TOP 10 Facts Between Izuku & Ochako

TOP 10 Facts Between Izuku & Ochako

Every action shonen anime needs a brave and beautiful leader, usually a young man who has everything to prove. Izuku “Deku” Midoriya is the protagonist of My Hero Academia. He was born without Alters, but got an Alter for everyone so he could pursue his heroic dreams. At the UA, Japan’s top heroic institution.

Izuku has also found time for love, and has hit it off with the lovely Ochaco Uraraka. They are not only exceptional fighters in battle, but also fantastic partners in everyday life! In just three years, Izuku and Ochaco’s fans have had many opportunities to show their support for this beloved duo. What are the most endearing moments they have shared so far? Check out our SPORTSWEAR MY HERO ACADEMIA and MY HERO ACADEMIA ACCESSORIES in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

10) Their First Meeting


People say something is “love at first sight” for a reason. When Izuku arrived at the AU door, he was overcome with nervousness and almost fell over. The lightness of Ochaco’s alter ego immediately caught his attention, and she welcomed him along with her joie de vivre.

It’s a fantastic method of allowing Izuku to rest while introducing Ochaco and demonstrating his double. And things only escalate from there. The most beautiful moment was Izuku’s astonishment at talking to a student for the first time, even though he didn’t say anything.

9) I Double You Deku


Izuku wasn’t sure what to call himself as a hero, and Bakugo kept mocking him as “Deku” or “worthless”. But, being a smart girl, Ochaco recognized that “Deku” might also be a nice nickname, and Izuku quickly accepted the offer (despite Tenya Iida’s concerns). The expression on Izuku’s face seemed particularly happy. A hero’s name is a great gift from your daughter!

8) By telephone


When Izuku and Ochaco went their separate ways for their internship, they set the phone on fire. Not with their words, but with what followed after they hung up.

Although he sounded fierce, the professional hero Gunhead was quick to tease Ochaco about a possible “boyfriend”, obviously having a good time doing so. Meanwhile, Izuku was ecstatic to have had a full phone conversation with a woman. He didn’t need to cry!

7) Pumped Up For Training Camp


All of Class 1-A is eager to start summer training camp, and Izuku was eager to see if Ochaco had arrived. However, it was rather intimate and personal, with Izuku’s face a bright cherry colour at Ochaco’s proximity.

Ochaco remembered Yuga Aoyama’s little question, “Are you in love with him?” Embarrassed, Ochaco took a few steps back and changed the subject, but it was still a precious opportunity. Even tiny events can stir emotions. Everyone, raise your glasses to the camp!

6) A quick overview


The other girls in Group 1-A ridiculed Ochaco about her secret crush in the AU dorms. Ochaco didn’t name names, but her agitation led her to a nearby window through which she noticed Izuku training hard outside.

According to Ochaco, she was more than impressed by what she saw! It’s clear that Izuku’s bravery attracts Ochaco to him. It’s time for Uravity to say what she really feels!

5) The Denier ... For The Moment


Aoyama still asked Ochaco if she liked Izuku, but she did not answer. Ochaco then went to the exam room with her classmates, where she was immediately asked about what Aoyama had asked her during their exam.

Izuku wasn’t about to reveal the secret either, especially not with Ochaco standing right there! Though Izuku’s immediate denial wasn’t enough to fool Tsuyu Asui, who is now almost certain of Ochaco’s affection.

4) Am I an AI Bug?


Izuku and Ochaco are left alone for a while at Mina’s suggestion, and half of Class 1-A visit the local mall to get new hero gear before training camp.

Ochaco needs insect repellent, but Izuku misunderstood her and thought she was calling it a little bug! Ochaco is furious with Aoyama for bringing up the subject of love. There’s no turning back now!

3) First Time In Class


It was a simple storyline, but it’s a nice follow-up to the first meeting between Izuku and Ochaco. They get used to the AU lifestyle and prepare for their first class together as classmates.

Izuku’s spectacular score on the entrance test has impressed Ochaco. Izuku has a crimson face and there is much more to come.

2) Cavalry Partners


In this case, Ochaco shines brightly. Not only does she help complete Izuku’s team for the cavalry event, but she also makes a compelling argument: it’s wonderful to be on a team with friends!

Izuku has been brought to tears by Ochaco’s unwavering optimism. It is obvious that Izuku was influenced by Ochako’s positivity. However, she did not like his “close” face very much.

1) First Test


The children of Hero Class 1-A gather in their hero costumes for the first time at the beginning of Season 1, and Izuku is stunned when he sees Ochaco in his.

In fact, Izuku’s costume is due to a misunderstanding; he was given a tight-fitting outfit after filling out his costume form incorrectly. Minoru Mineta, the class mega-perv, likes the conclusion, and both Izuku and Minoru are pleased. Find our COSPLAY MY HERO ACADEMIA and MY HERO ACADEMIA DECORATIONS in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

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