Top 20 Facts About Eri

Top 20 Facts About Eri

Eri is one of the most devastating characters in My Hero Academia history (so far). Her struggle struck a chord with all of us, and the heroes of the series were particularly affected. It was easy to mistake her for a damsel in distress, and nothing more.

Here are the top 20 facts about Eri from My Hero Academia that you didn’t know. However, that would be incorrect. Eri is actually a very complicated and tortured character, which makes her fascinating. So let’s start by discussing all the details you may (or may not) have forgotten about this terrible person. You can find our My Hero Academia Bodybuilding Clothing and My Hero Academia Sport Pants in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

20) Her Mother Abandoned Her


It’s very possible that you didn’t understand this part (given the way it was revealed in the series), but Eri’s mother is not dead. Given who was responsible for raising her, it’s easy to assume she’s dead.

After all, what kind of mother would entrust her daughter to someone like Overhaul? It’s no wonder so many fans think he murdered her. But no, Eri’s mother abandoned her voluntarily. She did so after Eri inadvertently rewound her, with deadly results.

19) Granddaughter of 'The Boss


We’ve all seen Shie Hassaikai by now – and how the renovation has changed her. But did you know that Eri has a direct family link to Shie Hassaikai? That’s how she ended up in the “care” of Overhaul.

She is the only child of the leader of Shie Hassaikai, “The Boss”. He has entrusted his guardianship to Overhaul, although he is not particularly happy with what is happening there. Although this has more to do with Overhaul’s goals than Eri’s treatment.

18) Deeply caring


Eri’s ordeal was anything but easy, yet she did not stop. It would be understandable if Eri slowed down emotionally. After all, it is a reflex to protect herself. On the contrary, Eri is actually a kind and loving person.

She has put herself in danger many times for the sake of others. When we first met her, she ran to Overhaul to stop him from hurting two young children she had just met. She decided to work with Deku afterwards, because she realised that this cycle had to end, and her concealment allowed everything to continue.

17) The Power Of Her Blood


You may have noticed that there are two ways to use Eri’s alternate form, one of which she has not yet learned to control (as seen in the scene where she assists Deku). There is also another possibility. Where it could be stored and converted into a weapon.

Eri’s alter, in other words, runs in her blood. It is possible to remove it and transform it into a particular state, particularly through the Overhaul technique. Given the level of failure we’ve seen so far, this is not an easy task. But it is a little scary that it can be done at all.

16) Similarities With Tomura


Have you noticed the physical resemblance between Eri and Tomura Shigaraki? We’re not sure if there’s a blood relationship between them, but who knows? There are some amazing couples out there.

Eri and Tomura both have white / lightly coloured hair, although it is sometimes conceivable that Eri leans more towards blue. Both have fiery red eyes. The similarities go far beyond physical appearance. Both have had terrible histories of their alters causing the death of family members. Moreover, both of their alter selves are rather unique. Isn’t that fascinating?

15) A Connection To Another Anime


Have you noticed any similarities between MHA and other anime? We already know that many aspects of MHA were inspired by other works (many comics). Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that other anime has had an impact on the series – whether intentionally or not.

In this scenario, we are talking about a similarity in the alter itself. It is possible that Rewind’s healing power is comparable to that of Soten Kisshun (from Bleach). However, it is possible that this is just a coincidence.

14) Healed Child


Eri has had a brief existence, and she is a very small thing. We are sure that Eri will be emotionally scarred by what has happened. But what about her body? That’s something we’re less sure about. It all depends on the extent to which Overhaul invoked his alter on her. We think she “rested”.

We’re not sure if Eri was injured when she was rescued, based on the bandages she’s wearing. Maybe this is something Recovery Girl can help with. Or maybe it’s not. Our assumption is that she will be scarred at least until she learns to go back and repeat her actions.

13) A New Teacher


Unless you’ve read the manga, in which case it’s crystal clear: Eri has already been assigned a trainer. We’re referring to the fact that someone has been hired to supervise her training. She will have to learn to control herself, after all.

The conclusion is entirely rational, and therefore extremely obvious. Because he is the only one who can stop her alter, Eraserhead is the safest person for her. Therefore, he will automatically become the one to teach her to control herself.

12) Old Rewind


Eri’s alter ego is called Rewind. This term should give you a good idea of what she can do, especially given the things we’ve seen her do so far. She has the power to return a person’s body to a specific state.

She knows how to take a body apart and put it back together again before it’s damaged. Mirio could also be reassembled at an earlier time when he was still sane. This has not happened yet, but we are convinced that Mirio will regain his abilities because they have worked on it.

11) Changes


The manga should have said more about it than the anime, but you should know. Eri’s horn has a relationship with her double. Her alter may live in her blood, but it also collects in her horn.

When the horn is weakened (after the events involving Overhaul), it is not enough to cause problems. When her horn is fully developed, though? That’s when it has the most strength and the most dangerous potential.

