Who is the Father of Izuku Midoriya?

Who is the Father of Izuku Midoriya?

Fortunately, in My Hero Academia, Deku had father figures, but why doesn’t the series mention his father?

In My Hero Academia, Deku has experienced several near death situations. His mother always worries about it, but what does his father think? Where exactly is his father? Deku has a number of supportive mentors in her life, but her father’s oblivion is puzzling.

Although there are a number of fan beliefs, very little is known. Based on what little we know about Deku’s father, here are some clues about Hisashi Midoriya’s whereabouts. Find our My Hero Academia Jackets and My Hero Academia Pajamas in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.



Hisashi is a play on the Japanese word for “long, invisible”, Hisashi Midoriya. If Hisashi Midoriya appeared out of nowhere and simply performed the famous “absent anime father puckering his lips and shaking his head” gesture, the fanbase would go nuts. The idea of calling Papa Midoriya carefree and nonchalant while his mother has frequent Deku heart attacks that damage her body is pretty funny.

Add to that an overly cautious mother, and you have the right proportions of parenting styles for Deku’s development. Cartoon characters are known to have names that represent particular traits that reflect their personalities. Thus, “Hisashi” suggests that it was probably beneficial for Deku that his father was not around to influence him.



Being a single parent is difficult, but Inko Midoriya did a great job of preparing the perfect vessel for One For All. When Inko talked about Deku’s father at the beginning of the manga, her voice and posture implied that their relationship was on its way out.

Since Inko still considers Hisashi her husband, they are technically married. There are no reports of Inko calling him during crucial events in Deku’s life to relay information about their child.

The silence of Inko and Hisashi may have a specific cause. It is conceivable that Midoriya’s father has a secret job, which could explain all these secrets. It is also unknown how long Hisashi has been away, but it is assumed that he is currently abroad and must travel frequently.



At the beginning of the series, Inko tells the Doctor that Hisashi’s alter allows him to breathe fire. It’s not yet clear if his alter has a high enough power level, but if his job is to be a hero, his flame breath must be pretty powerful. Inko’s alter allows him to float small objects, but it does not allow him to be a hero. The ability to breathe fire is limited in its applications; perhaps this detail motivated Hisashi to follow a certain career path.

Hasashi may be one of the members of the Heroes who disagree with the current social order. Hasashi may be involved in a bittersweet reunion with his father if he is away for a long period of time. Perhaps, like Deku, Hasashi wanted to be a hero but could not overcome his weak alter and sought a method to level the playing field for the “weaker heroes.”



It’s unclear when Ging Freecss’ main rival for “Father of the Year” will make an appearance, but My Hero Academia fans can rest assured. At San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Kohei Horikoshi said that Deku’s father would be revealed in the future. It looks like there will be a buildup to a major reveal in the series. Whether or not there will be, one thing is certain: Kohei Horikoshi would not delay the reveal of such an important character just to develop characters. Find our My Hero Academia Tank Top and My Hero Academia Winter Gloves in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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