TOP 3 Best Fights of Shoto Todoroki

TOP 3 Best Fights of Shoto Todoroki

What you will undoubtedly recognise is the character of Shoto Todoroki if you have already seen the Japanese manga My Hero Academia. He is called one of the protagonists and major characters of this series, and he is a fighter in many battles that we suggest you watch.

Shoto Todoroki is the son of Endeavor and the protagonist of this story. He is in his second year at Yuei High School as a second year A student. His ambition is to become a professional hero. Below we will go through Shoto Todoroki’s best fights to get to know him better.

For each of them, we will start with a prologue that will give you the background of the war, then we will attend the actual fight before ending with an epilogue as a conclusion. Let’s start with the first conflict, shall we? Check out our My Hero Academia Socks and My Hero Academia Shoes in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

Combat 01 - Katsuki Bakugo & Shoto Todoroki Vs the villains

Shoto Todoroki is not alone for this first confrontation. He is indeed accompanied by Katsuki Baugo, who helps him fight the villains. Note that this is their first confrontation with the villains as temporary heroes. Contrary to what one might think, an impromptu fight is exciting.

Prologue to Shoto's fight against the villains


The fight takes place on a Sunday afternoon in early December, and it pits our two young heroes against a group of masked villains who have attacked an unmentioned village where no superheroes were present. All Might seems to be returning Katsuki and Shoto to their base level after their last provisional license training when he starts stealing items from innocent vendors.

With no hero to act quickly, the two young licensees choose to intervene even though All Might advises them against it. Katsuki reacts by getting out of the vehicle under these criticisms: how long does a hero have to wait before he can act? All Might allowed them to do so while saving the innocent bystanders from the combat scenario.

The actual fight of shoto vs. the villains

When Shoto gets out of the car, he goes on the offensive and freezes the water the bad guys were standing on, preventing them from moving. Katsuki then sends explosions to destroy some of them. All Might helps transport the fleeing people to avoid any civilian casualties while the two new heroes engage with the attackers.

Shoto doesn’t want to hurt the criminals unless their stolen goods are returned, so he asks them to return what they have stolen and leave. The criminals, on the other hand, reply that they have been planning this attack for many months and cannot simply give up. At the same time, their leader tampers with the water to create an escape route for his elements. The villains try to escape as quickly as possible after stealing the money, heading to the other side of Shoto’s ice wall. Katsuki, on the other hand, pushes in front of them and detonates explosives, demolishing a significant portion of the criminals.

The leader of the villains makes good on his earlier threat and tries to take Katsuki hostage in order to be rescued. Unfortunately, Shoto is done with the fight and wants to end it. To end the fight, he rolls up the sleeve of his left arm and sends a wave of icy heat against the villain, knocking him out.

Epilogue of the battle of shoto against the villains

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, conseaAfter taking care of all the bad guys, Shoto and Katsuki gather them and wait for a hero to arrive: Sliding Go then congratulates the boys for their efforts. It’s now All Might’s turn to congratulate his two new heroes before leaving. Our two champions who leave without getting dirty have big smiles on their faces which reveal their excellent work.ctetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat.

Fight 02 - Izuku Midoriya vs Shoto Todoroki

For those who watched this episode, this is the second fight of the Yuei Sports Championship. Izuku Midoriya faces Shoto Todoroki in this fight. It should be noted that before facing Shoto, young Shoto had not yet used his flame arm against an opponent.

Prologue of the shoto vs Deku fight


The sequence starts with Izuku coming out of the waiting room where he was with Ochaco, then meeting Endeavor in the corridor. Endeavor congratulates Izuku on his victory over Hitoshi and compares him to All Might. Predictably, this comparison was not to Izuku’s liking, and he couldn’t contain himself in expressing his opinion.

Endeavor apologizes for hurting Izuku’s feelings, and explains that his son has an obligation to surpass All Might, adding that the upcoming conflict will be a good test of his abilities. Izuku is enraged again, he replies that he is not All Might and mentions Shoto Todoroki as an example.

The crowd welcomes the two fighters and demands a quick fight as soon as they enter the arena. Present Mic, the referee for the match, announces the start of the fight whilst Izuku and Shoto Todoroki consider their attack strategy.

The actual fight of shoto against Deku


The two fighters defend each other by combining several counter attacks, which is typical of this manga. Shoto Todoroki starts the match with an icy assault that Izuku quickly counters with a Delaware Smash.

Shoto Todoroki knows that Izuku would break his fingers to push him away, so he creates an ice barrier behind him to avoid going over the edge and hits his opponent again. Izuku soon breaks another of his fingers to block Shoto’s ice attack, as expected.