10) His Power Is Called Rewind


It was during the conflict between Deku and Overhaul that we learned in a flashback that Eri has the power to rewind anyone she comes in contact with. When Emma erased her father from existence, she used her power for the first time. This caught Overhaul’s attention, and she planned to use her ability to erase any person’s alter from her DNA.

We’ve seen her use it in battle when she lends her strength to Deku to heal his wounds and use her One For All with maximum power. When Eri’s powers are unleashed exponentially, she doesn’t seem to have any control over them.

9) Eri Can Make Anyone Indifferent With Her Power


Throughout the story of Shie Hassaikai, we saw a possible danger to the heroes of the world when a bullet appeared on the black market that could remove someone’s alteration. Overhaul used Eri’s blood to create these bullets, which can erase any alteration and help him carry out his plan to fix human society by eliminating all alterations.

This is definitely a game-changing power for villains versus heroes. Therefore, any hero on patrol with these bullets in society could be in danger.

8) His Power Only Works On Living Creatures


Overhaul clarifies that Eri’s rewind ability only works on living beings, so inanimate objects will not be affected. Eri can return any living creature to its original state using her alternate form. Therefore, she can repair injuries or reverse the aging process for anyone.

This explains how she can get rid of an alter from her system if it can be brought back to a state before the alter appeared. This is a power that, if not used properly, can be harmful or useful to a living being. This is what happened with Mirio, who lost her double because of one of the bullets containing her blood, which made her father disappear when she was younger. If misused, it can be useful or dangerous to an individual.

7) Eri's alter is in fact a mutation


Despite her change in status, Eri has not inherited any of her abilities from her parents. Eri’s ability is a mutation that occurred as a result of a strange quirk. As the next generation of the family tree progresses, these children can develop alterations that no longer resemble their parents and become more powerful, like Eri’s.

When Eri automatically healed her father’s wounds, we saw another example of her incredible power. This is why Eri was bandaged, as Overhaul used her blood to make the bullets he needs to complete his mission of eliminating the alters. This is as devastating as it sounds, as Eri is not yet in full control of her abilities.

6) Its power is somewhat similar to the alter of the Overhaul


The Overhaul has realized the potential of Eri’s alter and how it has the same effects as his own power. With his ability, he can break and rebuild anything he comes in contact with, making him a formidable and dangerous foe. Eri’s abilities are far more powerful than Overhaul’s, essentially allowing him to rewind the entire human body.

This is only part of Overhaul’s modification, but it goes much further than he does. Overhaul has stated that alters grow and progress in the human body over time. Eri can return the body’s growth to a previous state, even though her power can destroy and rebuild human body components.

5) His Horns Are The Source Of His Power


Most of Eri’s powers come from her horn, which is located on top of her head in both the anime and the manga. The manga depicts Eri’s alter in a much more graphic way than the anime. When Eri activates her power, there is a connection between her horn and her alter.

Although her alter is carried by her blood, it is her horns that help her develop her abilities. When Eri’s horns are small, it can be inferred that her abilities are dormant, and therefore she is essentially harmless. However, when Eri’s horns begin to grow, she becomes considerably more powerful and dangerous to others.

4) His Alter can build up over time


Eri’s horn allows her alter to grow when she uses it. Her only limitation is that she can only release it when the energy builds up over time. It seems that her attack can only be used when her horn grows.

Since her power comes from her horn, it is only natural that her alter is completely built into her body to use it. When she used this ability on Deku to enhance her assault strength during their confrontation with Overhaul, we saw just how powerful she was. It’s a strong alter, but one that seems to require a lot of development to use.

3) Eri's Emotional State Can Make Her Alter Dangerous


It seems that Eri’s double is activated when she is in an emotional state. We observed this phenomenon when she was upset that other people were being hurt because of her. When she was clinging to Deku and saw how much danger he was in, she went out to help him in battle.

The only difficulty is that she doesn’t seem to know how to stop her double from commandeering him. It will be easier for her to control his enormous power as it can be controlled under supervision once she learns to manage her feelings.

2) Eri's Power Could Potentially Help Others Like Her


It will take some time to get used to Eri’s power. It is believed that there are individuals with alternate personalities who could be powerful enough to destroy civilisation if left unchecked in the strange society. Once Eri has mastered her alter, she will be able to help others who are fighting the same battle.

Eri’s ability to rewind a person before their alter takes form can be very useful in dealing with a strong and unstable alter. Eri’s abilities could improve society if she understood them.

1) His Alter may eventually help Mirio regain his power


After losing his alter, no one knew if Mirio would ever regain his strength. According to Eraserhead, Eri seems to have helped Mirio find his double. If her power is able to suppress an alter, she can also restore it. Eri will need some practice to learn how to regulate her abilities and find out what else she can accomplish with her growing abilities.

It is also possible that Eri’s power can be used to heal a person, and that she can send an alter back into a person’s DNA. This gives Mirio hope that he can regain his abilities one day, and Eri could be the key to making that happen. Look out for our My Hero Academia Backpack and My Hero Academia Bag in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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