Top 10 My Hero Academia Villains

Top 10 My Hero Academia Villains

As you may know, My Hero Academia is a black and white manga. There is a good side and a bad side to the shonen universe. This polarisation gives us great pleasure overall. Today, we are going to look at the dark side of things. We will try to categorize all the antagonists, from the small village bully to the most dangerous opponent in the universe.

In this top, we’ll be talking about Machiavellianism (the ability to do evil), not power. A villain with great strength but the soul of a demon would be less dangerous than an authoritarian tyrant who is a villain in name only. Nevertheless, characteristics can also count. To help evil, it is often necessary to use an effective weapon.

These are all things we had to take into account before compiling this list. We have tried to make it as objective as possible. However, we are fallible, so it is possible that we have made some mistakes in our logic. If so, I hope you will let us know! Only by working together can we achieve excellence in this area. Our My Hero Academia Sport Pants and My Hero Academia Backpack can be found in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

In descending order, the most evil characters in My Hero Academia are

10) Dix Kuro Kiri


The Super-Villain League is composed of five members: Kuro Kiri. He is Tomura Shigaraki’s right-hand man (who will be revealed later in this ranking). He is known for his refined bartending attire and calm demeanour. His ability to speak is renowned, even among his worst enemies. His intelligence also gives him a keen sense of observation, which makes him a formidable opponent.

His alter allows him to adopt the form of a shadowy mist on his own body. This ability seems to contradict his humanity. He becomes a hellish machine with one goal: to kill.

Kuro Kiri is one of Tokyo’s most notorious gangsters. He is, however, at the bottom of the ladder. Those who follow him are usually far more dangerous than he is.

9) Muscular


The muscleman is a member of the Genesis Squadron, whose purpose is to attack Yuei’s students. He is a vicious creature who does not hesitate to kill his opponents. We can see that he takes a particular pleasure in seeing others suffer or die. This is not limited to his enemies, in some passages we see him taking pleasure in seeing young children endure excruciating agony without any shame. He does not hesitate to make this agony last even longer.

It is true that Musclor is a very violent man. However, he does not seem to be very intelligent. He has a habit of continually underestimating his opponents, which is a major handicap for him. There is no doubt that if he had a brain, he would be ranked much higher. In the absence of consciousness, such power and brutality loses its effectiveness dramatically.

8) Jin Bubaigawara


Jin Bubaigawara (Twice) is a member of the Super Villains Alliance. This character has a distinct personality. Although not explicitly stated in the manga, he appears to be schizophrenic. He chooses to present himself as a comic character despite his extremely vivid and passionate personality. He specialises in striking postures and unusual facial contortions. In addition, he constantly contradicts himself, first stating something in one tone, then denying it a moment later in another.

It is possible that he joined the Super-Villains camp because they were the only ones who accepted his madness. He feels included and comfortable in his own skin when he is with them. It’s his unpredictability that makes him a villain capable of creating fear. We just don’t know what he is capable of since he acts out of his madness and not his conscience.

We think that the eighth position is ideal for him because he is still mainly a victim of his mental illness. Who knows what he would have become if he hadn’t joined the supervillain camp?

7) Himiko Toga


Himiko Toga is a member of the Super Villains Alliance and Genesis Squadron. Her appearance is elegant, despite her behaviour. She is known for her pleasant attitude. Even if she has committed a murder, she never loses her smile. This shows her sadistic tendencies.

She also seems to be emotionally unstable. In particular, her concept of love is extremely limited. The so-called “normal” type of love, according to her, is the love of people bathed in blood, broken into pieces and torn to the bone. This might deter you from wanting to date her.

Himiko, based on her actions in the manga, deserves to be higher on this list. However, she is not aware that what she is doing is wrong. Everything seems “normal” to her. Her psychiatric illness excuses her actions. This reduces Himiko’s level of Machiavellianism considerably.

6) Dabi


Dabi, better known as Crematorium or Blue Flames, was a member of the Super-Villain Alliance and a leader of Genesis Squadron. Dabi is a vibrant figure. He is generally stoic in his demeanor, but rarely shows his feelings. He maintains a laser-like focus on his goals. The goal for him is to bring down the heroes he sees as imposters. His ultimate goal is to end the superpower society. He takes considerable pleasure in taunting the heroes of the good guys’ camp, despite his stoic demeanour. Like most villains, he takes pleasure in causing pain for his own pleasure.

The goal of the crematorium is beyond his or anyone else’s capabilities. He is willing to do anything and everything to achieve his goals. This is what makes him such a difficult opponent.

He is, however, dedicated. He is not a monster just for the sake of being one. He fights and risks everything for a cause he believes in. One becomes a determined rather than a Machiavellian person when one acts with intelligence rather than fury. It’s clear that if he wasn’t so obsessed with his mission, he’d be in the top three right now.

