TOP 10 Things To Know About Mount Lady

TOP 10 Things To Know About Mount Lady

With over a hundred heroes of all shapes and sizes, My Hero Academia is full of them. Yu Takeyama, better known as Mount Lady, is one of those heroes who doesn’t grow up in the world of My Hero Academia.

This is a distinguishing trait that Mount Lady has given her, but her personality is also what makes her such a likable character among fans of the series. She has been involved in many of the biggest events in the series, no matter how important her role is. Mount Lady: Yu Takeyama is a young girl who has the power to transform into a gigantic woman with superhuman strength. She is one of Izuku Midoriya’s best friends and is part of her group of friends. Find our My Hero Academia Tablecloth and My Hero Academia Backpack on our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

10) Mount Lady Can Reach About 68 Feet


The amount of strength held by Mount Lady is called gigantification, which allows her to become a colossal size up to 68 feet. Her Alter can actually make her as tall as any building around, perhaps taller. If we mean by precise height, she is indeed 67 7/8 feet.

Mount Lady, in her size, gets increased strength and stamina, being able to demolish buildings and perform powerful attacks that she could not normally do. Mount Lady is cautious when using her Alter by not changing by fleeing into bordering areas or crushing civilians.

9) Her Alter Does Not Vary Between Her Two Sizes


Although theMouta Lady can grow to 68′, her Alter does not allow her to go above or below that. Her only available sizes are her usual 5’4″ and 67’7″, as well as intermediate or larger sizes that she can grow to with her Alter.

This is perhaps the only limit to her abilities, whenever she uses them, which is not surprising given that most Alters seem to be bound by constraints. While you can’t change sizes between them, reaching 68 feet is more than enough for Mount Lady to immediately throw herself into battle with larger enemies or crush smaller ones.

She may also be needed to rescue civilians in circumstances where her power extends to high places or defend them from rubble.

8) Mount Lady has two great moves


Mount Lady’s Alter has two ultra attacks in combat, both of which she uses. Canyon Cannon is the first move, which allows her to use a flying kick while being huge. This is a move we’ve seen in action that can really put her big feet up and knock out an enemy. Her second move, Titan Cliff, which she also uses with her Alter to hit the enemy, is the name of a massive Olympic obstacle.

The use of this was extremely successful against Mr. Compress, the League of Villains member, when he chased Katsuki Bakugo in the hiding arc.

The second one seems to pick up on the Attack on the Titans move, with its namesake name and a similarity in size. They fit perfectly with his Alters and are used on a large scale in battles.

7) She Has The Power Of Seduction


Mt. Lady, on the other hand, often takes advantage of her sex appeal to get what she wants. She seems to enjoy the attention that comes with her Alter and her dazzling good looks. We see Mt. Lady demonstrate her seductive skills at the AU Arc Festival, when he uses her on a vendor to get free food.

Since she seems to like to use her seduction power when she’s not on the field in her favor, it appears that she uses it frequently. Mount Lady likes to use her alteration to gain exposure and attention wherever she can, which is why the paparazzi get good pictures of her when she is on assignment.

6) Celebrity And Money Are The Only Things That Matter In The Mind Of Mount Lady


Mount Lady is a superhero, so she has to defend her reputation as such. Mount Lady has a reputation to defend to the public as she is a hero. As a professional hero, you do brave things for various reasons, for example to make the world a better place or simply because you love your job.

Mount Lady, on the other hand, does not do the job only for this reason; she is also concerned with getting attention and making money for her work. She seems to take advantage of her heroine status to get special treatment, much like Mineta’s student at the AU. When we first meet her, she steals the show from her classmates.

She decides to take on one of the biggest cities in the world. As she is trying to be known in the hero field, she prefers to operate in the city rather than in the open where she can move freely with her Alter.

5) Mount Lady Seems To Share Similarities With Some Western Superheroes


The protagonists of My Hero Academia seem to be influenced by various superheroes and villains popular in comics and media. Mt. Lady’s transformation, as well as her appearance, may have some hold on heroes like Stature, Giganta or Garganta. Mount Lady seems to have taken visual cues from Marvel superhero Cassie Lang AKA Stature with her outfit.

In terms of her ability to grow, she is comparable to the real DC villains, Giganta or Garganta. We can’t help but see the similarities between Mount Lady and other characters in western comics, regardless of the type of inspiration used.

4) She Wears No Shoes With Her Suit


If you examined Mount Lady’s costume, and found her without shoes, you must have noticed that she also does not wear shoes with it. That’s why, being an Alter, she couldn’t wear shoes because they would eventually break.

To cope with this, Mount Lady has her latex costume close to her feet as part of the character. However, she has to expect that she will hurt her feet breaking things while walking as it could hurt her feet if she breaks them. I guess you’d rather say she wears socks than trainers every time she patrols.

3) His Surname Is Linked To His Alter


Lady was born near the mountain, and this is the +fundamental+ in terms of her role. The kanji symbol for “mountain” when written in Japanese is found in Lady’s real name, Yu Takeyama. This is also due to her hero name and the alter. Her first name has the kanji symbol for “superiority”, which explains her hunger for attention and her willingness to impose her own rules on her image and make others work for her, even if it doesn’t last long. What is interesting is that the kanji for “mountain” is also found in the name of the hero All Might, Toshinori Yagi. The names of both characters are therefore linked to the mountain and this may have a deep meaning. In Japan, the mountain is an important symbol of spirituality and nature. The mountain is often associated with wisdom and knowledge, as it is high and inaccessible.

It is not so ironic that his first name also refers to his great power in the series, which can have a double meaning for his personality. It is often the case that one name is enough to understand everything about a person.

2) Mount Lady Is The Youngest Pro Female Heroine


To become the world’s greatest superhero, it has been shown that Mount Lady is actually the least old heroine at 173rd in the hero rankings. Her age is 24, which is quite young for a superhero. Many of her colleagues are much older than her, but Mt. Lady generally acts as if she is an adult.

She is also a young hero of her rank, next to Hawks, the youngest professional. She is also a teenager among her peers and it shows in her personality whenever she tries to impose herself in the public eye.

1) Mount Lady is part of a Superhero Team called The Lurkers


In the world of My Hero Academia, there are several Pro Heroes who would form their own teams, much like the Avengers or the Justice League. She was a member of a team of superheroes known as the Lurkers. Edgeshot and Kamui Woods were two members of the group.

Mt. Lady, the strongest member of the team and her ability to adapt, is probably the reason why this group was formed. After All Might retired and Edgeshot had the idea of forming a team by inviting Kamui and Mt. Even though Mt. Lady is the most powerful member of the team, she tends to rely on others and not take things seriously. Due to the unique abilities of each member, they have been able to solve many problems and missions together. However, after Edgeshot’s death, they decided to split up because they no longer trusted each other.

Lady’s hero selection is below that of Kamui and Edgeshot, it seems that her interest in the team was simply based on her strength and power. Find our My Hero Academia Bag and My Hero Academia Fanny Pack in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

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