Top 10 Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia

Top 10 Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia

My favourite manga, Hero Academics, has been published in English since 2014. Worldwide, my hero academia is one of the most popular manga. This Japanese series never ceases to amaze its fans, which contain a variety of superheroes, some of which are among the most powerful in all of comics.

Many people, however, have a different view of the most powerful heroes. That is why we felt it was time to address this issue in an essay. Ranking them from least to greatest, we invite you to discover the 10 strongest characters in My Hero Academia. You can find our My Hero Academia Pajamas and My Hero Academia Tank Top in our online shop, along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

Top 10 strongest characters in my hero academia

For those who don’t know, 80% of the population has superpowers in my hero academy. Some individuals stand out for their excellence, among them :

10 – Eraser Head


Shota Aizawa, Eraser Head, is the main instructor of Class 2A of Yuei High School, which you may recognise. He is a seasoned hero who often sleeps in a sleeping bag that looks like a chrysalis.

For those who know him, he is a tall, dark-haired man who is known for dismissing students from the school. His explanation? They don’t deserve to attend Yuei High School because they are too weak or simply don’t have the required level. He is also a strict instructor who gives his students difficult tasks and thinks that their colleagues are too generous.

Eraser Head has the power to nullify the Alters of individuals who are not in his line of sight as a power (Alter). He becomes exposed if he closes his eyes or uses it for an extended period of time, etc.

If we place Aizawa in tenth place in my heroes’ academy, it is only because he deserves it. It is true that, unlike the other characters, he is quick to eradicate the weirdness of the villains without resorting to the Alter or metamorphosis.

09 - Thirteen


The character in my hero academia, who we consider the ninth greatest, is thirteen or the number 13. She is also a teacher from Yuei High School who is known for her great politeness and many acts of heroic rescue.

This my hero academia character is usually seen with a yellow boot, which makes him easy to identify. Because of his space suit and helmet, which completely hide his face, this my hero academia character is usually seen in a yellow boot. At first glance, number 13 appears to be powerful and dominant; however, his skinny ankles should not be overlooked.

The black hole from his alter is capable of forming huge black holes that absorb and break down all sorts of objects. Thirteen, on the other hand, uses his abilities most often to save people. He is a character of exceptional awareness who, while modest and slow in his movements, has exceptional skills. You’ll agree with us that his ninth place in the top ten characters of My Hero Academy is well deserved in view of his qualities.

08 – Tenko Shigiraki


Tenko is a character who is better known in the franchise as Tomura Shigaraki. After all, it’s not like he got there without a fight. For those who don’t know him, he is the main “villain” of the series and the leader of the Super Villain Alliance. He seeks to demonstrate that conventional justice is breakable in order to prove it to others.

Presenting a thin, blond man with parched lips, he is usually seen wearing grey hair and a villain’s outfit which he changes frequently. In conclusion, you can identify him more easily if you notice his 14 loose hands clasped on his arms.

Even his own body is immune to Tomura’s ability to disintegrate anything he touches with his hands, leaving him vulnerable only to attacks from others. His Alter is so strong that when he breaks free of his shackles, he can instantly level an entire metropolis.

We do not rank Tenko Shigiraki lower because he has severe restrictions, despite the fact that he is quite strong, bright, fast and technical. It is possible to counter him with liquid or gaseous particles, for example.

07 – Katsuki Bakugo


Katsuki is a young student of Yuei High School with an incredible ability who aspires to become the greatest hero of my hero academia. He is an average height boy with a slim and muscular body. His short blond hair looks like a tuft of grass. Apart from his clothes, which are rather traditional, he doesn’t have any trousers that are too tight.

We chose her for this list of the most powerful characters in my hero academia because of her powerful alter that allows her to produce an explosion. This happens when Katsuki starts sweating and creating nitroglycerin in his sweat as a young man.

Despite Bakugo’s constant claims of his natural and extremely strong ability, it is rather ineffective when the temperature drops. Indeed, under these circumstances, sweating becomes quite difficult for this person to achieve, rendering him almost helpless.

06 - Shoto Todoroki


Shoto Todoroki, like Tenko Shigiraki, is one of the main villains of this manga. He is a sophomore at Yuei High School, and his goal is to become a professional hero so he can take the place of his late father Endeavor. In terms of appearance, nothing unusual. He looks exactly like the other kids with well-brushed, straight hair.

At first Todoroki was unhappy with his gifts, seeing them as an obstacle to his success. However, now that he has mastered them like a specialist, the situation is totally different.

