Toshinori Yagi (All Might) : My Hero Academia

Toshinori Yagi (All Might) : My Hero Academia

Toshinori Yagi (Yagi Toshinori) (八木俊典, Yagi Toshinori), also known as All Might (オールマイト, Ōru Maito), is the deuteragonist from My Hero Academia. Toshinori is the first most powerful hero and the “symbol of peace” who inspired a generation of heroes, including Izuku Midoriya, to follow in his footsteps. He is known for his sunny, optimistic demeanor and his public image as the undisputed number one hero, but his time on earth is limited; only Izuku Midoriya knows this. Find our My Hero Academia Shirts and My Hero Academia Hoodies on our online store with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

The appearance of All Might


In his colossal form, Toshinori is a tall man with an equally muscular and well-defined body, whose design is that of a typical Western comic book superhero. He has short hair, pulled back, and two tufts on top, which are slightly tilted to either side and cast a dark shadow over his face, hiding all but his bright blue eyes.

The star motif was carried over into the next era, with a costume based on Toshinori’s Golden Age hero design, featuring a skin-tight blue bodysuit with a red symbol that resembles a “Y”, which has a white diamond in the middle and is decorated with white lines that connect his chest to his shoulders and are also adorned with the aforementioned red emblem.

The red and white pattern on the side of his torso appeared to have wings that extended from his chest and wrapped around his back, where there was a similar crimson and white pattern absent from the white diamond. Each side of his hips were lined with huge red spots filled with blood before ending at the bottom of his thighs, and he wore a golden belt with a silver buckle.

Her upper arms were made of gold fabric and her wrists had white lines covered with blue markings, as well as pointed fins on the sides of her arms, and she wore gold boots down to her shins with white and red accents.

In his “true form”, after suffering permanent damage from All For One, Toshinori’s declining health has reduced him to a very skinny man with sharp, angular features and long limbs, a long neck, and absent eyebrows. He has a large scar that covers most of the left side of his chest, and it is not uncommon for him to spit blood from his mouth when excited or surprised.

All Might is also seen wearing a shirt the same color as his pants, with an open collar and cuffs. He usually wears loose clothing to accommodate the change in body weight between forms, but he began wearing clothes that match his true appearance after Toshinori’s hero career ended. Despite his injuries, All Might is still muscular; however, due to his emaciated physique, his muscles are not visible but they are definitely there.

Toshinori was a slender but fit young man when he started his profession. His facial features were softer in his powerful form. He didn’t have the dark eyes he had in his normal, strong form, showing his white sclera completely while retaining the deep blue iridescence of his eyes, perhaps suggesting that he wasn’t a shell of his former self.

The personality of All Might


The character of All Might seems to be based on the stereotypes of comic book superheroes: he is bright, lively and full of theatricality. All Might has a broad, cheerful and welcoming demeanor that can inspire others as well as comfort them. All Might is a very popular character in Japan; he is well known and has been on television for many years. He always takes time to interact with his fans as he is so popular and famous. All Might has incorporated some English words into his attacks since his stay in the United States, but mainly because he names American states when he attacks.

When All Might returns to his true form, he becomes less energetic and more somber, generally adopting a softer posture to avoid drawing attention to himself, in direct contrast to the exuberance of his hero alter ego. In this form, he regularly vomits blood, a symptom of his ill health, but it can also indicate that he is quite disconcerted or amused. His optimism and sensitivity are two personality traits that seem to be innate in him, no matter what form All Might is in.

Since his youth, All Might has always had one important goal in mind: to be an inspiration to people in times of need. Indeed, thanks to his apparent superhuman abilities and charm, as well as receiving One for All from his mentor Nana Shimura and adopting his habit of never smiling, All Might became not only a hero but also a legend thanks to his seemingly limitless talent and charisma. No matter what he faced, All Might always emerged victorious in the end, inspiring the rest of the world and instilling terror in the hearts of villains everywhere.

