Who Is The Voice Actor of All Might? My Hero Academia

Who Is The Voice Actor of All Might? My Hero Academia

The most famous anime character in recent history, My Hero Academia fans love this guy, the number of iconic lines he has, as well as his story of becoming the number one hero after living most of his life as an unremarkable teen. He becomes a beacon of light for Japan and a true ambassador for the “Plus Ultra” slogan that the series highlights from time to time.

All Might is the mentor and hero of the main character, Izuku Midoriya. All Might inspires and supports Izuku with all his heart and soul, which makes him endearing to the young man.

In the manga, All Might was a household name, but after the series aired, he became a national phenomenon, and the talents who brought him to life became superstars, whether it was All Might’s English voice actor or All Might’s Japanese voice actor. So, who does the voice of All Might? We’ll introduce you to these two All Might voice actors in this post! You can find our My Hero Academia Jackets and My Hero Academia Pajamas in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

Who are the actors of All Might?


The Japanese version of My Hero Academia has both dubbed and subtitled versions, the most popular being the original language and the English translation. Therefore, it is only natural that the English voice of All Might and the Japanese voice of All Might are the most well-known in this multilingual version!

The voice of All Might has become a legendary figure in the anime community, whether it is the Japanese voice actor of All Might or the English voice actor of All Might. Both versions have received immense praise from fans and have become staples of the anime community.

Kenta Miyake plays the Japanese All Might, while Christopher Sabat plays the English version of the character. Both actors have a long history as important voice actors in dubbing, but their roles in All Might have propelled them into the world of anime dubbing.

All Might English Voice Actor


Christopher Sabat is a well-known voice actor in the anime industry. He has been working in this field for a long time, providing minor roles in most of the anime he sees, and more prominent roles in some, such as Vegeta, Piccolo, Vegito from Dragon Ball Super and Alex Louis Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist. His most famous character to date is All Might, who was given to him at the start of the series and to whom he has remained as loyal as glue!

All Might’s voice actor was recently asked whether or not his voice was inspired by a particular comic book hero, to which he replied, “No, it’s not.”

“It’s a valid concern. When we produce anime, we have the ability to hear Japanese since it’s in our native language. Sometimes it’s a crutch, but it can also be a hindrance if you don’t like the original voice. I love the original voice of All Might, so I tried to give English fans the same experience as Japanese fans.


He said that this was the one and only time he worked with Funimation’s voice director, and that it was through many different casting scripts that she put him through, informing him that he was one of the top few candidates for the role and urging him to change a few aspects or add a few elements to his All Might English voice actor persona to make the voice more dynamic and superhero like. His exact words were:

“Yes,” I replied, “we’ve been discussing this voice since I first auditioned for the role because she said, ‘Alright, you’re in my top two candidates, but I’d like to hear more from you.”

And then she goes:

“Okay, you’re my first choice, but I’d like to hear a little bit more about you this time. “

The Japanese voice of All Might is performed by Christopher Sabat, who also performs Texas Smash! As you can see from the crowd’s reaction, he totally nailed it!


All Might is a Japanese voice actor and narrator with over 20 years of experience. His best-known role in his 20-year career is All Might, but he has also played a variety of other important roles such as Shiroganehiko, Shinigami, Charlotte Kurohon in Bleach, Zambai, Morley in One Piece, Corporal Menishov, Yoshida, Quentin and others in Black Lagoon.

Her work helped set a new creative standard in the Japanese dubbing industry, and her portrayal of All Might set an industry benchmark for large characters, not to mention directly influencing the aforementioned American dubbing of the series by Christopher Sabat.

When All Might’s face appeared on screen, Hideyoshi fainted. The actor was so deeply attached to his character of the Japanese actor All Might that he collapsed during the shooting of an intense episode of the fourth season of Boku no Hero Academia!


Yes, it’s true, he really did pass out! In an interview at the anime event following the premiere of the fourth season of Boku no Hero Academia, Kaori Nazuka, who plays Toru Hagakure in the series, revealed this amazing story of Kenta Miyake fainting during filming:

“During the recording once. There was a moment when All Might had to scream and jump. When he said that, he collapsed. He was at his wits’ end. Maybe his blood wasn’t circulating properly and he just passed out in the studio. We thought, oh my God, what happened! “

“The fact that he fell in the studio – he was healthy and got up,” she continues. “To see these individuals, the amount of passion they have for these characters is incredible.” During the recording, Miyake discusses the incident.

Miyake’s desire to be the greatest Japanese voice actor in All Might clearly reflects the series’ theme of striving to be the best at what you do! The same can be said of Sabat’s commitment to being the best dubber in All Might. Having to go through so many levels of casting before being chosen shows an unwavering passion for Boku no Hero Academia, and it’s because of this that these All Might dubbers are so well known, because they put so much effort into their work!

Three years after the release of its last recording, All Might’s voice is still as energetic and enjoyable to listen to as ever. All Might Seiyuu Live Performance is a voice actor of All Might in Japanese – All Might Seiyuu Live Performance. Millions of people are passionate about their work, which leads them to sometimes dangerous but regularly rewarding accidents because of their dedication! There is a good fan-made film that compares the different actors for the same scene; check it out!

Comparison of the voice actors of All Might

To help you condense all the information, we have addressed the key question: Who is the voice of All Might? Kenta Miyake dubbed the original Japanese voice of All Might. Christopher Sabat provided the English voice of All Might.

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