This little boy, for those who do not know him, can master pyrokinesis and cryokinesis. In other words, he is able to control ice and fire with both sides of his body at the same time.

Because his abilities were previously overwhelming and have increased since he accepted his nature, we rank him sixth. It’s no surprise if he becomes one of the major heroes of the series in the future.

05 – Kurogiri


You probably know who this figure is if you have seen the series at least once. For those of you who don’t recognise him, he is another key antagonist in the film who belongs to the supervillain cartel. At first glance, he is a strange being made of purple smoke. However, he has a solid physique hidden under his clothes (notably his white shirt, jacket and trousers).

Kurogiri is a student of Yuei High School who has two faces: on the one hand, he seems calm and polite, on the other hand, he is the absolute evil that deserves a villain. When an opportunity arises, Kurogiri does not hesitate to harm the heroes, or even to destroy them.

We placed him in fifth position because of his strength, which is quite formidable. Indeed, this character is able to create portals and transport what he wants to the place he wants. Despite his apparent simplicity, he is much more complicated than that! He can use the holes in his body to split a person or object into two parts by simply closing them.

04 - Kai Chisaki


Kai Chisaki is a recurring character in the anime. Kai Chisaki, or Overhaul, is mostly erased from the story. However, we won’t say that he is weak for this reason. For those who don’t know him, he is one of the most powerful characters in my hero academia. He is a true adversary who harms almost every hero and is both sociopathic and antisocial. He is afraid of dirt and despises everything around him.

Overhaul is frequently seen in a black shirt and trousers in the series. On his neck, he usually wears a pale tie and a mask that hides his nose and mouth. Overhaul, on the other hand, is an enemy to be terrified of.

He has no remorse and has a fairly strong Alter, which allows him to disintegrate or reconstruct an individual without a hint of compassion. It is easy to see why he is so low on our list. His Alter allows him to disassemble or reassemble anything he comes in contact with. As a result, he has total control over the material.

03 – Eri


Eri is the daughter of the cult leader, and she has blonde hair. She is the child of Kai Chisaki, who used her as an example for his son, Nai. She seems to be pure and does not want to join Kai’s evil regime. As a result, she finds it difficult to detach herself from the corrupting influence of her father and the cult to which he belongs.

Indeed, the reason why this heroine of my university is on this list but not in third place is because she has an enormous ability. She has an Alter which allows her to revert a person’s body to a previous state for those who don’t know her. In other words, she can repair any physical damage caused by a character.

Furthermore, she is able to reverse the fusion of Kai Chisaka and Nemoto, making her one of the most powerful alterations in the series. Therefore, her place in this top 10 list of My Hero Academy heroes is assured.

02 - All For One


All For One is a super-villain who co-founded the Super-Villain Alliance with Tenko Shimura and is its main opponent. No one knows his real last name or his motives, even though he was once considered the most powerful and talented criminal in Japan.

All For One, on the other hand, is difficult to recognise because he is masked by scar tissue. According to the film, this masks the scars from his previous injuries. As a result, he suffers from poor eyesight, unless he uses his Alter.

His backstory is strongly implied in the series, he is portrayed as a psychopath, egocentric, manipulative, misanthropic, and recurring adversary of All Might whom we meet later. If this character is one of the two greatest abilities in the series, it is because of his Alteration, which is made up of many other Alterations stolen from various individuals. For example: creating portals that can see 100 people at once, projecting objects and people, etc.

01 - All Might


Finally, All Might is undoubtedly the most powerful character in My Hero Academy. Toshinori Yagi is his real name, and he is the main protagonist of the manga. He is the first and most powerful hero, who inspired a whole generation of heroes, including ikuru (the main character of the movie).

All Might is a Japanese manga character known for his quick temper. All Might has two bodies, one of which is the real Toshinori, who is rather ugly and thin, and the other is All Might, who is unlike any other because of his huge muscle mass. Because of his huge popularity in this series, All Might is really nice, but he can become extroverted from time to time.

All Might is the superhero alter of Izuku Midoriya, a young student who dreams of becoming a hero like All Might. He has superhuman strength and power, sharp reflexes, incredible agility and, above all, tremendous stamina. And that’s not all! Because All Might is so strong, it incorporates many other Alters into a single entity that can be used alone or in conjunction. For My Hero Academia fans, this character is a clear favourite for his strength. Find our My Hero Academia Winter Gloves and My Hero Academia Pants in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

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