Top 10 Things To Know About Mina Ashido

Top 10 Things To Know About Mina Ashido

My Hero Academia offers a multitude of characters to remember and follow. The second A is huge and full of fascinating and complicated characters. They haven’t had a chance to shine yet. But we hope that each of them will soon have their moment of glory. And for now, we are immersed in the character of Mina Ashido.

She has quickly become one of the most popular characters in the Marvel universe, and for good reason. We’re here to talk about her and everything you need to know about her personality. And believe us when we say that learning all there is to know about this bubbly superhero-in-training is well worth your time.

Mina Ashido is a 16-year-old from Japan. She is a member of the second generation of students at Yuei, a school for gifted young people with powers. She has been placed in class 2-A, known as the ‘Hero Class’. Her alter ego is ‘Acid Lady’ and she has the power to produce and control acidule, a corrosive liquid similar to hydrochloric acid. Mina is a very cheerful, friendly and open-minded girl. She is always willing to help others and is known to be very smiley and welcoming. She is a very optimistic person who sees the good side of things, even in the most difficult moments. She is also very courageous and does not back down from any danger. Find our My Hero Academia Blankets and My Hero Academia Bed Set in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

10) Queen's Dance


Did you know that Mina Ashido is a very talented dancer? Yes, she is! When it’s time to dance, Mina doesn’t hesitate to take the stage. Her breakdancing skills certainly deserve all the attention they get.

Mina is so good at dancing that she can quickly learn to dance for anyone, even an amateur. All she needs is a little time and she will dance with anyone.

9) Heart And Soul Of The Class


Mina is perhaps the happiest and most joyful student in her class. She is the first to laugh and almost always one of the first to encourage the success of her classmates. And there’s something incredibly touching about that. Even when she is actively fighting with her classes, she is proud of their good fortune and new achievements.

She is also the first to jump up and try to cheer up a depressed or injured classmate. Assuming they are willing to show their pain in front of the whole class (best friends seem to enjoy hiding this side of their personality).

8) Low Popularity Rating


Mina’s popularity with manga and anime fans has increased over the years, even though her ranking was relatively low. In fact, she was one of the least popular characters in the series until recently.

However, that bar has changed recently, and even so, she is still very low. Hopefully people will start to take more interest in her. And that she’ll get her own story and really shine.

7) She Inspired Another Hero


Mina Ashido has never been afraid to be herself. And that means sometimes risking her life for others. She once stood up to a villain – long, long before she became a hero before the fact. And all to protect a young student from his bully.

Eijiro Kirishima was inspired by Mina’s calm, laid-back demeanour (even if she was lying through her teeth to the enemy) to follow suit. He is no longer content to watch his trapped classmates, terrified on the sidelines, frozen in fear. That’s why he puts all his zeal into his business.

6) An Attitude That Won't Stop


Mina Ashido is totally sure of herself and who she is. This means that she is not afraid to react when the situation demands it. She has always had something interesting to say, especially in response to hypocrites or perverts.

She is not ashamed of her body, as evidenced by her refinement in being naked in front of her classmates. One assumes that Minae would not be as comfortable in front of a pervert like Mineta either. But that’s just an intelligent reaction; you don’t mean to think that?

5) Alter Acid


Mina’s change is one that creates a corrosive liquid – acid – from her body. She can modify and change the solubility of the acid as well as its position on her body. She can also modifie the viscosity of said acid, in addition to everything else. It’s an amazing – if somewhat frightening – transformation.

Mina has already made use of her alter for various purposes in this opus. She’s used it to melt snow, make things slippery and form a shield. That’s just the beginning of her benefits.

4) Specialised clothing


She has been told to take precautions as she is creating acid from Mina. She has to be careful about the clothes she wears, as if one mistake is made, her shoes (and thus her only protection against the hard) or her clothes can be ruined (and thus her only defence against the hard ground).

Mina must therefore wear special boots. They are described as being acid resistant and having holes in the soles. This allows her to release her acid at her feet and keep it useful (as opposed to trapped in her shoe). We feel that Mina will have more of the garment in the acid resistant list over time. This appears to be practical.

3) Not the sharpest tool in the shed


You have to admit that Mina is not the sharpest tool in the shed. She seems to put a lot of effort into it, even though she never seems to succeed. She really struggles to keep up with her classes, and it’s only natural that she finds herself taking the oral exams (at least, it seems to me). Her backlog is largely due to her inability to do science… You have to know when to say stop. As All Might said about children, “It’s when they start to lose heart that parents have to step up.”

There is a good chance that Mina would do better in class if she wasn’t so distracting. However, it seems more likely that school is not her strong point.

2) Her Best Statistics


All the named characters (or rather heroes) in My Hero Academia have a full official set of rankings in the Ultra Archive Book, an official guide written by the manga’s author. This means that we know Mina’s official stats.

Mina gets a five out of five for her technique, which means she can use her alter. At the same time she gets a four out of five in cooperation and speed. Her star power is lower than before (on a scale of one to five). And finally, her intellect, which is a little below par. It’s a waste of space on a scorecard. Ouch.

1) Four Super Movements


Mina has worked very hard with her alter and as a result she has already found four fantastic moves that she can use at any time. And that’s just for now – we have no doubt that she will discover more in the future.

Acid Throw (in which Mina creates acid bullets that can be fired at her enemies), Acid Shot (in which she creates an acid equivalent of ammunition to throw at enemies), and Acid Layback (when she hides the acid) are just some of her special abilities. The Sequel (Three Feet to create a slippery, more maneuverable surface) and Grape-Pinky Combo Mineta-Bounce, which is her one and only combo move currently. This one forces him to work with Mineta, and he puts Mina’s Acid Layback to use. After creating a slippery surface with her third foot, Mineta jumps and throws grapples upwards to throw Mina at enemies, where she can then attack them with her acid balls. Find our My Hero Academia Lamps and My Hero Academia Shower Curtains in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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