TOP 15 Facts About Katsuki Bakugo

TOP 15 Facts About Katsuki Bakugo

He never goes unnoticed! Katsuki Bakugo, a very emotional actor in My Hero Academia, is self-absorbed, angry, discourteous and aggressive.

He has a huge explosive capacity, and doesn’t hesitate to demolish everything in his confrontations when it’s feasible. His goal in the series was to become the most powerful hero and dethrone All Might (to fulfill Izuku’s ambition). But beware!

The King Bomberkill you know now was not always like this. In fact, he has a fascinating history that we encourage you to discover without delay. Check out our My Hero Academia Stickers and My Hero Academia Plushies in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.


Katsuki had a typical childhood, unlike Deku (the protagonist of the series). Indeed, at the age of four, he was able to acquire his Alter without any problems. He immediately started using his power for fun once he got it. At first, it couldn’t really be called super strength because Bakugo’s explosion was just a firework.

However, the inexperienced hero quickly learned to control his power and improve his explosions, which allowed him to achieve much more destructive effects. From then on, he began to adopt a proud attitude and to believe himself superior to others. As we said before, his ambition was only to become the greatest of them.

We discover Izuku Midoriya (the child born without any quirks) among the victims of our actor’s vanity. Katsuki constantly boasted of his unquenchable enthusiasm to Izuku as they grew up.

Deku respected him, and he even earned Deku’s respect. If you want to compare them, you can compare them in terms of ambition and especially All Might (the greatest of all heroes).


The Bakugo family is composed of three people: Masaru Bakugo (the father), Mitsuki Bakugo (the mother), and Katsuki Bakugo (who we are talking about here). Masaru met his wife while he was working in the small story.

She was captivated by him and started to make advances to him. It was Katsuki’s mother who proposed to her father, much to his surprise. After their marriage, the two lovers gave birth to a child named Katsuki Bakugon.


Katsuki could be mistaken for an anti-hero if you didn’t know him. Indeed, since his childhood, he has been scary and mocking on many occasions.

Furthermore, many of his actions are accompanied by aggression. We can describe him as rude, arrogant and sometimes irascible if we are to attribute certain characteristics to him.

While his acceptance into Yuei High School has helped him to overcome his personal failures, his confidence has not improved. Katsuki is considered reckless because he takes things literally and often follows his feelings. Those who don’t know him consider him a “bad guy”, unlike Deku, who is considered a good guy.

Katsuki Bakugo frequently shows a special smile during his fights! To others, it indicates a desire to win or a determination to win. He never underestimates the people in front of him, regardless of their history. He also never loses concentration and pays attention to the smallest details.


Physically, Katsuki is a strong and skilled fighter. You’ve seen him fight if you’ve ever been to one of his fights. He has a keen sense of strategy and is perceptive. He is also a fantastic musician and cook in his daily life! Katsuki, on the other hand, is considered a potential candidate for the strongest hero by his classmates. Although Deku and Shoto are potential candidates, Katsuki is not concerned. He remains confident in his abilities and understands what he needs to do to improve.

The power of Katsuki Bakugo (the Alter of the explosion)


Katsuki has a formidable alter that allows him to produce explosions at will. To do this, he moistens both hands with sweat before igniting them to generate powerful explosions.

During the conflict, the more Katsuki Bakugo sweats, the greater the damage of his explosions.

This actor has been receiving them since he was four years old, but it took a lot of effort to get him to where he is now.

To develop his sweat glands, he immersed his hands in boiling water for a long time. To develop his sweat glands and sweat faster, he immersed his hands in boiling water for a long time. The fact that he builds chain explosions allows him to increase the size of his explosions.

In the My Hero Academia series, Bakugo has mastered his Alter to perfection. He can not only use his explosions to attack, but also as a defensive measure.

His amazing agility in battle is due to the fact that he has two forward-facing propellers. It is also useful as a propeller, so it can fly, which adds to its great mobility in combat. Note that its explosions can demolish a shoto and pierce Eijiro’s durability.

As with most individuals who have an Alter, Bakugo’s power comes with a variety of skills, including:

Turbo Explosive Speed

Another type of Katsuki’s alteration is his turbo explosive speed. Basically, he makes explosions with his hands and sends them backwards.

This allows him to fly through the air and onto the ground. It allows him to fly in the air and on the ground, as he has demonstrated. He has used it several times throughout the series, including the obstacle course and Alter’s evaluation test.


