TOP 10 Reasons Why Mirko Is The Strongest

TOP 10 Reasons Why Mirko Is The Strongest

Rumi Usagiyama, better known as “The Rabbit Hero: Mirko”, has become incredibly popular with fanbases around the world in a very short time. One of the reasons for this is that the creator of My Hero Academia, Kohei Hoshikori, is an author of fantasy characters, and Mirko is quite… developed. Another reason is that she is a breath of fresh air compared to the other protagonists of the series. We have already seen Bakugo type representatives in MHA, but Rumi is the model well done. She’s bold, confident in her strength and pragmatic and is one of the strongest characters in the entire MHA line. And not to mention the countless things we don’t know about her, the only thing we know here is that she is absurdly powerful. Find our My Hero Academia Caps as well as our My Hero Academia Hats on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

9) She has an Unbreakable Fighting Focus


Unfortunately, the heroes of the MHA world face every danger. It is great to see spectacular and terrifying battles before frequently facing death. And that’s why they have to learn to concentrate in situations of extreme tension under a lot of mental and physical strain. Mirko, one of the best Pro Heroes in class A, has a hard time with this and freezes up when faced with split-second decisions. But Mirko, as a Pro Hero should, has mastered his combat objective more than anyone we’ve met so far and is able to make intelligent, pragmatic decisions in the midst of action.

8) She is one of the Fastest Pro-Heroes


There are many professional heroes in the MHA universe. After all, this is a company that was built around the concept of superheroes, so they are everywhere. However, Mirko is one of the fastest of them with Gran Torino. His alter has endowed him with rabbit-like characteristics, and it’s clear that she unintentionally used this deceptive trick to create an impact mirror shard. Mirko can turn any fight around in less than a second, thanks to her ridiculous movement speed and well-developed muscles. All Might can move fast, so can Endeavour, but Mirko can move faster with less effort and finesse.

7) Her Super Audition Is Absurdly Useful


Mirko’s ears, like his nose, are not fake or built into his costume. They do not come out of the top of his head, but rather from the sides where you would expect his ears to emerge. One would think that this would not work from a design standpoint, but surprisingly, it does. Another testament to Hori’s skill. Anyway, these huge things give Mirko a superhuman level of hearing at MHA that we haven’t seen anywhere else before.

The series has a lot of idiosyncrasies, but it’s possible that the only one who comes close in terms of hearing is Jiro. However, those lovely ears and the overall structure are two of the elements that have contributed to his immense fanart sheath since its inception.

6) She is Very Mobile, Adaptable And Acrobatic


Mirko is quite skillful and acrobatic, and this reason precedes his speed. Mirko had to become flexible, hyper-mobile, and able to turn around to be able to perform them from any position and at any time. Mirko, we see in the manga, absolutely delivers on acrobatics. Most of her moves that we saw included at least two flips and each one seemed to be something completely distinct to her that no other hero could ever play as fluidly.

5) Take Stock of Current Injuries and Damage, Then Move On


We’ve mentioned his combat focus, but this takes his love for the work to a whole new level. We’ve seen examples of a “do or die” attitude like this in battles like Lemillion, Deku or All Might. But we can never see anyone taking such a risk. She is very young and already injured quite badly by Mirko during the confrontation with the multiple High-End.

Mirko Striga was barely clinging to his body and might as well have been cut, until one of his opponents slit his stomach. Mirko, nevertheless, in a short while, wraps his own thick fur and continues to fight vigorously. Remember the episode when Endeavour got a blow to the face and had to spend a minute? Mirko only needs a few seconds.

4) She likes to fight and prove herself


Rumi, on the other hand, is a Bakugo type. We said earlier that she is loud, abrasive and always looking for a fight. But Rumi has no problem with this, unlike Bakugo who seems to have difficulty communicating her emotions with words. She can be blunt when necessary, but she says what needs to be said. The fight, she really likes in itself. Mirko seems to be a fighter who likes to take on people to their fullest potential, and we see how she laughs during the Garaki Lab-Raid. Sure, she probably lost an arm and an ear, but holy shit, it’s exciting for her to fight at 100%!

3) Multi-Ended Guard


Do you remember the end of season 4 of the anime, where Endeavor with a high level faced the Nomu? How he was spiked by that Nomu several times and would have lost handily if not for Hawks’ ridiculous levels? It was an amazing sight to watch, but it wasn’t exactly the best proof of concept for the new “signal for peace.” Meanwhile, our bunny hero battled Multiple High End in the manga while pursuing Dr. Garaki and achieving his goal of destroying his lab. Keep in mind that this fight took place in a fairly small lab rather than all of Tokyo as Endeavour had done.


We’ve already had our fill of this, but the heroes of Animal-Quirk have a “sixth sense” of danger in general. Just as birds and dogs seem to know a storm is coming by hearing bird calls, heroes who share certain traits with animals seem to be programmed to sense danger.

Rabbits, in particular, have a greater danger radar than most other animals. They are more sensitive to touch than most other animals and almost any attack from behind alerts them almost immediately. Mirko, therefore, may not resemble a classic rabbit in his never-ending offensive, but his innate rabbit characteristics nonetheless help him identify risk accurately.

2) She works alone and has no agency ties


It has become very common in My Hero Academia World for Pro Heroes to team up with a company or create your own agency. And, in most cases, it’s a good thing to work with other heroes since working with others helps you fight more crimes. However, if someone has worked alone for the vast majority of their career, it indicates that they have had to overcome all the challenges that would have been easier with additional manpower. Mirko is a loner, but he has made it to the top 5 by being a lone wolf who collaborates and trains very hard. Unlike Hawks, Mirko seems to have an incredible long-term relationship with the government. Mirko is that hero, and she doesn’t seem to have ties to any group or agency that would hold her back for long.

1) Ready to Sacrifice Anything and Everything for Her Goals


Mirko is also willing to face death almost every day, just like the other heroes. The rabbit’s survival instinct is quite strong, but her own altruism has probably been superseded by it. Mirko makes it clear to readers that if she has to die in the attack on the Garaki lab to achieve her goals and stop this evil man from continuing his research, she will. Mirko can be considered a hero through and through. However, while this is a dangerous trait to have under normal circumstances, it is something that weaker characters would want almost every day. Mirko is truly a hero inside and out! Find our My Hero Academia Slippers and My Hero Academia Sandals on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

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