5) Tomura Shigaraki


The main antagonist of the series is Tomura Shigaraki, also known as Tenko Shimura. He is the president of the Super-Villain Alliance and the main villain of the series. He is also a protégé of All for One, who we will talk about later. His main goal is to destroy Almighty so that she can realize how fragile they are. And how dangerous it is to trust justice.

Among the students, there is a boy named Tenko who is despised by the others. He has no respect for the lives of others. To summon all his power, he has no qualms about taking the lives of Yuei’s students. Moreover, it seems that he considers everything as a game.

His language is simple, but it is often accompanied by words like “End Boss”, “Tutorial” or “Game Over” which suggest a certain youthfulness. He is a rather strange antagonist because of his vanity, selfishness and fury, which resemble the pettiness of a spoiled child.

Tenko is a dark character who hates those who fight for justice. His hatred comes from his father, as you can see. In fact, he had a hard time growing up. We know, for example, that after he lost control of his alteration, he slaughtered all his relatives. He might never have become evil if he hadn’t had such a terrible experience as a child.

4) Chizome Akaguro


Chizome Akaguro is called “Hero Killer” He is not a member of the Super Villains League. He is considered the epitome of anti-heroism, having already taken out many professional heroes. Although he is not a villain, his profile makes him hard to ignore in the rankings.

The villain is the one who shows the most hatred towards the heroes. He thinks they are only interested in money and fame, and therefore feels betrayed. He thinks they don’t care about the general welfare, and that this is a lie. Chizome is keen to promote his ideology. However, he seems to have a high regard for people he calls “real heroes”. According to his definition, a hero must be willing to sacrifice himself for the good of others without expecting anything in return.

It is unfortunate that the man he relies on is a megalomaniac who immediately prompts him to repeat his attacks on innocent people. The goal he supports is admirable, but his methods of promoting it are often inhumane and tyrannical. That’s why this film is so highly rated. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t blame yourself!

3) Gigantomachia


Gigantomachia is a member of the supervillain alliance who has been taught by All for One. He is a huge titan with insane strength. It is known that he can destroy a mountain with a single punch. Furthermore, it seems that his devotion to his master (All for One) is self-evident.

At first glance, he appears to be a very polite individual. However, when someone refuses to work with him, he is instantly seized with uncontrollable rage. Fortunately, just hearing his master’s voice is enough to calm his fury. Gigantomachia is the epitome of a benign and docile fighting machine, with his master, whom he considers a god, being the most important factor in achieving this status. Because All for One is so fierce and Machiavellian, so is this enormous titan. He follows his orders to the letter.

2) Kai Chisaki


Overhaul is the name of the villain. He is an important figure in the Death Nights and is its leader. The main opponent in the story arc is a group known as Overhaul. It turns out that Overhaul, who appears to be a deeply psychopathic and anti-social individual, is in fact a mysophobe (fear of germs). He wishes he could go back to the time when alters were not of this world, because of his illness. He is convinced that the alters are developed from rats and are therefore a plague on humanity because of his illness. He sees this as an epidemic that has infected human civilisation with “heroic syndrome”.

He wants to get rid of the existence of alters. In the hope of immersing himself in a dirt-free environment, he has developed an alchemical process to destroy all forms of alteration. Kai Chisaki is one of the most violent characters in My Hero Academia, if not the most violent. He deserves this second place.

1) All for One


The supervillain alliance is composed of For One, the Leader and the others. He is also the main opponent in the manga. He is the most powerful villain in Japan, as well as the most formidable enemy the Almighty knows. His intentions are not clear; he is a somewhat enigmatic character. However, what we do know about him far outweighs his ability to occupy the top spot in our ranking.

He is a psychopath, an egoist, a misanthrope and a manipulator. He has no problem exploiting others for his own gain. He also appears to be quite magnetic. Within the strict laws of Japan, he has been able to win over a large number of thieves to his cause in a short time. The most important advantage of one is his Alter. He has the most powerful ability in the series. If you want to know more about his power, read our previous essay “The 10 best Alters”

He has a very confident attitude and is always certain of himself and those he believes in. He prefers powerful actions to long boring discussions, despite his fluency in speaking. This is what gives him the ability to be such an effective antagonist. And without a doubt, the most dangerous opponent in My Hero Academia.

Conclusion on the villains of the My Hero Academia anime!

We look forward to your thoughts in order to achieve our goal. The goal of creating the best top 10 villains of all time. We love My Hero Academia so much that we want to do this for fun. We take great pleasure in pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones on subjects that we previously thought we knew everything about. We can continue to dig deeper and deeper into our passion for knowledge as long as we keep the fire burning using these techniques. Of course, without your help, this goal will not be achieved. We count on you and your comments to guide us. Let’s think together!

“My goal may seem minor compared to yours, but I can’t afford to lose either. I must live up to the expectations of those who believed in me.” Midoriya. Find our My Hero Academia Bag and My Hero Academia Fanny Pack in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

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