Who is Izuku Midoriya? His Origin, His Flaws, His Alters

Who is Izuku Midoriya? His Origin, His Flaws, His Alters

Among the Japanese manga that have attracted a large audience worldwide, My Hero Academia is undoubtedly one of the most successful. The story of a world where more than 80% of the population has a superpower (Alter) and where the most vulnerable people are left behind: Izuku Midoriya is an exception.

For those who have already watched this series, Izuku is undoubtedly the main character. Indeed, although he is a superhero without any powers at birth, he has a very courageous personality that sets him apart from the others.

Moreover, it is thanks to his abilities that he will arouse the interest of the main hero of the series, All Might, who will make him a new Alter: the One for All. Because he is the protagonist and the key actor of this manga, we propose you today an essay entirely dedicated to him.

It is important to know who Izuku Midoriya is and, above all, why he was chosen by All Might. We let you discover everything about him: from his origins to the acquisition of his Alter and everything else. As a bonus, we provide you with four facts about this character that you may not know. Check out our My Hero Academia Caps and My Hero Academia Hats in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

Who is Izuku Midoriya in concrete terms and what are his origins?


Izuku is, by far, the most important villain in My Hero Academia. Izuku, or Deku as his hero name is called, is a strange character because of his history. Izuku was waiting for the right age to manifest his abilities as he was born without an Alter in the invented world of My Hero Academia.

He spent his days watching All Might’s (considered the strongest hero in the series) fights on YouTube. When Izuku was a child, children in his age group started to develop their Alters. He didn’t notice anything different about himself because he was preoccupied with what others thought of him.

His mother takes him to a doctor to get answers, and he is shocked when the doctor discovers that he has two joints on his smallest toe, indicating that he will never develop superpowers. In other words, because of this affliction and depression, he would remain an ordinary person like the majority of people in his village.


Izuku went home and brought his computer so he could watch the All Might videos as usual. His eyes were full of tears, and he asked his mother if it wasn’t possible that he had abilities like the ones the doctor had claimed. His mother wrapped her arms around him with a dejected look and apologised for the problem.

Although humiliated by this disease, Izuku Midoriya did not stop wanting to be a hero. He was able to withstand the taunts and abuse of his classmates, who increasingly despised him because of his perseverance.

When does Deku get his superhuman (Alter) power?


Izuku was the only one in town who couldn’t imagine living without electricity. Despite the fact that he had no choice, Izuku had a strong sense of heroism, which set him apart. It was in this character that All Might discovered many assets to make him a future hero and the heir of One for All.

As a result, All Might decided to name Deku as the ninth heir of his Alter (one of the most powerful individuals in the series), wanting to see him put it to good use. Izuku Midoriya obtains the superhuman form he has always desired after this modification. However, he must now learn to control this powerful power, which can inflict serious injury if not handled properly.

Izuku has strong analytical skills and is an excellent duelist, having demonstrated great performance in duels and quite advanced analytical skills. He is also very good at teamwork, which makes him a formidable enemy. Because of this strength, he was accepted into Yuei High School, where he challenges Shoto Todoroki for the title of best.

How do you recognize him in the series? All his appearances


Izuku Midoriya, on the surface, is nothing more than a harmless young man. Izuku is not particularly powerful for his age, as he is rather small and short. He has a round face with dark green hair that is not particularly neat. His face has large, round-rimmed eyes, and his eyes are the same shade as his hair. Izuku’s face gives him an innocent and non-threatening look.

Our young hero’s body is slim and disheveled to say the least. However, as he trains with his hero All Might, his physique improves. Deku is rather basic in his non-costume clothes. He usually goes out wearing a small brown t-shirt, trousers and boots.

At Yuei High School, he wears the standard school clothes. Deku has a unique characteristic: his tie is badly made, which makes him stand out from the crowd. He can be seen wearing a jumpsuit and a red belt as a superhero.

In addition, he wears a mask with long ears similar to All Might’s haircut. The silhouette of a respirator can also be seen wearing a big smile similar to All Might’s. Izuku Midoriya is also wearing his red boots, black elbow and knee pads, and his original battle suit.

Bonus: top 04 things you don't know about this character


As previously mentioned, Izuku has some strange characters that we invite you to discover in the add-on chapter below.

01 - Izuku Midoriya is a very shy, polite and helpful person

Deku is a brave and powerful hero, but he was not always so confident. Indeed, after being tormented since childhood because of his lack of Alter, he first revealed himself as an insecure, reserved and shy boy. When he was younger, Kirishima was extremely introverted. But it is because of some major events in his life that he is not so shy anymore: first, his acceptance to UA high school, then his confrontation with Katsuki (his childhood friend), and so on.

02 - He is also a very diligent boy with a lot of willpower


Izuku’s personality is the result of his education. It comes from the way he has always done things, since he was young. Izuku likes to observe other heroes and take notes on each of them, so he knows almost everything there is to know about his rivals. Therefore, he is able to make a complete study of his opponent in a short period of time in order to better control the fight. In addition, he thinks about many subjects that hold his attention in order to further increase his intelligence.

03 - Deku is also characterised by a strong sense of heroism


It is thanks to his bravery that he was able to stand out. Indeed, in addition to wanting to help people in danger, he is a very sensitive person. He is willing to help anyone, no matter what their emotional or personal difficulties are.

04 - Izuku midoriya's life was greatly influenced by the hero All Might


Since he was young, Izuku Midoriya has followed All Might closely, and it is no secret that he has been following him ever since. Moreover, he is attracted to this hero and even feels a devotion for him. Therefore, most of Deku’s decisions and actions are determined by All Migjt’s previous experiences. In other words, Deku behaves almost exactly like his idol.

Izuku Midoriya: what to remember


This concludes our discussion of Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia. The most essential thing to remember is that this actor who was selected by Deku is very picky because of his budding personality.

Firstly, he is quite exposed due to his lack of strength as a young man; secondly, due to the legacy of the One for All, he is also quite powerful. However, there is no indication that he will be able to surpass Shoto Todoroki and the other competitors of this rank as he progresses to become the most powerful character in this series. Check out our My Hero Academia Bucket Hat and My Hero Academia Covid Mask in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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