Tsuyu Asui : My Hero Academia

Tsuyu Asui : My Hero Academia

Tsuyu Asui (蛙吹梅雨, Asui Tsuyu) is an A student at Yuei High School. She aspires to become a professional heroine. Izuku quickly got to know Tsuyu, as they were in the same class. Find our My Hero Academia Shirts and My Hero Academia Hoodies in our online shop with our collections of clothes representing your favourite heroes.

The appearance of Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu is a small girl with a slim body compared to her classmates, with particularly large hands. Her appearance is more like that of a frog than a humanoid; she has a very large mouth that sinks a little in the middle like a normal frog’s, oval eyes with large black pupils and visible lower eyelashes, as well as some frog-like habits such as standing on all fours instead of running and holding herself in a frog-like manner. She wears a dark sea-green dress with a bow in her hair tied at the bottom. Her hair is a deep, rich sea green and is very long, reaching down to her waist. Her face is framed by two locks on each side and a shorter fringe between her eyes, swept to the side.

Her costume consists of a bright green turtleneck bodysuit, tan gloves on each hand with a large buckle on each wrist guard, and two identical belts: one on her chest, with a strap around her shoulders and one around her waist, with small green dots around it. She wears a red dress with a yellow frame with tight black boots with ‘V’ marks on her thighs and green flippers that look like frog toes on her feet. She wears a headband the same colour as her gloves and dark green lenses are attached to either side of her glasses.

Her winter clothes are similar, although she now wears a necklace with two bubble-like objects just above her shoulders to help regulate her body temperature (her alter causes her to hibernate when it drops significantly), and she now has adjustable glasses with a visor that she can wear more comfortably. The markings on her costume are also somewhat distinct; instead of two vertical lines running from the top of her costume, she has two more rounded ones below her chest.

The personality of Tsuyu Asui


Despite the fact that she dresses modestly, Tsuyu is an outspoken person who communicates freely with others. Only people she considers friends may use the term “Tsu”. Teachers and other authorities are exempted from the title “-chan” by her.

Tsuyu is a responsible young woman who constantly cares for her two younger siblings. She has strong values and convictions, and will even fight for her friends if the opportunity arises. When several members of Second A decided to try to save Katsuki Bakugo, Tsuyu was the most vocal, arguing that saving him under their emotions or breaking the law to save him would not make them better than the bad guys.

Tsuyu has a good sense of other people’s feelings and was the first to notice the connections between Izuku Midoriya and All Might’s alters. Tsuyu is an excellent peacemaker who knows how to keep calm in tense situations. Tsuyu is considered intelligent and studious, with great judgment and a low level of emotionality. Recovery Girl considers her to be a “perfect pillar of emotional support” who can help people in need. Tsuyu, on the other hand, has limits when it comes to staying calm after breaking down in despair or sadness on several occasions. Her honesty can cause her to say things unintentionally and bluntly, making her feel guilty and regressive when she speaks out against her friends.

Her typical expression is a blank stare on her face, which makes it difficult for others to read her thoughts and feelings. When speaking, thinking or showing interest, Tsuyu frequently puts her finger against her mouth in a way that sounds like she is whistling. Tsuyu also imitates the croaking of a frog when she says “croa”, thus replacing many of her responses. Kohei Horikoshi originally wanted Tsuyu to be a boy, but found that there were too many males in the second A class, so he made Tsuyu a woman.

History and biography of Tsuyu Asui


Tsuyu’s father and mother, like many parents in China, were usually away on business, giving them little opportunity to spend time with their children. Tsuyu was responsible for raising Samidare and Satsuki, including cooking dinner for them. Despite the difficulty of raising her younger siblings, Tsuyu considers her life to be wonderful.

Tsuyu’s previous hero studied at her university before joining Yuei, and she had little free time because of this. Tsuyu’s busy schedule, as well as her frog-like appearance, made it difficult to socialise. A student named Habuko Mongoose began to harass Tsuyu during her studies. Habuko frequently used her alter, which paralyzed anyone she looked at for three seconds on Tsuyu. Despite this, Tsuyu was not bothered by Habuko’s taunts as they were both alone.

Tsuyu finally managed to persuade Habuko to become his friend. Habuko was surprised and moved by Tsuyu’s generosity, before happily accepting his invitation to become her friend. Although they attended different high schools, Tsuyu and Habuko stayed in touch after high school.

As Tsuyu attends her first day of school, which started in Yuei, she receives a text message from Habuko informing her that she has made new friends in her new high school and that she will introduce them to her the next time they meet. Despite the fact that they were sent to different high schools, Tsuyu notices that she will always be friends with Habuko. Tsuyu decides to make many friends like Habuko in her new school.

Skills and competences of Tsuyu Asui


Overall Abilities: Tsuyu has proven to be a very capable individual. Tsuyu excels in both short and long range combat due to the frog-like abilities his alter gives him. To avoid, surprise and confuse her opponents, as well as to use her leg strength to deliver powerful kicks, she uses a fighting style that emphasizes agility and powerful jumps. Tsuyu can also wrap her long tongue around objects or use it as a whip.