Despite his best efforts, the wounds inflicted on All Might’s body were beginning to have an effect. Despite the concerns and warnings of some of his closest friends, All Might’s desire to preserve society from evil kept him from abandoning his duties as a peaceful symbol. His cheerful smile, which was once a way for All Might to appease others, began to serve as a hiding place for his worries and insecurities from the general public. All Might began to forget important aspects of heroism over time, until Izuku Midoriya, in a daring effort to protect a buddy from a villain’s attack despite his lack of strength, rekindled his heroic spirit and instilled in him the notion that it is always possible to do something to fight evil.

Because Izuku compared All Might’s personality to that of Gran Torino, his mentor, they seem similar. Although he is sometimes overwhelmed by his students, All Might is actually smarter and more insightful than people perceive. Due to his lack of experience as a teacher, as well as Izuku’s inability to understand him due to their age difference, he struggles in both roles. All Might’s other instructor, Shota Aizawa, sometimes calls him an idiot, while Gran Torino feels that his strength and fame have not translated well into teaching or training others, especially because he has never had a problem learning more about One For All.

All Might has always put the interests of others before his own, considering them his duty, whether they are civilians or other heroes. All Might is well aware that saving everyone on Earth is a difficult goal, but he always does his best to minimize the death toll. All Might is very protective of his protégés, showing unusual rage if they are in danger. He tries to ease their concerns with his trademark smile to make sure they feel safe.

All Might has a fatherly attitude towards his students (especially Izuku, his successor) and takes pleasure in helping them develop as future heroes, being willing to offer encouraging advice and celebrate their triumphs, but he is also not afraid to push them further. When the Almighty speaks aloud or thinks silently, he adds the word “young” (Shonen) to the end of the students’ names (for example, “Young Midoriya”).

However, by a sad twist of fate, he is by far the most ruthless when it comes to grading students in the Arc of end-of-term exams. His obvious intimidation was, in Izuku’s eyes, comparable to Stain’s. When Katsuki announced that he would rather lose than seek Izuku’s help, he was more than willing to bully him into losing. Kensei’s use of Mjolnir proved that he does not tolerate failure and is willing to inflict pain on his students if it means they pass the tests correctly. He even broke the bones of Izuku and Katsuki and crushed them with his boot (which earned him a severe reprimand from Recovery Girl).

The history and biography of All Might


At a time when violence was common due to the influence of All For One, Toshinori was born without an alter. Because there were no heroes to believe in, the crime rate was on the rise.

During his adolescence, Toshinori met Nana Shimura, who became like a mother to him. He told her that he wanted to build a world where everyone could smile and live happily. To achieve this, the world needed a “symbol of peace”, according to the onaten as his inspiration. Toshinori believed that he might be able to create a legacy as a pillar that inspires people around the world.

Nana gave One For All to Toshinori, making him the eighth bearer of this power. With such an ability, the risk of facing the All For One is great. Finally, All For One found them and attacked them. Nana sacrificed herself so that Toshinori could live. He was only 18 at the time, so he could do nothing but watch his master die fighting the greatest evil of all: All For One.

Toshinori was trained by Gran Torino as a favor to his great friend Nana. Toshinori’s body was able to use One For All 100% from the beginning of the training. Gran Torino focused on teaching Toshinori how to fight effectively. He studied at Yuei, where Gran Torino was his main instructor, but Toshinori was devastated after his mentor’s death and was unable to reach his full potential as a result.

Thoughts of revenge invade Toshinori’s mind and he wants to avenge Nana, whom he considers a true hero. After graduation, Gran Torino ordered Toshinori to train in the United States so that All For One would not find him. He reminded Toshinori of Nana’s selflessness and gave him back his determination. As All Might grew up, he noticed that his personality was changing. He began to believe that the world was not as important as others made it out to be, at least not to him. When Toshinori left Yuei in search of a better life, he prepared to cross the sea. Before leaving, Toshinori remembered his master’s smile one last time. For the first time, he combed his hair and wore what would become his signature smile using All Might.

After many years of separation, All Might and Toshinori would eventually return to their nation and continue their rise through the bronze, silver and gold ages of his career. He became the symbol of peace and the number one hero in the world. All Might achieved perfection in his dreams, inspiring a new generation of heroes who brought peace to Japan for the first time. Thanks to All Might’s presence, crime has dropped to less than 6% in Japan, putting it on par with peace for the first time. The imminent danger of All Might continued, however.

