Top 10 Facts About Shigaraki Tomura

Top 10 Facts About Shigaraki Tomura

My Hero Academia features some of the most extraordinary heroes in fiction, but fans would be ill-advised to overlook the diversity of the series’ antagonists.

Since the beginning of My Hero Academia, Shigaraki Tomura and his ilk have been terrorizing the young heroes. But how did Shigaraki become the antagonist that the audience discovered in the series? What made him take this dark path that could destroy the whole society? Let’s take a closer look. Spoilers for the next anime and manga are coming soon. Find our My Hero Academia Sony Cases as well as our My Hero Academia Airpod Cases on our online store with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

10) It is linked to a One For All user


Shigarki Tomura was originally Tenko Shimura, a fact that few people (including All Might and All For One) are aware of.

Fans may recall that the hero’s last name, Nana Shimura, was also the title of a manga written by Ryōsuke Shimura in which he featured robot heroes.

In fact, All For One chose Tenko Shimura to champion its cause because it knew how devastating it would be for All Might to be forced to fight the family of the woman who had given it everything.

9) He is a victim of abuse


Because after giving birth to Tenko’s father, Nana Shimura abandoned him to spare him the consequences of being the child of a hero, so many people are unaware of Shigaraki’s true origin.

His father grew up despising heroes, seeing them as individuals who abandon their own families to help strangers.

The desire for revenge is something that Tenko’s father will never let go of, and after becoming a father, he will start to beat Tenko.

8) He Killed All His Family


Tenko is a little boy whose father neglected him for years and years while the rest of his family did nothing. After many years of abuse from his father, young Tenko finally gets his revenge.

After his weirdness became apparent, Tenko and the rest of his family were caught off guard by the boy’s power. Tenko killed his entire family when he was unable to control his power or even understand what was going on until it was too late. The boy’s father, mother, maternal grandparents and sister were all killed by him.

7) Tenko Shimura No More


After young Tenko destroyed his entire family, he was devastated when the death of someone close to him exposed him to a catastrophe he had no desire to cause. Fortunately for him and unfortunately for the rest of the world, All For One would locate and train the young boy during this time.

If heroes had been there to help the boy, things might have turned out completely differently for him. However, it was All For One who discovered him and gave him his new name, Tomura Shigaraki.

6) Keeping Your Family Within Reach


Although his family had been totally destroyed, Tomura had eliminated all aspects of their bodies except for their hands. The Almighty would then adorn the little boy with the sins of his predecessors in order to accomplish his great purpose.

He had only one hand left, which his father used to cover his face. The rest of his body was adorned with the hands of two unidentified thugs and other family members. Tomura claimed that wearing the hands disgusted him and kept him collected.

5) Japan's Most Wanted


In the world of My Hero Academia, there is an abundance of villains. When almost everyone has a quirk, it’s almost impossible to avoid a few bad guys here and there.

After his capture, All for One was once the most wanted criminal in all of Japan (and possibly the world) after his protégé, Shigaraki, became the number one villain in the country.

There are plenty of street-level villains who run businesses and steal purses, but Shigaraki has made it his life’s work to trample on the institutions that heroes are supposed to protect. This fact makes him all the more deadly in the eyes of the heroes and Japan.

4) His Caprice: The Decomposition


Shigaraki’s abilities are the result of a strange quirk. Decomposition, Shigaraki’s power, allows him to disintegrate everything he touches with his five fingers. It is the power that takes away everything that is dear to him and any possibility of future happiness.

If Shigaraki’s strange characteristic is at all capable and devastating to anyone who comes in contact with him, it must at least make his life difficult.

Since there is no off switch for his weirdness, he has to be careful with everything he holds. Shigaraki’s phones and dishes are all at risk, as well as other objects he might have to handle.

3) Improved durability and strength


Shigaraki’s special feature, however, is not only his ability to dissolve everything he touches, it is also his strength and resilience.

When the League of Villains kidnaps Katsuki Bakugo, a furious explosion occurs in front of Shigaraki, who barely seems to notice.

Despite having an arm around Deku’s throat, the monster seems unable to break free of his grip. And yes, he was most likely trying to avoid turning on Shigaraki’s strangeness, but with One For All, he could have easily escaped.

2) Awakening His Weirdness


Although specific criteria must be met for Shigaraki’s quirk to become active, everything is changed for him later in the series.

Shigaraki lost three of his fingers while fighting Re-Destro, the leader of the Meta Liberation Army, during the MLA arc. It was thought that he would be unable to use his quirk with this hand because of this.

Shigaraki, on the other hand, is able to activate and use his quirk even though he only has two fingers on this hand. However, the effectiveness of his quirk has been greatly reduced.

1) It is based on a character from Horikoshi's first one-shot


For Shigaraki, Horikoshi came from a much more personal place than most mangaka. From American comics to manga to movies to anime, for him, Horikoshi drew from all of popular culture.

Horikoshi’s inspiration for Shigaraki was his first one-shot, Tenko, which served as the basis for his main antagonist. He was a young boy who could turn everything he touched with his bare hands into dust. This young boy had a mission to destroy all the swords in the world, just like Shigaraki tries to eradicate the heroes. Find our My Hero Academia Popsockets as well as our My Hero Academia Shirts on our online store with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

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