TOP 10 Facts About Tsuyu Asui

TOP 10 Facts About Tsuyu Asui

The colourful and vibrant design of the characters in My Hero Academia is one of the first things that comes to mind.

Although masks can be used to hide layers on themselves, it only takes a quick glance to determine what characters like Bakugo and Uraraka are likely to look like.

Froppy, the hero of the rainy season, is one of the most peculiar students. Tsuyu Asui, better known to her classmates as Froppy, is another exceptional student.

Because of her resemblance to a frog, several features such as her eyes, tongue and hands are made larger and more prominent, giving her a rather cute appearance.

She has always been in the spotlight, but there are some details about her that even a dedicated fan might overlook. She has quickly become a fan favourite, despite her surprisingly mature and honest personality. Check out our My Hero Academia Fanny Pack and My Hero Academia Tote Bags in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

10) Strong Moral Compass


Despite his young age, Tsuyu already has a strong moral compass and a better understanding of these issues than the other children.

This is particularly evident when the other children become angry because they have to look for Bakugo – which makes perfect sense, given their lack of experience with real threats and their desire to defend their friend.

Even though they claim that they will be no worse than the bad guys, Tsuyu refuses to budge, scolding them that if they bend the rules to do what they want, regardless of their personal logic, they will be no better than the bad guys.

9) Design Downbeat


Tsuyu’s optimism is not as obvious as that of the other characters, but his ability to keep a cool and logical head in the most serious situations is another form of optimism. Originally, his personality was meant to be more pessimistic; his name, “rainy season”, better characterized his appearance.

It is also interesting to note that his original design made him appear considerably more human, and it is hard to imagine him without all his physical frog transformations.

8) Specificities Of The Alter by Tsuyu Asui


In the anime, Tsuyu is said to be “able to do anything a frog can do”, but it’s not really specific as to how her alter works. There are clear talents, such as her ability to jump like a frog and extend her tongue, which she inherited from her mother.

Her ability to secrete mucus, which can cause itching, mask odours and even induce paralysis, goes almost unnoticed compared to her main feature. Another disadvantage of its abilities that is not portrayed is the fact that, because it is so similar to a frog, it will eventually hibernate if exposed to an extremely harsh climate for too long.

7) Official statistics


Thanks to the official Ultra Analysis book, people no longer have to guess a character’s strength in various areas by looking at them. However, these are not books that all fans will have gotten their hands on and read, so many viewers may still be unaware of Tsuyu Asui’s true abilities.

She has a reliability rating of six out of six, making her the ideal reliable companion. Her technique and skill are both well above average, with a speed of four and power of three.

6) The Family of Tsuyu Asui


Despite the fact that it seems like a simple notion, Tsuyu’s family is not really represented in the main series. It only appears in the second OVA of the series, which accompanies volume 14, and the animation team that worked on it was also responsible for Two Heroes.

The names of Tsuyu’s father, mother, sister and brother are all represented by Ganma, Beru, Satsuki and Samidare. Tsuyu has a similar appearance to her mother, but her face is not as large.

5) Gender-Swap Concept


It is hard to imagine Tsuyu as anything other than a reliable older sister, but she was originally conceived as a male character. The only reason she became a woman is because the author felt that the 1-A class was lacking in women and so changed her to be added to that list.

Toru Hagakure, the undetectable girl, was originally intended to be a man and was changed due to the lack of female characters.

4) Overlapping Names and Aliases


When everyone meets to choose the name of their mythical hero, Tsuyu chooses the one she has had in mind since middle school: Froppy, the hero of the rainy season. While everyone who has seen the anime knows him well, what is less well known is the connection between his real name and his heroic nickname.

The kanji for “rainy season” written together form Tsuyu’s first name. It is not certain that Tsuyu is aware of this, but her hero name may have been inspired by the fact that she loves the rainy season.

3) Hidden Intelligence


It’s not like the show is trying to hide the fact that Tsuyu is really smart – after all, she’s a brilliant strategist, able to keep her cool and come up with solid strategies in an instant.

It’s not as if the programme demonstrates her intelligence on characters like Momo, who is known to have a superior intellect.

Tsuyu isn’t far behind, though, as she finished sixth out of twenty at the halfway point of the class. This is remarkable considering that only exceptionally gifted prodigies like Todoroki and Bakugo surpass her, as well as the very studious Momo and Ida.

2) Surprisingly Popular


Tsuyu is one of the most distinctive characters in the series, which generally indicates that she has a devoted following. She is, however, surprisingly high in official popularity polls before the series progresses several seasons and other characters are introduced.

Uraraka was one of the most popular heroines in Japan, more so than Izuku Midoriya. She also ranked sixth and ninth in the first two Japanese polls, and was even more popular in the West, finishing second to the titular Izuku Midoriya in the first American poll.

1) Family importance


It’s hard not to think of Izuku and Uraraka’s parents when discussing characters like them. After all, Izuku’s mother has always been there for him, offering support and worrying about his safety, and the main reason Uraraka became a hero was because she could help her parents make their lives easier.

Tsuyu’s family, while not as damaged as the aforementioned pair, is more important to her than anything. She had to be a housekeeper for two younger siblings while she was still very young, but this is never a cause for complaint for her.

She tries to keep in touch with her siblings via video chat after having to live on campus. Find our My Hero Academia Bracelets and My Hero Academia Necklaces in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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