All Might was joined by a new ally, Sir Nighteye, who could see the future. He would be the brains of All Might’s operations while Hero #1 reigned supreme. Their partnership worked well for many years. Eventually, fate caught up with him and All Might was once again confronted by All For One.

The Symbol of Peace was the first torchbearer to defeat All For One, completely breaking his reign. This victory came at a high cost, as All For One’s stomach was lost and his respiratory system was irreparably damaged. This limited the amount of time All Might could use One For All, limiting his ability to be the symbol of peace.

Due to his condition and injuries, Sir Nighteye implored All Might to step down so that he would not push himself to death. Nezu agreed with Sir Nighteye and advised All Might to look for a replacement for One For All in Yuei, an option Sir Nighteye considered the best solution. Toshinori agreed that the peace sign needed a successor, but refused to step down in case new villains appeared.

Almighty discovered that one person would be the peace sign after asking who it would be. Even if All Might was destroyed, another evil like him would eventually emerge. All Might continued to rule as Hero #1 for so long that Nighteye threatened to stop assisting him if he didn’t stop. The latter used his visionary alter to warn All Might of his impending death, and told him that in six or seven years he would be confronted by a villain and headed for a horrible end. All Might ignored Nighteye’s warning, and their collaboration was completely dissolved.

One For All, five years later, became a teacher in Yuei to prepare a competent successor. He met with Nezu about a possible replacement and felt that Mirio Togata, one of Yuei’s students, would be an acceptable replacement for One For All.

Skills and abilities of All Might


All Might’s abilities are unlimited, but they have been greatly diminished by his counterpart, the villain All For One. The purpose of My Hero Academia is to show how a hero can change the world. He was able to defeat All For One, an extremely powerful antagonist who once ruled all of Japan and is revered as the most powerful villain in the land, and he defeated him twice. Despite his success, All Might suffered a severe injury at the hands of All For One, which diminished his maximum power going forward.

Even after his alter’s powers were limited by his injuries, All Might’s strength and speed remained unmatched, even if only for a short time. Izuku’s alter shortened the duration of this period. Despite this, even though All Might was able to fight the villains on its own, the other hero groups were unable to do so. With over 300 total hits, All Might effortlessly defeated Brainless, who had been created specifically to kill him. In their clash, Izuku and Katsuki Bakugo, two of the top students of class 1-A, were totally dominated by All Might. In this fight, All Might was able to effortlessly dominate his two young apprentices due to the presence of heavy loads. Forced to once again exceed the limit of his alter, All Might defeated All Might with his last bit of strength.

Although All Might is unable to maintain his hero form for more than a second after defeating All For One, he still has great insight and quick reactions, which have helped him perfect his superhero abilities since he obtained them. This is evident in his comments about Izuku’s use of One For All, and the fact that he was able to intercept one of Mei Hatsume’s “babies” from behind without too much effort in his real form. Despite having a lot of bulk in his real form, he is really capable physically, but not as effective as when he is in his hero form.

  • Trained Muscles: The user must have considerable muscle strength when using One for All, as it is difficult to control and can harm the user’s body if he or she does not have the physical power required. Gran Torino claimed that All Might, in particular, had a powerful physique that allowed him to control One for All at a higher rate than other users.
  • Indomitable Spirit: All Might’s willpower is evident in almost everything he does as a hero. He is known for saving people with a smile and his slogan “The cavalry has arrived”, both of which have made him a symbol of peace. All Might remembers his determination to be the symbol of peace at the height of his fight against Brainless, giving him the confidence to use all his strength to defeat the artificial human. Another element highlighting All Might’s tenacity is his final encounter with All For One. One of All For One’s main tactics during their fight was to wear All Might down psychologically, including mocking him by referring to his former mentor and predecessor, Nana, and revealing that Tomura Shigaraki is his grandson. All Might was enraged by the first taunt, but Tomura’s relationship with Nana crushed him. Despite All For One’s guerrilla warfare, All Might remembered Nana’s teachings on bravery and rallied his determination, allowing the weakened hero to gather some of his remaining strength to continue fighting. Though physically exhausted from his muscular form and facing certain defeat at the hands of an almost unscathed All For One, All Might was able to channel what was left of One For All to defeat All For One with a single blow.

