Top 10 My Hero Academia Posters

Top 10 My Hero Academia Posters

My Hero Academia looks more like a cartoon than many other shonen anime series. This does not stop the characters from coming to life on every page/screen they are drawn on.

The characters that roam the world of MHA are so famous that fans will salute them no matter how they pick them up. This includes every official poster released as part of MHA’s seasonal marketing campaigns for every time of year. Find our My Hero Academia Wallets and My Hero Academia Mouse Pads in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

10) Bakugo Forces Deku To Lean Over The Official MHA Season 2 Compilation Poster


The promotion for season 2 of My Hero Academia borrows a lot from that of season 1. The biggest differences between the two can be seen in the facial smiles of the characters and the background of the picture.

There are many characters in this season 2 poster, all of whom have the same expression, which is true, although some characters outside of Shoto are present in the foreground of the image. The misplaced attempt to look shocked lends itself to all possible controversies and misinterpretations. Despite the fact that it is painted to one of the coolest shots found in one of the advertising posters, this poster will put the list down.

9) First Ever Official Compilation Poster Shows Deku Achieving Its Goals


Two things the very first official poster used to kick off the first season of My Hero Academia can do for fans. The first thing it offers is a presentation of the main cast of young heroes on their way to the University of Athletics.

The second thing this poster offers is a hand drawing masterclass that would convince any illustrator.

8) The Hero Killer Stain Hangs In The Background Of This Official MHA Season 2 Poster


Stain, the Hero Killer Stain will become one of the biggest villainous characters in My Hero Academia thanks to his creepy aesthetic and bloodlust in season 2. Even here, in an official My Hero Academia season 2 commercial, Stain catches the viewers’ attention despite being relegated to the second image.

Even though Tomura Shigaraki reaches All Might and Deku in the lead, he is still eclipsed by the Hero Killer Stain.

7) Two Heroes Improves Official MHA Compilation Poster By Introducing New Characters And Completing The Background


Again, another My Hero Academia movie requires another official poster that will show Deku reaching out to fans with his outstretched arm. This image includes a detailed background to contrast the compilation of characters in the foreground, unlike previous posters.

Although it may not seem like much, a full background is actually quite rare in manga and anime, as it takes an artist longer to create. Fortunately, the artist who worked on the official My Hero Academia: Two Heroes poster took his time to create a beautiful piece of art.

6) Top Sports Festival Contestants Compete In This Official MHA Season 2 Poster Panel


My Hero Academia Season 2 has released a number of stunningly designed official posters to promote the continuation of the first season. This is the largest stock of official marketing posters available for Season 2.

The reason this poster can beat its competitors is because of the extra panels and simulated manga colour added to this photo.

5) A-Class Faces B-Class In Official Season 5 Compilation Poster


For anime fans only, the release of the official Season 5 compilation poster was a real treat. Fans are dying to see Class 1A versus Class 1B once again at the UA Sports Festival.

This poster features Shinso, the centrepiece for separating classes 1A and 1B before their joint training session. The artist’s cleverness also included coordinating the teams’ colours to create an even greater contrast between the two groups.

4) Mirio Helps Deku Achieve Her Goals In This Official Season 4 Compilation Poster


The first official poster of the MHA season 4 compilation wins the award for best poster among all the posters where Deku is holding hands with the viewers. This is largely due to Mirio, who helped the fans by holding Deku’s hand.

In season 4, Deku and a few other classmates were tasked with going into the real world of heroism to kill Overhaul, an opponent with the resources to destroy a hero. This poster beautifully embodies Overhaul for anime fans and introduces Deku alongside new allies and old friends.


In contrast to the promotion for season 4 of My Hero Academia, this official poster features two smiling heroes. Without the ample threat of Overhaul hanging over Deku and Mirio, the pair can find happiness and tranquility in their new friendship. If only they were content with the laughter of the Sir Nighteye with this pair.

3) Lens Flares & Skydiving Antics Make New Film Poster One Of The Best Official MHA Posters Of All Time


The adaptation of My Hero Academia World Heroes, which is due to be released on Iphone in March 2022, will not arrive until the summer of 2021. But the official publicity has already been released.

While it may be a bit early for some fans to place this sign so close to the top of this list, seeing Bakugo smile as he falls out of a plane is really nice.

2) Villains Face Heroes In Official MHA Season 3 Compilation Poster


My Hero Academia Season 3 centers on the conflict between the League of Villains and UA High School Class 1A, culminating in a decisive battle between All Might and All For One. Instead of having fun with Deku’s suction, this official compilation poster shows Deku reaching for Tomura Shigaraki’s face.

The way Deku’s arm ends precisely where Shigaraki’s terrifying hand begins is extraordinary. It’s bright enough to take the stares away from the All Might and All For One viewers, who are fighting deep behind this poster.

1) The Izuku Academia poster collection!

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