Another type of Katsuki’s alter used in his fights is the Flashbang. The actor creates a sphere of light in his hands and explodes it. As a result, anyone nearby is blinded, giving Bakugo an advantage.

The Zero Distance Flashbang is another option for this power. The procedure is the same as above, with one exception: the actor takes advantage of the opponent’s moment of vulnerability to immediately stun them.

Howitzer Impact

Katsuki Bakugo’s Impact Howitzer is without a doubt the most powerful offensive ability he possesses. The hero creates explosions to fly away before falling back in a circular motion that generates a powerful tornado.

The oxygen in the air it carried with it, as well as the decrease in air pressure and temperature upon landing, makes the bomb more powerful. When it comes into contact with its target, the extra oxygen provided during the dive increases the damage and generates a shockwave similar to that of a real missile.

In the last game of the sports championship, Katsuki demonstrated that he could launch the howitzer into the air without necessarily hitting its target.

Anti-Armor Fire

Katsuki’s third ability is a beam of light that he generates by forming a circle with his hands and extending one of them. The blast is then generated through the concentric circle as a focused beam of light.

He sends it forward towards his target, where it inflicts heavy damage. Unlike previous abilities, this one has a smaller area of impact and causes less collateral damage.

However, it does have an impact on its target. The anti-armour machine gun is one of these options. The procedure for this is the same as before, except that there is no material left after the process is complete. The actor fired rapid, repeated shots at Seiji during the first stage of his provisional permit review.


Finally, Katsuki’s other power allows him to inflict significant damage on his opponent. He grabs him with one hand, then pushes him into a spin while deafening him with his free hand. When the opponent spins fast enough, Katsuki hits him with a one-handed punch.

Katsuki and the One for All

Katsuki also has the power to control the One For All. He demonstrated this once when he defeated Nine with one of his abilities. Here we can’t say that Katsuki is in possession of the One for All; all we know is that if it is given to him by Izuku, he can use it for a while.

The power of this Alter is great enough for him to store a huge amount of energy and release a very high degree of strength.

It also allows him to use his Quirk in all sorts of unusual ways. It offers the user many possibilities, as it can be used in various situations.

Katsuki was able to improve the power of almost all his attacks as a temporary purchaser of the One For All (explosive turbo speed, Flashbang, Howitzer…).

Here are the TOP 15 facts you didn't know about Katsuki Bakugo

However, despite his vanity and cruelty, he is committed to the other heroes and helps them whenever he can. He was a bully in his youth, but he gets to know others and himself better as the series progresses, becoming less aggressive.

15) He Was Originally Very Nice


In the early versions, Katsuki was kind and caring, but he would inadvertently insult others. The original version was deemed a bit too boring, so they changed his character to make him more appealing to the fans.

Originally he was going to be called “Ground Zero”, but we thought that was a bit too graphic. In the end, Katsuki seems to have had a hard time reaching a consensus with the others.

14) He shows himself in public


Katsuki refuses to believe that heroes should hide who they are, and therefore has no problem displaying his quirks in public. He will use it for a variety of reasons, including to show irritation, to prove his worth to others, or to intimidate the person he is yelling at.

However, despite his sense of drama and tendency to appear confident on the surface, he is more than capable of telling when someone is lying to him, proving that he can quickly and correctly assess people’s character.

13) He Knows Many Secrets About One For All


In the manga, Bakugo gradually softens towards Deku, helping him in his training (with All Might). It is this youngster who discovers that there is something wrong with the data in the book about the holders of One For All.

When All Might and Uraraka visit Midoriya, Midoriya asks All Might why the “5th, 6th and 7th users” have revealed their quirks but the fourth “holder’s alter has been crossed out” Deku is completely unaware of this information.

12) Its Emo Phase Is Still Ongoing


Readers of the manga will recall that Katsuki has at least four distinct black skull and crossbones T-shirts, and has been wearing them since he was a child.

Even though he may have fun hurling insults at others and giving them derogatory nicknames because he forgets their real names, he must be recognized as an emo kid. He always wears something black as well when he dresses in colours!

11) His Combat Strategy is Incredibly Well Thought Out


When he is on the front line, one of his few silences is when he is not shouting. He may be young, but he takes his work seriously, and therefore, when he is fighting, he is extremely cool. This sense of calm allows his classmates to see him in a new light and admire him for his performance in battle due to his maturity.

He is not only extremely logical, but he can even create a complete battle plan during the fight and never underestimates his enemies.