Former Alter

One For All (ワン・フォー・オール Wan Fō Ōru): This is the power that allows him to enhance all his physical abilities to superhuman levels. Toshinori’s alter, which was passed on to her by Nana Shimura, gave her the ability to store a huge amount of raw strength, allowing her to greatly improve all of her physical abilities. The end result is an incredible level of strength, speed, agility and endurance.

Most of the time, All Might’s One For All is compared to Orochimaru’s Sharingan. Although he has been widely recognized as the most powerful individual in the world for this reason, most of his accomplishments took place before he began transferring his One For All to Izuku, so much of his potential is unknown.

  • Immense Strength: The most distinctive aspect of All Might was his unlimited level of superhuman strength. With a single punch of All Might, he could not only defeat a villain, but also alter the weather accordingly. He has the ability to level several structures with the wind pressure he creates. Although considerably weakened since their first encounter, All Might’s massive strength is still comparable to that of a nuclear device. He dealt with Brainless’ shock absorption and forced Izuku and Katsuki to flee rather than continue to fight him head on, after which he faced All For One’s onslaught and neutralized their extremely powerful power with his strength alone. Compared to his golden age when he could have defeated Nomu with only 5 attacks, it took him over 300 moves to defeat the monster, which implies that All Might has become weaker.
  • Immense Speed: All Might has an impressive level of speed in addition to its enormous physical power. When All Might reached the SCA, he moved away from the entrance and took out the bad guys in a few nanoseconds. Even though Tomura is slower than before, he was still unable to keep up with his movements. All Might was also able to fight quickly and travel three miles from the supervillain coalition bar to the Nomus factory, where All For One had teleported the Nomus. According to All For One, this was considerably slower than All Might was able to do in its golden age.
  • Immense Resistance: Almost always, All Might was extremely resilient, and no damage could reach him. In his fight against Brainless, he took point blank fire from Katsuki and yet showed no signs of injury. All For One only managed to scratch All Might, who was shown to be nearly unscathed by the creature’s enhanced air cannon, which has the potential to cause massive damage throughout the city if combined with many other alterations.
  • Immense Stamina: It was said in his younger days that All Might was never exhausted, even when attacking many enemies. All For One and Brainless are the only times All Might has shown himself to be panting and out of breath, due to the injury he suffered 6 years ago which also prevented him from using One For All to its limits.

Special techniques

  • California Smash (カリフォルニアスマッシュ Kariforunia Sumasshu): With a frontal throwing motion, All Might generates momentum and air pressure before releasing it in one shot.
  • Carolina Smash (カロライナスマッシュ Karoraina Sumasshu): Undokai reveals that Endeavor was able to prevent All Might from performing the technique and explains how he exploited his position as a “fallen hero.” A few seconds later, Ichigaki is hit in the face by another punch from All Might. When Endeavour activates his Quirk, Othrwulf’s body is found to be glowing with a bright white light:
  • Detroit Smash (デトロイトスマッシュ Detoroito Sumasshu): Texas Smash is the same attack as All Might, except it is executed with a downward punch instead of a straight punch. This punch has enough force to create a substantial shockwave and enough power to alter time. This technique was originally used to save Izuku and Katsuki from the Goo.
  • Double Detroit Smash (ダブルデトロイトスマッシュ Daburu Detoroito Sumasshu): At 100%, All Might and Izuku combine their Detroit Smash attacks to create a smash that is superior to anything they could do alone. Wolfram was defeated with this technique.
  • Missouri Smash (ミズーリースマッシュ Mizūrī Sumasshu): An enemy is attacked by All Might when he runs towards him, making a fist and hitting the opponent’s head as he passes in front of him to stun him. This technique is first used against the Vihara headgear.
  • Nebraska Smash (ネブラスカスマッシュ Neburasuka Sumasshu): All Might’s “One for All” move is a derivative of his main power, the ability to convert kinetic energy into electricity. He spins his arm to form a tornado while throwing a punch. This technique is initially used to destroy a swarm of two hundred microbombs.
  • New Hampshire Smash (ニューハンプシャースマッシュ Nyūhanpushā Sumasshu): To fly backwards and crush the opponent’s body, Any Power reaches out with his hand to smash the air. The enemy’s body is crushed and injured by All Might’s enormous weight, which crushes it to the ground. This technique is initially used to send Izuku flying.
  • Oklahoma Smash (オクラホマスマッシュ Okurahoma Sumasshu): The Almighty spins when enemies hold onto it, and spins with enough force when released, and they are easily thrown through the concrete. This technique was developed against Brainless, but it got its name during the Kamino Incident.
  • Texas Smash (テキサススマッシュ Tekisasu Sumasshu): By spinning his hands, All Might generates wind pressure that is used to blow things and people away. This technique was originally used to save Izuku from the Goo.
  • United States of Smash (ユナイテッドステーテスオヴスマッシュ Yunaiteddo Sutētesu Ovu Sumasshu): All Might’s latest hit. With the last remnants of One For All, All Might unleashes a devastating punch, powerful enough to cause shock waves. This unstoppable assault is used to defeat All For One and marks the end of his superhero career.