Izuku is not sure what plan to employ, as he lacks expertise in Shoto’s fighting style. In his opinion, the easiest way out would be to endure his opponent’s onslaught and discover a loophole during the fight: which will not be the best strategy given that shoto is only halfway through his body at the moment.

Shoto starts fighting again, and the violence increases. Izuku’s fingers break one by one until Shoto throws an ice attack and forces him to break his hand once more. We see a few punches from Shoto that are avoided by Izuku, as well as the reverse. Shoto falls after a prolonged fight, exhausted. He has been warned that if he uses his flames it will be the end of him and his whole family. He is afraid to use them because he wants to disown his father for good. It is Izuku who approaches him and invites him to give everything, informing him that he is not his father’s hero, but his own.

Izuku and Shoto Todoroki continue to fight, but it is clear that Izuku is losing. With his strong words linked to memories of his mother saying almost the same thing, Shoto Todoroki gradually takes control of the match while pushing Izuku to his limit. After hours of fighting, Shoto throws a huge ice cream at Izuku who dodges it with his injured arm. Shoto resurfaces, having lost all his weirdness. Then, a huge flame rises up and razes the stadium and the playground. Izuku can be seen collapsing out of the ring once the ashes have dissipated, leaving Shoto alone inside.

Epilogue of the battle of shoto against deku


In the end, Izuku is eliminated. Shoto Todoroki, victorious, will have to continue his journey. The good news for him is that he has finally decided to use his fire powers, which makes him considerably more powerful. After the fight, Izuku went to apologise to All Migt for losing. However, All Migt congratulated him for allowing Shoto to accept himself and called him a hero, which made Izuku beam with joy.

Fight 03 - Shoto Todoroki and Mezo Shoji vs Mashirao Ojiro and Toru Hagakure

The third fight is a confrontation between two teams led by students from the same class. Shoto Todoroki and Mezo Shoji form the “B” team, while Mashirao and Toru Hagakure form the “I” team. Note that this was a day of the fighting event, as shown in the fight.

Prologue to the shoto vs mezo fight


Team A starts the competition with a well-deserved victory over Team D. After both teams have left, the players of teams “A” and “I” enter the building. Team “I” is chosen as the bad guys because to separate them.

Toru asks Mashirao to get naked before starting the fight in order to get the most out of his Quirk. Although Team I benefits from this, it doesn’t stop the other teammate from being embarrassed to be in the same room as a naked girl. The start of the fight is signalled by All Might making the sign and the siren goes off, followed by the timer.

The actual fight of shoto vs mezu


Shoto is shocked by Mezo’s choice and the teacher tries to persuade his students that they should wait for further orders. Then he informs Shoto that the opponents are on the fourth floor, but that they are both barefoot, implying that Toru is setting a trap for them.

When Shoto Todoroki understands Mezo’s words, he asks him to go outside and wait for his own safety. He realises that their opponents intend to play defensively, so he decides to attack in order to accelerate the conflict. To do this, he covers the entire structure with a thick and durable layer of ice, which freezes his opponents to the ground.

Shoto’s assault on him causes Mashirao to appreciate the change in his opponent and move into attacking stance despite the fact that he is unable to move his feet. When Shoto enters the room on the fourth floor, he warns his opponents that if they try to break free, their feet may be ripped from their skin and make things even more difficult.

Everyone applauds Shoto for neutralising his opponents without endangering the lives of his teammates or setting off the bomb in the face of this approach. Then it’s Mashirao’s turn to take the stage, and he is shocked by the assault. As for Shoto, he runs towards the bomb and puts his hand on it so that his team wins according to the rules.

Epilogue of the battle of shoto vs mezu

After the conflict, it’s time for comments from all sides! The students in the waiting room, who are almost all shocked by Shoto’s demonstration. The latter, who frees his opponents, defrosts the building with the flame of his left hand and doesn’t miss the opportunity to taunt his opponents. He simply informs them that they do not have the level, because he is at a much higher level of combat than them.

Top 03 fights of Shoto Todoroki: what to remember

This concludes our look at Shoto Todoroki, and as you have seen, every one of his confrontations has resulted in a victory for our young hero or his team. Shoto Todoroki is not the most powerful character in the series, but he is one of its best examples of a young hero.

He is on the right track with his various actions, the main goal of which is to become a professional hero and bring peace. It is also worth noting that we have not reviewed all the battles fought by this young hero, but rather we have chosen the three that we feel are the most significant. In other words, the son of Endeavor had already faced many tough opponents. Although he sometimes failed, there were many victories. Find our My Hero Academia Slippers and My Hero Academia Sandals in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

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