Top 10 Likely Deaths in My Hero Academia

Top 10 Likely Deaths in My Hero Academia

Clearly, My Hero Academia is not one of those anime where all the good characters, even the minor ones, are protected by armor. On the contrary, Sir Nighteye, Snatch, Nana Shimura, and Hydrokinesis are among those who met an unfortunate end in the course of the story (as well as a few random villains).

But, in the end, it seems more likely that many of those beloved by fans will perish. In fact, one semi-significant character has already died in the manga, which implies that we can expect to see more. Also, it is certain that the fates of many antagonists are sealed, but which one is most likely to perish (minor manga spoilers below). Find our My Hero Academia Bodybuilding Clothing and My Hero Academia Sport Pants on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

10) Perhaps All Might's Death Will Be A Plot Used To Show How Dangerous The Situation Has Become


While it is likely that Almighty was killed at some point (given Sir Nighteye’s visions of the future), the fact that he is still alive raises several questions.

With his two most essential tasks completed, his presence in the story is uncertain: Izuku’s training to become the next holder of One For All and the defeat of All For One.

9) Tsuyu, better known as Froppy, is one of the nicest, sweetest and kindest characters in the series, which is precisely why her death is possible


Deku’s death would be a devastating blow to his classmates and friends, but it could also push them to new heights. In order to seduce and/or improve their loved ones, many tales have done just that: remove a loved one.

8) Gran Torino Is Already Old Enough And Is Far From The Level It Once Was At Its Peak


In the anime, he wins a major battle but his involvement has a much greater personal impact.

Moreover, it is only natural that the old guard disappears to make room for a new generation of heroes (this logic also applies to All Might).

7) Hawks Would Have Already Been Killed Without Tokoyami's Heroic Actions


After the Luthors’ imprisonment, Dabi becomes a double agent for the pro-hero authorities in order to follow all the new developments of the League of Villains. One member, however, refuses to accept it completely: Dabi.

However, in the end, like the first one, he betrays them just before the paranormal liberation war begins, which inevitably draws his fury. In fact, he would have perished if Tokoyami had not acted heroically. But Dabi has only one thing in mind: revenge.

6) There Will Come A Time When Deku (Or Tomura Shigaraki) Will Have To Make The Ultimate Decision And Take All For One Out Of The Equation Forever


We can also assume that Draco Malfoy has ambitious plans to change the world because he was able to escape from Tartarus.

The fact that All Might and the others let him live is irrelevant because it seems difficult to keep him confined for long periods anyway.

5) Eraser Head Has Escaped Death Twice, But Its Continuity Is Not Certain


The second hero is Eraser Head, who almost perished during the Paranormal Liberation War when Tomura tried to vaporize half of Japan with his fully awakened Decomposition (obviously using his own alter).

The boy seems to be a complete and utter mess. He goes through several mood swings, gaining and losing confidence on a whim. In the end, he is saved by Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki at the last second, but there can only be so many near death experiences for a hero. The first time Eraser Head fights the Nomu in the USJ incident.

4) Endeavor's Death May Prompt Shoto to Fully Manifest His Alter


Endeavour has finally begun his long journey to gain forgiveness from his family, but a recent discovery has made the situation much more difficult. It was revealed that Dabi is none other than Toya, Todoroki’s older brother.

The youngster perished in a fire, according to a flashback. However, he seems to have survived and is unable to tolerate any animosity towards his parent.

3) All For One Doesn't Seem To Need Tomura Shigaraki For Anything But Flying One For All


Tomura Shigaraki, the villain of My Hero Academia, is a surprisingly endearing anti-hero. His childhood was plunged into despair from beginning to end, starting with the accidental murder of his entire family. He quickly becomes the villain’s successor after falling under the spell of All For One and receives the most powerful Quirk in existence to create his own.

Nevertheless, he is less a son than a puppet; All For One doesn’t seem to need him for anything other than stealing One For All. Moreover, Tomura seems to despise being controlled and is willing to do anything to free himself from his captor’s grip.

2) It Could Be That Kurogiri's Death Will End Those Who Loved Oboro


Kurogiri was once Oboro Shirakumo, the Mic of the present and Eraser Head’s closest friend before being cruelly exploited by All For One with the help of Dr. Garaki (who gave him his current form).

Kagari is a former mage from the Avatar Roku universe. He was imprisoned in Tartarus, but will most likely be rescued by the League of Villains at some point. Given his history, it is possible that Kurogiri’s death will bring closure to those who loved Oboro, but we are not sure yet.

1) It may be necessary for Katsuki Bakugo to die so that her boyfriend, Izuku, can finally reach 100% of his power


Katsuki Bakugo sacrifices himself to protect Deku from Tomura (while under the physical control of All For One at the time), but there is no way to kill him on such short notice.

However, since his bond with Izuku is beginning to blossom in a positive way, it might be necessary for him to die so that his boyfriend can fully develop his abilities. Like Toguro, who kills Kuwabara so that Yusuke can do everything he can for Yu Yu Hakusho, something similar could happen here. Find our My Hero Academia Backpack and My Hero Academia Bag in our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

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