Top 8 Female Characters of My Hero Academia

Top 8 Female Characters of My Hero Academia

Boku no Hīrō Akademia or My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime. Therefore, it’s only natural that inquiries about this manga are pouring in. We’re going to focus on a certain topic today: determining which female characters come up the most in this Japanese series. Find our My Hero Academia Blankets and My Hero Academia Bed Set in our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

8 - Tsuyu Asui


Tsuyu is the oldest of this family of three children, being the daughter of Ganma Asui and Beru Asui. Tsuyu is the eldest of this family of three children, Izuku being her best friend in the series. She aspires to become a professional heroine and to fight evil. This is after having been a student at Yuei High School.

Tsuyu is only sixteen years old, and she has a distinct form. She has a small physique, but with huge hands and big lips. She is outspoken to others and to herself, as evidenced by her actions. In their absence, she is responsible for her little brother and sister.

Although not the most developed, Tsuyu has the Alter Frog. This one, as said before, allows him to do almost everything a frog can do. Stick to walls, stretch her tongue to the maximum, jump… She is currently working on improving her abilities and making them better.

7 - Mina Ashido


Mina is a high school student from Yuei High School in Guangzhou, China. She is currently in class A and has the ambition to become a professional heroine when she grows up. She has a different coloring from the other students, due to her strange complexion and pink hue.

Mina is a pleasant young woman with a bright smile. She enjoys spending time with her friends and almost always laughs. If you’ve seen My Hero Academy, she’s the kid who keeps everyone calm with her amazing dancing skills.

She also loves to pass on her knowledge to her friends, as it is a treasure to her. Her Alter is acid, and she can use it for defense, offense, and a variety of other applications. She is a young girl who is still learning to master it better and better, day by day.

6 - Nemuri Kayama


Nemuri Kayama is another name that comes up frequently in My Hero Academia. Still known as the “under 18 heroine”, Midnight, she is a well-known instructor at Yuei High School. Her first distinction, without a doubt, is her willingness to bring any of her forms to the table.

In the series, she is portrayed as a bright woman who is always ready to smile. She can also be serious. When it comes to fighting, she is sometimes unpredictable in terms of fighting style. She usually acts on a whim and has a penchant for her clothes.

The soporific scent is associated with the lady’s alter, which is called the Scent of Sleep and allows her to put people nearby to sleep. This is due to a pleasant aroma that she produces of her own accord. This works much better when it comes to men than women.

5 - Nana Shimura


Nana Shimura is one of the seven original members of One For All, and one of its protectors. She has long been portrayed in the series as a physically robust woman. She is also the grandmother of Tenko Shimura, who is the last surviving member of the family.

In the series, Nana is always on the side of justice and does not back down from the villains. She believes that a strong hero should always keep a bright smile. In every scenario she was in, she practiced this trick. The alter nana is known as One For All, and it’s the same one that Izuki inherited in the series.

She had another Alter before she inherited it, called friction. By telekinesis, he allowed Shimura to fly in the sky. He is a member of the One For All because he is the sixth Alter. This actress was killed during a difficult fight with All For One, the main antagonist of the series, in My Hero Academia. This actress has delighted the majority of fans of the series by playing the protagonist of this Japanese manga.

4 - Ochaco Uraraka


Ochaco Uraraka is another well-known female character in the series. Her ambition is to become a heroine later in life in order to improve her parents’ life with the money she earns. She is a second year A student at Yuei High School, like momo.

Ochaco is the daughter of Mrs. Uraraka and Mr. Uraraka, and she is a really nice woman to those she meets on the street. She is usually quite friendly and carried away by her emotions for minor reasons. Despite her tendency to appear scary at times, she is still a lovely girl who attracts happy individuals.

Her Alter’s name is Zero Gravity, and it allows her to negate the weight of anything she comes in contact with.

In other words, it has the power to make anything float, even people. This is evident when Izuku Midoriya tries to cancel her entry into her school. She has recently started experimenting with her power on herself in order to be able to float.

3 - Momo Yaoyorozu


Mono is the vice-delegate of the second grade A class of Yuei High School, a position she has held for three years. She is one of the most frequent female characters in the My Hero Academia series and is rather tall and mature. She generally has a leadership personality and is very careful when making judgments. If you know her, you’ll know that she likes to help others and save lives in danger.

She can also change her appearance by changing her hair and eye color, as well as adding makeup. Her alter ego is called creation and allows her to make non-living things through her skin. Essentially, she can replicate anything if she understands how it’s done. However, when it comes to creating large things, she has more difficulty.

In this manga, momo Yaoyorozu is similar to shoto in many ways. For starters, they were both accepted into Yuei High School through an official recommendation. They are also the children of prominent families in the story. Both actors have a positive regard for each other, although momo lacks confidence while admiring shoto’s ego.

2 – Eri


Eri is a young girl with spiky blonde hair who appears in the manga My hero Academia as a recurring character. She is more of a “lab rat” in this latest chapter, used by Kai to create an evil drug called Alter Daughter of Death’s boss of the eight rules of death, she has almost no personal identity.

Since she has been going through psychological problems from a young age, this is how she thinks. If we are interested in the Alter of the little Eri, it is the Rewind… This one allows the actress to rewind the body of a person to a previous state as a memory. To recover Izuku’s evil following his exposure to his Alter at 100%; to cancel the fusion of Kai and Shin.

Eri is able to bring someone back to a previous moment of his life, according to some passages of this successful Japanese series. It is, for example, what she did to her father. Note that the little one does not seem moved… In any case, she has already experienced it once and in the presence of Deku.

1 – Himiko Toga


Himiko Toga is a villain in the series. She is one of the 9 officers of the FLP, and she inspired Stain when he was younger (the Paranormal Liberation Front is one of her names). She is a villain who frequently participates in the bad deeds of the series. Slender in nature, she is often described as charming by people who know her.

She has a cheerful disposition and it seems that she has almost no remorse for her actions after committing them. Even when she feels threatened, Himiko does not lose her smile. She is not sane, and friendship and love are terms that she does not understand well. We see in this manga that she puts all her trust in it and is brave enough to use it.

She takes the form of a third individual during the metamorphosis. She only has to consume the blood of one person to use it. The only drawback is that she has to be naked to leave her clothes behind. Find our My Hero Academia Lamps as well as our My Hero Academia Shower Curtains on our online store with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

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