Top 10 Things To Know About Gran Torino

Top 10 Things To Know About Gran Torino

Gran Torino has proven time and time again that there is more to him than meets the eye. Originally appearing to fans and Deku himself as an old man oblivious to his own identity, Gran Torino has shown that he is much more than meets the eye.

Gran Torino has not only accomplished much on his own, but he has managed to form not just one, but two heirs to One For All (though he never really wore the mighty bizarro himself). But what else did Gran Torino do? Is its history known? We’ll find out. Find our My Hero Academia Shoes and My Hero Academia Slippers on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

10) Gran Torino With Clint Eastwood


Despite the fact that Gran Torino has been presented to the viewers and to Deku as a senile old man, he accomplishes much more than they imagine. First of all, towards the end of his stay with Gran Torino, Deku and the viewers realise that not only is Gran Torino still a very competent teacher, but that he is also a wonderful mentor.

Perhaps this is why he took his name from the film Gran Torino, in which Clint Eastwood plays an old man who takes care of his young apprentice in an extremely critical situation.

9) Based on Yoda


Although the character is named after Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood, he was inspired by a much more famous mentor from a distant galaxy, Yoda. Horikoshi has publicly stated that he was inspired for Gran Torino by George Lucas’ Jedi master class.

The two men have a lot in common if fans think about it. First and foremost, they are both incredibly short. Secondly, when first introduced, the duo simultaneously abuse their youth and old age to irritate their young charges and tickle them a bit.

8) From Hero To... Little Hero


Gran Torino’s small size has become a characteristic of his character among fans who discovered the hero through Deku, the fast hero not always being that small fry.

In fact, when he was still famous, Gran Torino rivalled All Might in size in his muscular format. It is a form that stands about seven feet two inches tall. He is a bit frail in his old age, but he is still powerful. Even in his old age.

7) Teacher to the Best


Gran Torino, although a superhumanly talented genius, may well have owed his best results to his teaching abilities. Gran Torino was not only able to teach Toshinori Yagi how to use his new quirk, but he was also able to teach Deku ideas about his quirk in a week, whereas Toshinori could not do so after almost a year.

What adds to the drama is that Gran Torino never had One For All himself, so he was able to teach two great heroes based simply on his understanding of his alter.

6) He is Incredibly Strong


To refer to this, “even though he is small, he is mighty”, Gran Torino, even in decline, is still an incredibly strong hero. Not only was it shown in his old age that he faced either villains that he himself could not control, or Nomu who were exceptional to say the least, who took on the weight of all of All Might in his muscular form, but it was also shown that he withstood the full force of All For One when My Hero Academia All Might took its final blow from My Hero Academia. It has been said that only a hero of the highest class could have survived that kind of attack, and Gran Torino is certainly an extremely powerful and accomplished hero. Despite his age, Gran Torino is My Hero Academia still in excellent physical shape.

A great open air style, with a height of seven feet and two inches and a colossal weight of 255 kg (or 562,189 pounds!). Yes, despite his small stature, Gran Torino can carry a lot of weight.

5) His Quirk: Jet


Jet’s alter, Gran Torino, is capable of travelling at truly incredible speeds. Seriously. The old man can move so fast that not even All Might can see him with the naked eye. In addition, Gran Torino can use his weirdness to glide short distances, as there is a limit to how far he can propel himself.

Gran Torino’s feet can propel her at dizzying speeds through the gaps in her toes, but there is also a limit to how far she can blow, so there is a ceiling.

4) Who Needs Speedforce?


Gran Torino’s special feature, as mentioned earlier, is that it can move at incredible speeds. Not only is Gran Torino able to move at speeds that even All Might can’t keep up with, but he is also incredibly good at using those speeds.

He used his speed to make spectacular saves on his protégé, he wiped out a handful of bad guys in the blink of an eye. It’s a feat that even professional heroes couldn’t accomplish.

3) Mega Man Referencing (Proto Man)


Kojika Shoutarou, a Japanese manga author, recently published “The Visual Guide to Japanese Anime”, a book that explains how Mangaka Kohei Horikoshi’s headquarters is filled with references to some of the best cultural masterpieces. There are several links to heroes like Captain America, Batman and Spider-Man, as well as famous manga and anime such as Attack of the Titans, Naruto and My Hero Academia.

In addition to Gran Torino’s costume, Horikoshi references Mega Man, another great hero (or Proto Man), by using his character’s kimono. The former Gran Torino wears boot gauntlets and a garment that is almost entirely comparable to the robot hero. His orange bonnet and yellow cape also resemble Proto Man’s outfit.

2) His statistics


The Ultra Archive book contains all the statistics of the greatest heroes, villains and newcomers of My Hero Academia. The heroes are ranked according to various criteria such as intelligence, tenacity, speed and strength, among others in the book. Each character is recognised by a number from one to five. An excellent fifth rating was very poor.

Furthermore, while All Might’s stats are meant to illustrate his unparalleled power (all categories are rated six out of five), the other superheroes have varying scores, with some reaching five out of five and others falling short. But Gran Torino’s speed stat is particularly interesting; the protagonist is on par with All Might or better in terms of speed (six out of six).

1) As a Student As a Teacher


Gran Torino, in his long career, has worn many different hats. He started out as a hero, trying with all his might to help the Japanese people by going as far as he could. Finally, he ended up being All Might’s mentor, teaching him to use an alter that he didn’t even know.

After that, Gran Torino would become a teacher, helping the next generation of heroes. Something he has apparently never given up on since Deku’s arrival, as he is always ready to teach the next generation’s One For All heir. Find our My Hero Academia Sandals and My Hero Academia Caps in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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