TOP 10 Facts About Rumi Usagiyama

TOP 10 Facts About Rumi Usagiyama

Mirko is a relatively new character in the universe of My Hero Academia; she made her debut to readers of the manga in 2018, but her anime debut did not take place until March 2020. It is, of course, only a blurred appearance on the screen; but she has already made a great impact on fans of the series favor of the public, became a fairly popular character that people only want to see more and more. Find our My Hero Academia Winter Gloves and My Hero Academia Pants on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

Here are 10 things you may not know about Mirko

From her blood type to her strange namesake. People who don’t read the manga My Hero Academia should know that this list contains minor spoilers about events that haven’t happened in the anime (at least not yet).

10) She Is Blood Type O


For people who are looking for facts about the various protagonists of the My Hero Academia universe, the official character books are usually a good source. Horikoshi wrote the books and they form a very great complement to the manga/anime.

The sequel, published in 2019, contains some interesting information about Mirko, including the fact that she is having sex. According to the blood type theory of personality, individuals with O blood tend to be confident in themselves, ambitious, strong-willed and athletic – all of these characteristics fire Mirko very well.

9) She was born in Hiroshima, Japan


Another detail revealed in the official character books is Mirko’s birthplace in Hiroshima, Japan. Hiroshima is mostly known for its atrocities during World War II, but it is still one of the cultural and historical cities full of monuments.

Mirko is the only known My Hero Academia character to be born in Hiroshima.

8) She is 27 years old


When Mirko made her debut in Chapter 184 of the My Hero Academia manga (released in May 2018), she was 26 years old.

This would make her about 27 years old the last time she appears in the current Paranormal Liberation War arc.

7) She has a very similar design to another anime character


Mirko has had a whirlwind start to his career, which has not failed to impress eagle-eyed anime fans at all. The character from Dragon Cry, which was released in Japanese theaters in May 2017 – a year before Mirko’s manga arrived – also bore a remarkable resemblance to Swan from the second Fairy Tail movie, Dragon Cry, released in Japan in May 2017.

Both have dark skin, white hair, and designs reminiscent of rabbits; they are also very powerful and flexible fighters.

6) Her Character Concept is inspired by East Asian Folklore


The “Moon Rabbit” is a character of Asian folklore born from the thesis that some marks on the surface of the moon were in fact a large rabbit.

The crescent moon in Mirko’s hero costume could be a reference to the phenomenon, like the character’s supermove “Luna Ring,” which was named by Japanese engineers to harness the moon’s solar energy.

5) She Has The Same Birthday As Another Pro Hero


March 1 is not the only character in the My Hero Academia universe to be born on March 1.

The hero of the manga Tatsuyuki Tokoname (Slidin ‘Go), famous for his role in the Meta Liberation Army arc, is the same age. The most notable difference is that he is twice as old as el on – exactly ten years.

4) She Is The First Professional Heroine To Work Solo


He also talks to Mirko, the movie shooer, and advises her not to form any more teams because they would be “fragile.” However, she seems to be quite alone in her belief – at least among the characters in My Hero Academia.

There are no other Pro Heroes who are known to do their work alone. Mirko works solo, which is a testament to her strength in a world already populated by superheroes.

3) His Hero Name Comes From an MMA Fighter


Mirko Cro Cop, MMA professional and K-1 World Grand Prix 2012 Mirko Cro Cop, like my hero “Academia”, is known for his extraordinary leg kicks.

Mirko Horikoshi is a big fan of K-1 MMA. In fact, he’s been tagged as saying, “I laughed a lot while watching…someday I want to see a live fight.” Even more significantly, Mirko’s character bio confirmed that his name was inspired by an MMA fighter.

2) She Is The Top Ranked Female Superhero In Japan


Mirko mha, on the other hand, is the top female hero in terms of rankings (under Endeavour, Hawks, Best Jeanist and Edgeshot), with Mirko mha being ranked 5th in the overall heroes in Japan (under Endeavour, Hawks, Best Jeanist and Edgeshot).

Mirko’s ranking in the top five is remarkable, given that all the heroes in the previous list were men, and her debut is hopefully just the beginning of an increase in the number of strong female characters featured in the series.

1) She Rises in the Heroes Ranking


While no one knows what Mirko’s previous ranking was because of her first appearances when a new top 10 was announced, what people are saying is that she couldn’t have been higher than seventh last time. That could only mean she moved up at least two spots in the rankings.

Given her fearless efforts during the Witch Wars, it’s likely that she’ll continue to climb the ranks in the future. Find our My Hero Academia Socks and My Hero Academia Shoes in our online store along with our collections of apparel featuring your favorite heroes.

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