Top 10 My Hero Academia Tattoos

Top 10 My Hero Academia Tattoos

Bokugo, Deku or Shoto are among the most popular characters of My Hero Academia. True fans would get Bokugo, Deku or Shoto tattooed permanently. Fortunately, there are many people like that, because MHA is working hard to break through the glass ceiling of the big three in the animation industry.

On the other hand, there are people who are waiting to discover the perfect design for their MHA tattoos. This list was designed with those fans in mind. Ten distinct MHA tattoos are provided below as inspiration for a trip to your local tattoo shop. Find our My Hero Academia Fanny Pack as well as our My Hero Academia Tote Bags in our online store along with our collections of apparel featuring your favorite heroes.

10) Katsuki Bakugo tattoo


All the adoration sent to the secondary character in My Hero Academia is rightfully deserved. Including the comments on Matthew Wedge’s Instagram account, which boasts exceptional shading.

Wedge’s ability to color this tattoo in pencil style is amazing, but it’s the composition of this piece that really stands out. This tattoo features Bakugo exploding out of the hard lines of the panel, reminding fans of his alter ego and personality.

9) Tomura Shigaraki's Tattoo


The fantastic Zaeno7 on Twitter drew this tattoo that perfectly illustrates Shigaraki’s scary nature. Looking at the original black and white drawing from My Hero Academia and coming out of the panel with one of Shigaraki’s many scary hands, @ Zaeno7 depicts the very essence of this character.

With a design like this, it’s hard to resist putting Shigaraki’s hand on his skin for good. But with an anime figure as stunning as this one, fans will probably avoid giving Shigaraki the chance to touch their skin.

8) Izuku Midoriya tattoo with the All Might costume


This tattoo is sure to bring a smile to any My Hero Academia fan. It’s been a long time since Deku swooned over All Might like he did in the first two episodes of MHA.

The diaper cover may still be in DeKU’s closet, but this is the only chance fans will have to see him on screen, unless they click on the link above to this artist’s Instagram account.

7) Shota Aizawa tattoo


The principal of UA High School is a fan favorite character because of his straightforward and logical approach to teaching. It seems that this man is willing to say anything that will help him solve the scenario at hand.

Eraserhead has one of the most controlled Alters in My Hero Academia, which isn’t necessarily Trashcan’s strong suit. Instagram user @Brockgymleader depicts Eraserhead’s deadly appearance with a line drawing from the MHA manga.

6) Cat Katsuki bakugo Tattoo


My Hero Academia fans love Bakugo, the best boy in the series, but he is rarely depicted in the way chosen for this tattoo.

Fans are rarely exposed to Bakugo drawn in this cute style, but Natália Jiménez was not deterred from turning him into mush for this design. Some people might enjoy reading something simple and cute for their next tattoo.

5) Beautiful tattoo of DABI


This tattoo was created by a fan artist, who is also a tattoo artist. Readers will see that Dabi’s character design complements Brando Chiesa’s artwork as an artist after taking a brief look at their Instagram account.

It seems that this artist has trouble with body horror, so those who want to see a very detailed illustration of Dabi inked on his body should head over to Brando Chiesa’s Instagram page at the top of the page.

4) Deku crying tattoo


When visitors enter the tattoo store, not all of them want a full sleeve of Shenron and Super Dragon Balls. Some anime fans choose to keep their interest private.

Fans who want a discreet MHA tattoo may choose to get a tattoo of an anime character on their forearm, but thanks to Evita Lopez, they now have the perfect foundation on which to build their own design. If you’d like to learn more about Evita Lopez’s career, follow this link to check out her work.

3) Tattoo shoto todoroki in couple


Peer pressure isn’t just useful in the real world; it’s also a great way to get a permanent tattoo with cartoons. Seriously, this couple’s Audrafe tattoo on Twitter is both adorable and artistically stunning.

Cartoon artists have long known that it’s hard to draw perfectly identical eyes. Why else would there be so many different anime characters with eye patches, emoji hair, and face masks? However, this tattoo artist shows how good they are by tattooing two halves of the same face on two different people.

2) Tattoo of Izuku with a beautiful inking


Not all tattoos need to be so detailed and colorful to be attractive. This design shows that less can sometimes be more when it comes to tattoo design.

For more information, follow them on Instagram at wideyedhenny. The artists who created this exquisite inking by Deku can be found on Instagram with the username wideyedhenny. nThe majority of their work follows a “less is more” aesthetic, but they have enough rich coloring available on their page to show that their talents are as versatile as Deku’s Quirk One For All.

1) Shoto Todoroki's Masterpiece Tattoo


For anime ink fans looking to explore more, Simon K.’s Instagram feed. Bell is the most obvious choice. MHA’s work clearly has a stronger anime influence than Bell. His designs are influenced by well-known series like Dragon Ball , Attack on Titan , and even Demon Slayer.

Bell’s line work and colors are of a level that few artists can match on paper, as readers will see in the essay published here. In fact, every piece Bell creates looks like something straight out of an anime. Find our My Hero Academia Bracelets as well as our My Hero Academia Necklaces in our online store along with our collections of apparel featuring your favorite heroes.

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