Tsubomi also has a great capacity for friendship, combining her own skills with those of anyone she teams up with, most notably when she and Ochaco Uraraka combined their abilities to develop a unique skill known as “Meteor Fafrotskies”. Tsuyu, according to Recovery Girl, is a superb student with few or no flaws who can help anyone, even someone as strong as Fumikage Tokoyami, one of the school’s top students. Her skills make her one of the most powerful members of her class.

Nejire Hado, Yuei’s third strongest student, noticed Tsuyu’s skills and suggested that she and Ochaco join her under the leadership of Ryukyu, the hero No. 10 (formerly No. 9). Even after using all her energy, Tsuyu, along with Ochaco and Nejire, was able to help Ryukyu against Rikiya Katsukame, one of the Eight Handlers. Tsuyu had enough confidence to meet Jurota Shishida, a Second B student, during joint training, but she was unable to keep up with his increased speed. She even had the ability to not only break Hiryu Rin’s suit but also propel him away, causing Hiryu and Jurota (who was overpowered by Hitoshi Shinso) to collide, defeating both Second B students and ensuring the success of their team.

Sharp Intelligence: During the SCA arc, Tsuyu displayed a sharp intelligence and analytical nature when she discovered the parallels between Izuku Midoriya and All Might’s alters. During the SCA Incident, Tsuyu accurately predicted that the coalition of supervillains would attempt to assassinate All Might, suggesting that they might have a method to do so. This prediction proved to be true, as it was validated in the form of Brainless. Tsuyu helped Izuku and Minoru Mineta escape from the water monsters that surrounded the trinity in the flood zone when they were trapped. Tsuyu’s 6th grade average is proof of his academic abilities. Tsuyu was paired with Fumikage to fight Ectoplasm, one of Yuei’s most powerful instructors, during the last exams, but there were problems due to Ectoplasm’s replication abilities. When it became apparent that Tsuyu and Fumikage were going to lose, Tsuyu used Fumikage’s long-range dark shadow abilities to close the gap between himself and the hero’s replica, discreetly handcuffing the latter to claim victory for herself and Fumikage. At the time of the joint training, she had covered Denki and Hitoshi in mucus so that their smells were always identical to Jurota’s.


  • Frog 蛙 Kaeru): Her Quirk, meanwhile, allows her to do everything a frog can do: jump long distances, cling to surfaces, extend her tongue, and lift a person’s entire body up to 20 meters. When kept in extreme cold conditions for a prolonged period of time (as frogs do), it loses its ability to use its talent and goes into sleep.

Tsuyu trained her entire body, including her tongue, by climbing up the side of a cliff while keeping her tongue out at the top of the structure.

Special Techniques

  • Camouflage (保ほ護ご色しょく Hogoshoku): Tatsuya uses his frog body to blend in with his surroundings by adapting to the temperature and hue of his surroundings.
  • Meteor Fafrotskies (メテオファフロッキーズ Meteo Fafurokkīzu): The children are launched by a cannon, and they throw debris at their enemies while floating.
  • Camouflage Costume: Her heroine costume changes colour with her, blending into the environment when she uses her camouflage ability.

Relationships of Tsuyu Asui



Tsuyu has a good relationship with her family, especially with her younger siblings Samidare and Satsuki. Tsuyu is the one who took care of them all by herself because their parents, Ganma and Beru, often worked away from home.

Izuku Midoriya

Izuku is greatly admired by Tsubomi, who praises him for his heroic deeds as well as for his victory over Katsuki. When they first met, she noticed the parallels between his abilities and those of All Might, but he responded evasively.

She saved Izuku from the villains during the SCA arc, and she was receptive to his plan to neutralize the swimming villains, showing not only respect but also trust. In return, Izuku tried to save her as quickly as he could before Tomura Shigaraki almost killed her, but Shota Aizawa and All Might stopped him.

Tsuyu went to see how Izuku was doing after his fight with Shoto at the Yuei Sports Championship Arc.

Tsuyu used to tell Izuku to call him “Tsuyu” soon after they met. He was the first person in Class 1-A she wanted to call by his first name, reminding him every time he forgot and called her by her last name (out of politeness). Even though Izuku has only known her for a short time, she has already touched him to the point that he feels compelled to call her by her first name. Even though Izuku usually calls her “Asui”, due to her courteous nature, he has called her Tsuyu on occasion and shown interest in her, implying that he also considers Tsuyu a friend.

Izuku felt sorry for hurting Tsuyu after she broke down in tears once again apologizing to everyone for doubting Katsuki’s plan, and they made up.

Ochaco Uraraka

Their first names are used to refer to them because Tsuyu and Ochaco are close companions. When Ochaco was afraid, Tsuyu offered to hold her hand, which she accepted. They fought effectively together against Himiko Toga, with Ochaco worried about her safety.

After Tsuyu apologized to everyone for doubting Katsuki’s rescue plan and started crying, Ochaco hugged her.