The All Might Equipment


Air Pressure Shooting Armor: All Might once wore armor on his torso that was supposed to help him release pre-purified air shots. It was supposed to work at 20-30% of his strength. This heavy protection proved to be more useless than anything else, as All Might’s close combat style made it difficult to wear this cumbersome equipment, which kept breaking, so he decided to remove it.

The relationships of All Might


Nana Shimura

The mentor and predecessor of All Might, the 7th heir of One For All, is Nana Shimura. It was Nana who advised All Might that a true hero must smile no matter what to comfort people and not only save their lives but also their hearts. All Might considered Nana a teacher, a friend, and a hero, so much so that he considered her his own mother. Despite Gran Torino’s protests, Nana asked him to get Toshinori to safety in the final minutes of their fight against All For One. He was devastated when he discovered that she was dead.

When All Might was informed of All For One’s insults to him, he became furious. When it was revealed that Tomura is Nana’s grandson, All Might got angry and wanted to save him. After meeting Inko Midoriya, All Might learned that Izuku’s mother had common traits with Nana.

Izuku Midoriya

All Might initially considered Izuku to be just a fan when they first met. When a villain attacked him, he came to his aid and signed the notebook. Although he is usually worried about others seeing his true form, after witnessing this condition, he was considerably calmer in revealing it to Izuku. Although he broke Izuku’s spirit when he informed him that being helpless would not help him become a hero, his perspective changed afterwards, and he began to understand this when he tried to save Katsuki Bakugo from the Goo.

After eliminating the villain, All Might informed Izuku that he had what it took to be a hero. He then informed Izuku that he was fit to inherit the power of One For All. He said that he gave his alter to Izuku without regret.

He began to open up to Izuku when he witnessed his progress, mentioning personal facts like being unaltered and fighting All For One.

Izuku’s entrance to Yuei reveals that he still proudly assumes his evolution as a hero, and in Izuku’s entrance to junior high school, he continues to show confidence in his progress.

Hearing Sir Nighteye’s words announcing All Might’s death, All Might readily accepts his fate, but says that Izuku’s drive and development, as well as his persistent overcoming of expectations, give him the motivation to live long enough to see his successor become the hero he wishes to be. All Might is constantly impressed with Izuku’s progress and his desire to take All Might’s place as a symbol of peace, so much so that he got down on one knee and showed his complete confidence in the boy’s potential after their final battle against All For One. He also called Izuku “cool” when Izuku proposed a method to use One For All without breaking his arm every time he used it.

The two characters have a very strong bond, and it shows in the way they react to each other. Izuku is like a family to her, since she has been protecting him since he was a child. He has always considered Izuku as his own son, trying not only to make him an incredible hero, but also a respectable human being. To make matters worse for Izuku, All Might seems to be more interested in his sister. On top of that, he is even inclined to openly display his love towards him in various ways, such as openly kissing him and reminding him that their bond is much deeper than being the bearer of the One For All. Some Yuei members even wondered if All Might was not related to Izuku from the beginning because of this family connection.

Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki has been a fan of All Might since he was a child. Toshinori met him by chance when Katsuki was attacked by the Slime. During the training match between Izuku and Katsuki, All Might once again recognized Katsuki as a potential hero.

