Top 5 Fights of Izuku Midoriya : My Hero Academia

Top 5 Fights of Izuku Midoriya : My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya, the boy born without an alter, is the main protagonist of My Hero Academia. After meeting his personal hero All Might, he acquired the ability to use One For All, and now he uses this amazing power to fight the world’s greatest criminals. What is Izuku’s track record so far?

Izuku is a sympathetic protagonist because he never gets his way as long as he is strong and persistent, and he learns important lessons from his mistakes and defeats. While Izuku’s journey is not flawless, it has a certain depth to it that only gets better with time. So far in the anime, five key fights have stood out; each of which involves Izuku fighting for his life. Find our My Hero Academia Covid Mask and Women My Hero Academia Shirts in our online store along with our collections of clothing featuring your favorite heroes.

5) Izuku vs. Shoto Todoroki


The AU Sports Festival was a storyline in which several characters revealed their abilities for the first time, and the best of them could advance to the tournament finals. Izuku had already beaten Hitoshi Shinso, and Shoto Todoroki would be his next opponent.

The fight was far from typical. Shoto was born with enormous talent, but he refused to use it to the fullest, while Izuku was Quirkless and worked hard to reach greater heights. It is a battle between natural ability and hard work, and only an apprentice hero can emerge triumphant.

Who Won: Shoto Todoroki, Expelling Izuku From Sports Festival Tournament

Shoto agreed to take this fight seriously and use his entire ice/fire alter to overcome the mental barriers he had set up. Shoto accepted Izuku’s sincere words and finally released the left half of his alter.

Izuku brought the full power of One For All to bear, and hero teacher Cementoss had to intervene before Shoto and Izuku killed each other. Shoto was exhausted but still standing at the end, while Izuku had been thrown off the edge of the arena. Raw talent won this battle.

4) Izuku vs. Muscular, The Powerful Villain


The next action of the League of Villains took place later, during the forest training story. The objective was to capture Katsuki Bakugo, and the vanguard team was instructed to keep the students and teachers busy. This involved Muscular, a muscular antagonist with huge muscles.

After leaving Muscular alone, he went to the nearby cliffs to meet Lone Kota. Little Kota didn’t know what to do until Izuku appeared and promised to keep the boy safe from this powerful opponent. It was time for a fist fight.

Who Won: Izuku Midoriya, With a Miraculous Attack

Even though he has One For All on his side, Izuku was fighting for his life. He used Full Cowling and 5% Smash to fight Muscular, but while Izuku dealt some damage, it wasn’t Muscular’s final form that emerged. The villainous Muscular went all out on his alter ego, and the situation turned in Izuku’s favor.

Kota saw Muscular attacking Izuku with all his might, and Izuku had to use his water-based alteration to divert Muscular, while Kota tried to jump. After that, Izuku switched to Plus Ultra and used an incredible 1000000% Smash to narrowly win the day.

3) Izuku vs Katsuki Bakugo


Izuku and Bakugo had been rivals for a long time, but Izuku didn’t take him seriously, while Bakugo had an unhealthy attitude about it. Now that Bakugo was resentful and surprised at Izuku’s rapid development, he confronted him about it one night.

It was not a pleasant discussion. Bakugo was more competitive than ever, and Izuku wasn’t telling him the whole truth, so the encounter quickly degenerated into blows. Although Izuku disapproved of unnecessary violence, he had no choice but to engage in battle. There was no levity in Bakugo’s voice when he spoke.

Who Won: Bakugo, Till All Might Be Gone

Izuku gathered all his strength and faced Bakugo’s considerable martial arts abilities. Both boys fought hard to outsmart and outperform the other. Izuku is a fine tactician, just like Bakugo.

Even with the help of his classmates, Izuku was unable to overcome Bakugo’s strength. He finally couldn’t handle the full measure of Bakugo’s power, and he had to give up. At that moment, Almighty himself appeared and helped his two students to resolve their differences.

2) Izuku Vs Overhaul, The Yakuza Boss


In season 4, a new antagonist appeared: Overhaul, the leader of a criminal organization and the mastermind behind the anti-alteration drug. Both Izuku and Mirio Togata felt remorse for not saving Eri when they had the chance, but they had another opportunity.

Mirio was captured, and Izuku was forced to take action. From Fat Gum to Rock Lock and Ryukyu, many professional heroes were ready to launch an assault on Overhaul’s gang, and Izuku was there on the front lines. Once Mirio succumbed to Overhaul, it was up to Izuku to save the day.

Who Won: Izuku, With Eri's Help

Izuku had little hope of defeating Overhaul at first, but he was fiercely devoted to saving Eri, and Eri’s own Quirk came into play. She could reverse body wounds and other effects, giving Izuku a chance to win.

Izuku pushed himself to new heights with his Full Cowling ability at 100% and gave his huge opponent a powerful kick in the air. Then he hit Overhaul’s face with a Smash, knocking him out.

1) Izuku vs Gentle Criminal


Another opponent appeared shortly after Izuku defeated Overhaul: Gentle Criminal, an individual who sought only to gain fame and adulation through YouTube. However, Gentle Criminal was a problem because his ideas would disrupt the AU school festival, an event Eri was looking forward to attending.

Izuku couldn’t bear the prospect of Eri being absent, so he volunteered to confront Gentle Criminal off the AU campus and put an end to this danger before he became even more of a security risk. But Gentle Criminal won’t go down without a fight.

Who Won: Izuku Midoriya, With Grace & Finesse

Gentle Criminal’s alter ability, which can turn anything airy into rubbery and bouncy, was used to propel him into the air and block Izuku with hard air plates. It didn’t take long for Izuku to think of an answer, and he took advantage of Gentle.

La Brava used his own alter to give Gentle Criminal the power of his affections, and Izuku had to go all out this time. St. Louis Smash finished him off, and Gentle was finally captured after a strong Shoot Style, St. Louis Smash attack. Fortunately, none of this resulted in the cancellation of the AU school festival, and Izuku returned to campus in time for the party. Find our Women My Hero Academia Sweatshirts and My Hero Academia Leggings in our online store along with our collections of clothing featuring your favorite heroes.

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