Minoru Mineta

Tsuyu usually hangs out with Minoru, though she regularly berates him for his lewd actions or hurtful comments. Tsuyu frequently assaults him with her tongue by hitting him with her mouth.

However, despite their differences, they seem to be on good terms, as she saved him from his enemies during the Arc SCA and was amazed by his quick thinking. They also worked together during the sports championship, showing that they get along well despite their different attitudes.

Fumikage Tokoyami

Despite the fact that their time at school was limited, Tsuyu teamed up with Fumikage on several occasions. During the combat test and the practical part of their final exams, they worked together

Fumikage and Tsuyu agreed to plan their practical exam in advance, indicating that they had a solid understanding of each other. Fumikage and Tsuyu showed excellent synergy and cooperation in their fight against Ectoplasm. In escape and combat situations, their doubles work together extremely well. Fumikage did most of the fighting while Tsuyu assisted him. Although they were overwhelmed by the Ectoplasm, Tsuyu thought they would make it because Fumikage was strong. They were able to pass their final exams thanks to their cooperation.

Mina Ashido

The two young women know each other well, as they frequently converse with each other. Even though Tsuyu was angry at her own failure, she congratulated Mina on her participation in the event. Mina enjoyed Tsuyu’s workshop, remarking that she was amazing at it.

Nejire Hado

Nejire helped Ochaco and Tsuyu get an internship at Ryukyu. Since Ochaco and Tsuyu listened to and worked with Nejire during their internship, as well as when they fought Himiko Toga, the three of them have formed a camaraderie.

Hitoshi Shinso

During the first round of their joint training, Tsuyu worked with Shinso. Hitoshi apologizes for his lack of combat readiness after the initial confrontation with the second B-team, but Tsuyu points out that it was her fault because she should have come up with a better strategy to keep him out of the front lines. After beating Hitoshi, Tsuyu praises his fighting skills and strength, calling him incredible and asking him to forget what he said before he was late. Hitoshi thanks Tsuyu for the compliment and says that he still has a long way to go.

Oki Mariner Crew

Tsuyu gets along very well with the crew of the Oki Mariner, especially Captain Selkie and his apprentice Sirius, who trained her. Sirius has instilled in Tsuyu the need to be a hero and has agreed that she will one day become a great hero. Selkie tries to keep Tsuyu out of hero work because she is inexperienced and has not yet earned her title, but she praises her when she does the right thing in a dangerous situation. When the captain tries to make himself look adorable, Tsuyu seems to be the only one who thinks he’s cute.


Ochaco and Tsuyu are employed by “The Dragon Hero” Ryukyu as interns, thanks to Nejire’s suggestion. He is grateful to her for hiring him as an intern. Ryuko thinks that she is promising and that the internship will help her improve her fighting skills.

Ryuko relies on Asui’s skills to feel capable of taking part in the police raid against the Eight Precepts of Death. Together with Ochaco, Nejire and Tsuyu, Ryuko helps Nejire and Suzuky defeat Rikiya Katsukame during the operation.

Himiko Toga

Tsuyu and Himiko are sworn enemies. Tsuyu is irritated with Himiko for helping the supervillain coalition attack the camp, as well as for attacking her and Ochaco. Because of her behaviour during their first meeting, Tsuyu believes her to be crazy. Despite Himiko’s efforts at friendship, Tsuyu is openly hostile, especially when she calls her by her name rather than an honorific like “honorary” or “ma’am”, as only her close friends are allowed to do so.


When Eri comes to visit, Tsuyu is delighted because she remembers her older sister when Eri’s hair is tied in pigtails.

Tsuyu Asui's trivia

  • In the original design of the Tengu, more frog-like features were used, such as smaller eyes and a different mouth shape. It was also intended to be darker.
  • Tsuyu was originally designed as a male character, but he was changed to a female because the class was short of women at the time. Toru
  • Hagakure shares this quality.
  • The name Tsuyu is a combination of three characters: frog (蛙), leafy (吹), and the rainy, wet climate of Japan (梅 雨), the latter referring to the tadpole season.
  • His Yuei records are as follows:
  • He is in the third seat of the second A.
  • She is 13th in the Alter assessment test.
  • She is ranked 6th in the Second A in terms of grades.
  • She finished 42nd in the Yuei Sports Championship.
  • Tsuyu is currently the most popular girl in Myonigawa. Her popularity ranking is as follows:
  • In the first popularity poll, Tsuyu is ranked 6th.
  • In the second popularity contest, Tsuyu was ranked 9th.
  • Tsuyu likes rain and frost.
  • A picture of Chika Amatori from World Trigger used by Ōji Unit, first seen in Chapter 151, looks like Tsuyu.
  • They are both from Kansai and were born on the same day and share the same birthday (February 11). They also have the rain characters in their names, as well as a connection to the frog (in World Trigger, Chika’s zodiac sign is Rana, the frog).
  • Tsuyu is the second youngest student in the second A class. All the others were 15 years old when they started school in Yuei in early April.

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