However, he does not approve of his ruthless fighting style, frequently scolding Katsuki for using an attack that could have killed Izuku. He regularly tries to give her advice, but due to Katsuki’s pretentious nature, he ignores it. Toshinori and Katsuki’s situation improves throughout the series, while Katsuki continues to admire All Might and supports Katsuki’s hero development.

After Katsuki is captured by the coalition of supervillains and transformed into All Might, their relationship evolves as Katsuki learns about the true form of the One For All and takes Izuku under her wing.

All Might stated that Katsuki was a brave and kind individual, but that he had suffered enough. During the fight against Izuku, Katsuki blamed himself for All Might’s defeat and the appearance of his alter ego. All Might comforted him by assuring him that such incidents were beyond his control and apologized for putting so much pressure on Katsuki. He said that he believed that Katsuki had the potential to become a great hero. All Might then revealed the truth behind his alter, stating that he gave it to Izuku after passing it on himself, showing his confidence in him. In response, Katsuki pledged to keep their secret.

During the same period, Toute Puissante observed Katsuki’s fight. He noticed how Katsuki had evolved since then. After the fight, he took the time to congratulate Katsuki on his willingness to work with his team, which led to his success, while proudly informing him not to worry about him. At the end of the arc, All Might comes to include Katsuki in his private discussions with Izuku regarding Izuku’s alter. He allows Katsuki to fight Izuku so that he can test the current development of his fight.

Mirio Togata

The principal Nezu proposed Mirio as All Might’s successor before meeting Izuku. Although All Might recognizes and compliments the budding hero, he still feels that he made the right choice by leaving out students like Mirio in favor of Izuku.

Shota Aizawa

It is not known how they got their name, but it is believed that Shota was named after the character from the show Denpa Onna tokusatsu Kishibe Rintarou. Shota despises heroes who make the media a point of contention, as Kishibe Rintarou was his namesake. All Might and Shota also have different teaching styles, with All Might criticizing Shota’s harsher attitude towards his students.

Nevertheless, both recognize and respect the other’s skills and are willing to put their personal safety at risk for the sake of others, as evidenced by the Arc SCA. All Might was relieved to learn that Shota had recovered from her injuries after being treated in a hospital.

Over the course of the series, the friendship between Shota and All Might seems to have improved. After All Might retired, Shota advised him to get his students into residency. They also treated each other to a drink, which shows that they are both comfortable meeting informally.

Chiyo Shuzenji

Recovery Girl is one of All Might’s classmates and one of the few people who know his condition. She frequently criticizes him for letting Izuku get injured during fights and for not being a good mentor, believing that All Might spoils the boy. After the quarterly exams, during which All Might fights Izuku and Katsuki, Recovery Girl reprimands All Might for his lack of restraint in front of the two. Despite their disagreements about All Might’s teaching methods, Recovery Girl still considers him a friend and an excellent hero.


Nezu is one of the few people who know about his condition, and he offered him a teaching position in Yuei. The two men have a good friendship and relationship. Although principal Nezu’s long and wordy speeches frequently trap All Might, Nezu has to deal with All Might’s bravado that disrupts his work as an educator. Nezu also knows All Might’s secret and Izuku Midoriya’s connection.

Grand Torino

All Might received his training from Gran Torino, who was All Might’s mentor as a student. Despite his respect for All Might as an instructor, Izuku is afraid to talk to him because of the past trauma of his training techniques. Gran Torino was thoughtful and only became a teacher for the purpose of teaching the young heir. Izuku suggested that Torino be responsible for All Might’s split personality in his forms.

In the Arc Stain, Torino reached out to him as All Might seemed nervous in his speech to his former mentor about his strength. Torino informed Izuku that if he felt the same way, All Might would have come to him as All Might became more and more nervous. Despite this, Torino praised All Might for choosing a successor like Izuku, seeing the same fire in both.

He helped his mentor against the supervillain Alliance during the Raid Arc. He fought with All Might against the supervillain alliance when he was needed. Gran Torino joined All Might in his final confrontation, not only as an ally on the battlefield, but also as an emotional rock that kept him focused despite All For One’s provocation and taunting. Torino was thrilled with his student’s second victory over All for One, which he called the last time the peace symbol would be used. Torino stopped All Might from suing Tomura Shigaraki after learning that he was Nana Shimura’s grandson, believing that it would be pointless to try to make a criminal see reason.