10) His unusual interest in cooking


Deku and Bakugo are invited to Shoto Todoroki’s house for a nice dinner, but the former is ecstatic while the latter continues to stew in one of his famous grumpy phases.

As Izuku talks about the dinner, he scolds him for it. He aggressively tells Izuku to stop talking about food, but then thanks Fuyumi for the meal and even asks her for the recipe. He informs Shoto in a later scene that his sister would be embarrassed by his cooking skills, implying that he has some level of cooking skill.

9) His Morals Are Rock Solid


Although some people claim that he is a joker and can sometimes come across as a villain, he actually has a strong moral center. He abhors deception, which is why he would rather fight to the death than deceive others to save himself.

He has no desire to deceive others or do anything that might jeopardize his reputation, even if it might change the outcome of a conflict. This is one of the reasons he has been so popular with fans; if anime series love wild cards, they love them even more when that character has depth.

8) How It Handles Stress


It is in a terrible state. We can’t say that enough. He thought the best way for people to understand how he felt was to scream his feelings out loud.

He yells about anything and everything, whether it’s his feelings, his relationships with peers, children, adults or even people he respects. While this may not be the most effective technique for dealing with stress or emotions, it is definitely a fun feature. In many ways, he is the comic of the anime, as it is his incessant screaming that enrages not only the audience but also the characters of the show.

7) His New Hero Name


In class, Bakugo proudly announces that his new name will be “Lord Explosion Murder,” which is hardly a shock. His temporary mentor, the Drunken Master, tells him not to take the process of self-discovery lightly: a Pro-Hero’s name should reflect his most essential personality and ignite the flames of hope in those who believe in his abilities to save them.

When the Paranormal Liberation War arrives, Bakugo declares that he intends to participate in the “Great Murder God Dynamight Explosion,” which elicits a largely negative reaction from all who hear it.

6) It Has Some Interesting Hints


Katsuki doesn’t have much free time, as he is often at training or school when he is not. He likes spicy food and rock climbing. If something in Katsuki’s other personality characteristics matches.

It’s easy to assume that since he’s so aggressive, he must like spicy food. Since he is very energetic and likes to push his limits, it’s safe to assume that he likes mountain climbing, which requires a lot of endurance.

5) He Insists On Cleanliness


Katsuki sometimes yells just because he is annoyed by something someone is doing, or he doesn’t know how to express his thoughts. There is one thing that Katsuki yells about because it’s really something that excites him. There is one thing he yells about because it is really important to him.

He has a strangely passionate approach to keeping houses clean and sanitary. He can often be seen scolding people for not dusting! Although he claims not to care about all sorts of things, he does care about personal hygiene.

4) He Turned a New Page


Bakugo is no longer a violent bully, except for those times when he loses his temper. He has accepted Deku’s abilities and seems to know that compared to his friend, who has unlimited energy, it would be impossible for him to match it in terms of raw power.

This is also a big step forward for All Might. He mentions that the reason Bakugo has had so much success with the Deku government is because it is a form of atonement for his past misdeeds. The kid doesn’t dispute this, firmly stating that he doesn’t doubt the abilities of Izuku and One For All.

3) Its Feeling Of Pride Can Be Unpleasant


For a long time, Katsuki’s pride made him work alone because he thought that others would hold him back. His pride was also the reason for his frequent losses in battle. However, this mostly prevented him from building relationships and functioning as a team member.

When he eventually joined a group, he refused to listen to their ideas and concepts for a long time, just as he had done when he was working alone. However, he matures over time, although he can still be unpleasant to some.

2) He's smarter than he lets on


Katsuki is actually quite intelligent, even though his rough and aggressive appearance may suggest otherwise. He has a deep knowledge of quirks and how each superhero uses them.

He analyzes them thoroughly to learn how wonderful they are, as well as their flaws and what they do to the body. He learned how to propel himself with explosions without dying or suffering serious injury, for example. The lack of information about his family only adds to the depth of the character, as we all know that many intelligent characters in anime frequently hide their knowledge.

1) He understands the importance of sacrifice


All For One’s advantage in the competition for Tomura Shigaraki’s mind gives him an advantage in the real world, where things begin to change dramatically in Deku’s favor.

However, as the villain attempts to stab his opponent with his famous Rivet Stab, Bakugo leaps in front of him, taking the damage intended for his companion. Although he doesn’t die from his wounds, it takes him several days to recover. Ironically, Deku is slower than most people. Find our My Hero Academia Pillowcase and My Hero Academia Body Pillow Covers on our online store with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.