku comes to have a vision about his future, and proves that dreams can come true. Deku’s victories eventually prove to be based on the development of his own style of fighting with his power. He builds a fighting style that is based on his arms rather than his body, just like Naruto will manage to complete the Rasengan thanks to the shadow clones.

3) Deku Pushes Himself To Be Better


When Deku accepts One For All, he begins a series of tight training sessions to prepare his body for the power. Deku receives his new power, but his body still cannot handle One For All.

Even though his body is destroyed by One For All, he still pushes himself continuously. Naruto kept pushing himself to become better for the same reason: he was aware that a weak individual could never bring Sasuke back to the Leaf Village.

2) Deku Is Recognized By Others


All the time, Naruto only wanted to be recognized by the people of Konoha in the Naruto series. Deku also wants to be told that even if he doesn’t have an alter, he can still become a great superhero.

The first person to recognize Deku is All Might. He is moved by Deku’s heart and chooses him as the next successor of One For All. After finally recognizing Deku’s power, Bakugo challenges him to a fight, allowing Deku to accept his new role as a stronger hero.

1) Deku Has a Secret Admirer


Uraraka’s interest in Deku grows considerably after he saves her during the entrance exams. She becomes his tutor, hoping that he can attend AU. After becoming a classmate, Uraraka continues to observe Deku constantly.

Uraraka, like Deku, finds herself in serious situations. When Uraraka is faced with critical situations, she immediately thinks of the options for Deku. Like the relationship between Naruto and Hinata, Uraraka’s admiration for Deku has turned into friendship. Find our My Hero Academia Popsockets as well as our My Hero Academia Shirts on our online store along with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

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