Before the series began, All Might had a conversation with Endeavor. They have not spoken since. All Might seems to have a high regard for Endeavor, and he wants advice on how to raise the next generation. It seems that their rivalry is mostly one-sided (about Endeavor), as All Might is generally nice to him.

After All Might’s retirement and Endeavor’s subsequent promotion to number one hero, the two men seem to be on better terms, with Endeavor approaching the former hero about how to fill the void left by the latter. Endeavor even thanked All Might for bringing his child back, which was no problem for All Might. Later, he asked him directly what it felt like to be the Symbol of Peace.

All Might says he doesn’t know how to answer. All Might says he always thought the country needed a symbol, a source of hope and a call to evil, so he chose to ignore those around him, like his former partner. Endeavor tells All Might that becoming the number one hero has been difficult for him and that others keep comparing them, but he also advises him not to follow in his footsteps to achieve the same goal; instead, he should find his own way to do things differently.

It was reported that All Might was defeated by Hood’s assault, and that he was shocked to see it.

Sir Nighteye

All Might’s former sidekick, Nighteye, was All Might’s former partner who fell out when their principles collided with his injuries. When All Might refused to retire and choose a successor, Nighteye begged him to do so. He believed that if he retired, All Might’s legend would live on and that he would only hurt the people and other heroes who admired him if he died. All Might refused his companion’s advice for fear that another rival as strong as All For One would take over while he was gone.

After their quarrel, Night-Eye spoke of a future of All Might in which he saw his alter, who described a scenario in which All Might meets a bad end while running. Since his predictions never failed him, he did not want to witness All Might’s death. They argued after that and parted ways.

Despite this, Nighteye felt no animosity towards All Might and continued to respect and care for him, despite their conflicts. However, All Might was reluctant to see his former partner again because of what Nighteyee had warned him about. This is also one of the reasons why he refuses to help Izuku to get an introduction from Nighteyee. Despite all the respect he has for him, Sir Nighteye thinks that All Might’s decision to choose Izuku as his successor was a mistake.

All Might was soon seriously wounded in battle, and he made the decision to see his old friend one last time. He was upset to see Nighteye in such pain, and he begged him to stand his ground so that he could apologize properly, but Nighteye had already forgiven All Might and was delighted that he came to pay tribute. Izuku showed potential that All Might considered worthy of being his successor, according to Nighteye. At nightfall, All Might mourned the loss of his old friend and a very devoted fan.

Naomasa Tsukauchi

Naomasa is another individual who understands his condition, and All Might believes he is the greatest cop in history.

When All Might (in his base form) was posing as All Might’s contact, he met Naomasa through his partner. While they were chatting at a coffee shop, All Might kept making excuses and rushing to get things done. When he inadvertently returns with his uniform visible (exposing his secret identity), Naomasa scolds him for not submitting reports on all his heroic deeds. Taking pity on Almighty, who is the number one hero, Naomasa offers to file the reports himself so that Almighty can act without worrying about anything other than informing Naomasa of what he is doing.

Naomasa and Midoriya remained close friends after the two got together. All Might can trust him completely and confide in him, making him one of the few people he can do so with. Professionally, they have a unique bond in which Naomasa divulges information directly to All Might on matters such as All For One and the Nomus.

Tomura Shigaraki

All Might hated Tomura for attacking Yuei and trying to murder the students in the first place. He saw him as a criminal with a strong desire to cause random acts of devastation and death, but also a “man-child” personality who likes to brag and act when things don’t go his way. However, All For One’s revelation that Tomura is his mentor’s grandson was a shock to him.

However, Gran Torino tells him that he is not able to do this because he would not be able to see Tomura as a villain. All Might wants to find Tomura and stop him, but Gran Torino informs him that he cannot do it because he will not be able to do it on this occasion.

