TOP 20 Dresses of the Second A: My Hero Academia

TOP 20 Dresses of the Second A: My Hero Academia

While superhero costumes are often props in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is not always the case in My Hero Academia. In a world of crime and chaos, seeing a superhero’s cape fluttering in the wind can bring great comfort to the general public.

In addition, the outfits worn by My Hero Academia’s Class 1-A heroes offer more than just protection. Many hero costumes come with support equipment that helps the hero fight crime. The superhero costume is, at its core, a symbol for the wearer.

Class 1-A, the main team of My Hero Academia, probably recognized this one. They dressed in a way that was representative of their personality, unless their righteousness was altered or something. Find our My Hero Academia Cosplays For Womens as well as our My Hero Academia Wigs on our online store with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

20) Toru Hagakure


There is nothing to see here. Toru Hagakure, as an invisible character, chose the outfit that suited her best: no clothes.

She is usually unnoticeable because she is so small that anything she wears would make her invisibility null and void. Although she can put on clothes in various situations, her actual hero costume only covers a pair of gloves and a pair of shoes, which is most likely done so that viewers can follow her movements.

19) Shoto Todoroki


Shoto is also well versed in the subject of minimalism. Shoto, in his hero form, is usually dressed in a basic wardrobe inspired by sportswear, which makes him look like a normal guy when he’s not fighting.

Unlike the idea of a hero, especially in MHA, where the goal is to seek as much attention as possible, Shoto’s hero outfit is uninteresting. Not that his actions aren’t worth it greatly.

18) Minoru Mineta


In the manner of Mineta, the freshly picked hero does not disappoint. Again, the most likely scenario is that he chose what he likes best.

In the comedy field, his hero suit is more at stake than in the desired impressive sector. There is no doubt that he would perform to perfection.

17) Mashirao Ojiro


A hero’s costume is, in part, a representation of the person wearing it. Mashiro, usually discreet, has every chance to choose something modest in this case. And he has opted for something rather unassuming: a simple karate gi that quietly shouts “Mashirao Ojiro”.

It’s no wonder his classmates call him “ordinary,” as his hero costume explains why. It seems that Mashirao does not seek attention.

16) Koji Koda


Koji is a character who is overshadowed by all the others. The story, which is supposed to do him justice, shames him from time to time. Naturally, his superhero costume reflects his position in society, as if he is oblivious to the eyes of others.

However, while his lack of interest has been overlooked, Koji is a brave hero who should be trusted.

15) Momo Yaoyorozu


The outfit Momo wears is in fact useful. The objects produced by her alter, the creator, come directly from her body. Therefore, she must have as much skin as possible exposed in order to develop this talent.

It’s the most horrible flaw imaginable, but in the world of MHA – where heroes must strive to stand out and maximize their popularity – there’s an obvious benefit to what Momo wears to gain more followers.

14) Rikido Sato


When Rikido is on a mission, he usually wears an all-yellow skin-tight jumpsuit, white gloves and boots, and amazing accessories kept in his outfit. His overall look is reminiscent of classic superhero costumes.

Although he doesn’t exclusively use extra equipment, he has a few cans of sugar on his belt. These can turn the tide of battle if used correctly, given the change in Rikido.

13) Mezo Shoji


Mezo is unusual in that, unlike most professional heroes, she designs her costumes to be as powerful as possible while being as comfortable as possible. She is in the minority that makes her outfits as comfortable as possible. Her sleeveless bodysuit was created to allow her arms to move more freely.

Mezo’s other advantages include the ability to make massive amounts of parts without the need for expensive gadgets. His Dupli-Arms is, after all, one of the most adaptable alters in the series.

12) Denki Kaminari


The elegant appearance was chosen by Denki as usual. Since his style is focused on ranged combat, mobility is not a priority for him. Therefore, he wears a comfortable outfit that enhances his cheerful attitude.

The mini-disc gun he got in the second half of the series, on the other hand, adds a unique touch to his overall look. It has undoubtedly taken his alter ego’s performance up several notches.

11) Fumikage Tokoyami


Fumikage is one of the most stylish characters in the series, and he also has a fantastic hero name: Jet-Black Hero Tsukuyomi. In addition to his great clothes, he also has one of the coolest hero names in the series: Jet-Black Hero Tsukuyomi.

Like his classmates, Fumikage does not need active assistance tools to help him in battle like Zhexiu or Ikkyu. His Dark Shadow is more effective on its own, so he doesn’t need active assist tools. In fact, hastily implemented assistance tools would only bring him down.

10) Izuku Midoriya


The most recent version of Deku’s costume, which he uses in Breath of the Wild, was designed by Hideki Konno. At first, the young hero had a similar appearance to All Might, but halfway through, he decided to adopt his own style rather than that of All Might. While his current design is not as apparent as it once was, it definitely suits him.

This outfit is essential for Deku’s shooting style. As far as the hero is concerned, it is much more practical than most costumes.

9) Kyoka Jiro


Kyoka, like Kaminari, prefers a larger outfit than her companions. She has elements of Kaminari’s style… in the bad sense of the word. Her alter doesn’t control her movements and doesn’t need special attention.

Finally, Kyoka made the right choice. Although in his case, the more gadgets he had on him, the more powerful his alter was.

8) Tsuyu Asui


Tsuyu, or Tsu-chan as she is more commonly known, is the jack-of-all-trades of class 1-A. She excels in various fields. She excels in many areas that make her a strong heroine. Her all-green onepiece completes her heroine image while complementing her Quirk.

In Tsuyu’s case, a tight bodysuit is necessary. She excels in close combat; she is the most dangerous when the opposing force is only a few meters away from her.

7) Mina Ashido


The Alien Queen costume stands out from the dozen other options. It’s unique because it is, but it also looks like Mina. The colors she likes also go well with her playful demeanor.

Mina’s clothes are also acid resistant, in addition to being wild. It would be pointless for her to burn her own clothes by accident, after all.

6) Hanta Sero


Hanta’s costume reflects her devotion to her main subject: the tapes. Her outfit is designed in such a way that it highlights the hero of the tapes. In the crowd, in particular, his mask stands out.

During combat, the primary function of his mask is to defend Hanta against air resistance and the like. When he is struggling, eye protection is essential.

5) Yuga Aoyama


In terms of originality, there is almost no chance that Aoyama has any rivals. For his costume, Crazy Boy chose to wear half-plate knight armor. If they are not distinctive, all other hero costumes are equally uninteresting.

It’s not clear that his armor offers any defensive advantages, but it is undeniably beautiful.

4) Katsuki Bakugo


As for Katchan, he’s a walking bomb. He’s also one of the few 1-A students who regularly uses support equipment. His grenade gauntlets help reduce stress on his alter and increase tension.

Even after his alter is buffered, he can use the mini-grenade gauntlets that have been installed to defend himself against the opponent. All in all, it’s a combination that improves Katchan’s strengths while correcting his flaws.

3) Ochaco Uraraka


Ochaco has opted for the most stereotypical, feminine outfit, a choice that will leave her enemies confused when she’s in battle – when all those pretty frills and pink highlights show a relentlessly aggressive fighter. Many of her victims could confirm this.

She could make the most of her carefully constructed clothing thanks to her zero gravity, which was in coordination with the weapon head martial arts she had learned some time ago.

2) Eijiro Kirishima


Eijiro wears an overpowered suit that perfectly matches his hero name: Red Riot. Keeping an eye on him when he is in his hardened state will be a challenge.

Eijiro’s walk and facial features resemble those of a villain, which could easily make him look like one by mistake.