All For One

All Might and All For One are rivals who despise each other, with All Might despising the Machiavellian and deceitful nature of All For One, while All For One despises the heroism of All Might. Five years ago, All Might confronted All For One and defeated him, causing him to hate All Might. An extremely powerful villain injured his entire body and gave All Might his most significant injuries that limit his heroic abilities. All Might is very suspicious of All For One, even informing Izuku of the threats he poses. He also seems to put pressure on the wound inflicted by All For One while arguing with him. All For One taunted All Might during their last fight, knowing where to strike to enrage and injure All Might, like his former master and grandson.

All For One revealed to All Might his motivation to adopt and raise Tomura Shigaraki during All Might’s trip to Tartarus prison. He had a taste for play, as seen when he played mind games with All Might to try to get information from the outside world. Ao stated that his life-threatening injuries, which left him blind and terrified, forced him to come up with a plan to hold Tomura accountable. All Might simply walked away and promised that he would still do everything he could to prevent All For One’s goals, showing that their hatred had simply fermented and gained strength.

Inko Midoriya

When Izuku’s mother comes to pick him up from the police station, he is introduced to All Might for the first time. He sees them again when he goes to their apartment to inform her about the dormitory system. Inko is surprised that the former hero has come all this way to visit her house and is concerned about his arrival. She declares that she opposes the boarding school project and wants to take Izuku away from Yuei because she doubts that they can keep him safe. Inko wants to help Izuku in his ambition, but her son’s worsening injuries and the school being attacked several times have eroded her faith. Moreover, she understands that Izuku is so in love with All Might that she fears it will push him down the same bloody path as his father.

All Might transforms into his muscular form as a tear forms in Izuku’s eye. All Might bows to Inko and Izuku, acknowledging his negligence as Izuku’s instructor and understanding that she is concerned about a hero’s bloody career, but he declares that he thinks Izuk should take on the role of a new symbol of peace. All Might returns to his weakened form and wants to raise Izuku so that he doesn’t go down a bloody path of heroism. He asks Inko to look to the future, rather than to the present Yuei, who tries to change for his students. Finally, All Might asks him to trust him with everything he has, going so far as to promise to protect and raise Izuku at all costs.

All Might is amazed by Izuku’s determination. She declares that all she wants for Izuku is to be happy, and implores All Might not to give up his life for the sake of others. She asks All Might to live her life to the fullest and to raise her child. If All Might agrees, Izuku can return to Yuei once again. All Might guarantees that he will, and Inko asks him to take perfect care of his child. Izuku promises not to worry his mother anymore.

Outside, when Izuku and Midoriya persuade her to allow him to stay in Yuei, All Might praises Inko for being a fantastic parent, telling Izuku that she reminds him of his master Nana. The former hero reminds his student of the vow he made to his mother after hearing Izuku talk about All Might’s fight against Sir Nighteye.

The trivia of All Might

  • The early drawings of All Might presented him as an older, more experienced character. He also had a less prominent role in the narrative, being simply a veteran hero who encouraged the protagonist to try to become a hero even if he didn’t have an Alter, rather than a recurring mentor.
  • All Might’s real name is made up of the characters “eight” (八), “tree” (木), “genius” (俊) and “ceremony, celebration” (典).
  • He likes watching movies and Japanese cedars.
  • He has a vehicle of his own, named “Hercules.”
  • All Might’s phone is red.
  • All Might’s hero agency is located in Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, although the exact address is unknown as stated in episode 5.
  • The names of All Might’s abilities are allusions to states and cities in the United States, with his ultimate attack being called United States of Smash!
  • In the first popularity poll, All Might ranked 5th, making him the most famous professional hero and Yuei teacher in My Hero Academia.
  • In the second popularity poll, All Might ranked 6th.
  • In his youth, his favorite candy was grapefruit, and he used to visit Recovery Girl’s office.
  • Occasionally, All Might has his own ringtone, which distracts his colleagues during meetings.
  • With a name like that, it’s not surprising that All Might has a propensity to call people younger than him “boy.” He also has a tendency to freely pronounce English words.
  • His deep-set eyes are not black, as you might expect; rather, they are blue
  • The pupils of his eyes are bright blue because the One for All is concentrated in them.
  • He created Izuku Midoriya as Midoriya my boy on his phone.
  • His age is not confirmed.
  • The clothes he wears are also affected by his muscle shape.

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