TOP 10 Facts About Ochaco Uraraka

TOP 10 Facts About Ochaco Uraraka

My Hero Academia is an anime that follows the life of Izuku Midoriya, a young boy who begins his school career in Japan’s top heroic high school in order to one day become a true superhero. Although he was born without any quirks, Izuku begins his career after the great hero All Might gives him One For All. He met many new classmates who wanted to become heroes, including Ochaco Uraraka, the weightless girl.

Although Ochaco is not the best student in the 1-A hero class, her potential is evident just by attending AU. She develops quickly as a superhero and never leaves the frame, just like her friend Izuku. So what are the most important things to know about this young hero in training? Check out our MY HERO ACADEMIA FIGURES and MY HERO ACADEMIA PHONE CASES in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

10) Modest Origins


They are the parents of Ochaco Uraraka, who is shown in the picture. Ochaco’s personal journey, similar to that of some important characters in My Hero Academia, is discussed in depth. While Shoto struggled with her tyrannical father, Ochaco got along well with her parents and they were very proud of her.

But the Uraraka family is just getting by, as they cannot afford paid work in the construction industry. Ochaco does not have a smartphone like her classmates, and it seems that her family does not use an air conditioner during the summer.

9) Breadwinner Girl


Let’s talk more about Ochaco’s family. Ochaco has two motivations for enrolling in university and becoming an ordinary superhero. One is to save people and become a symbol of hope, while the other is to provide financial support for his family. Heroes get paid when they work, so Ochaco is looking forward to their arrival.

Be aware, however, that if you buy a luxury car with your bonus money, it won’t make sense! She aspires to give back to her family by distributing her earnings directly. Her mother and father are clearly not ready to embark on a career as a superhero, so Ochaco has decided to do it for her.

8) It Is Healthy


Ochaco has a good personality, unlike Katsuki Bakugo or Neito Monoma. Not only is Ochaco a kind and cooperative person (great qualities for a hero), but she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

Overall, Ochaco has shown herself to be above gossip or juvenile mockery, and she will never put a friend down or abandon them in need. She is there for any problem, big or small, as a friend. It was Ochaco who greeted Izuku enthusiastically on the first day (and revealed her quirkiness).

7) Its Competitive Side


Don’t think that Ochaco’s gentle demeanour and sickly glee make her an easy prey in battle! She is behind many of her comrades when it comes to duelling, but she gives everything she has to become a great hero and prove her worth.

Ochaco is a fantastic example of bravery and courage. When she faced Bakugo, she showed tremendous tenacity, pushing him away. She also devised an ingenious battle strategy to lift all the debris from Bakugo’s assaults and create a meteor shower. Ochaco’s defeat was difficult for her, but her competitive spirit remained intact.

6) It Can Stand Alone


Ochaco is an impressive hero-in-training, not only because of her power, but also because she is a team player as well as a solo fighter. Ochaco likes to fight alongside her friends, but she doesn’t have to, which is important because she was forced to compete in the Blood Sports Festival.

In action series, secondary characters (often women) who are alone or otherwise vulnerable fall apart. Not Ochaco, who is far more robust than that. Alone, she developed a strategy that almost succeeded against the invincible Katsuki Bakugo, and don’t get me started on the time she beat Himiko Toga with a technique Gunhead taught her.

5) A Part Of The Team


Now let’s look at the other side of the coin. Ochaco is tough, but she is not vain or reckless enough to go into battle alone as Shoto and Bakugo frequently do. Even seasoned experts usually operate in ad hoc teams.

Ochaco has a high level of cooperation, like Izuku. He didn’t mind Izuku being a major target during the cavalry battle and was pleased with his offer. Ochaco also makes excellent use of her weightlessness ability as a combat support quirk, or to help with rubble removal and rescue of trapped people. She’s on your side!

4) She becomes jealous


Ochaco, like his classmates, is only human. It’s not for nothing that it’s called “Academia”, and the school has its share of pranks. Ochaco and Izuku are best friends (in a good way).

When Ochaco has to share Izuku’s attention with someone else, like Mei Hatsume, she becomes defensive. Izuku needs help controlling her weirdness, and Mei provided her with good material while stroking her body a bit (Ochaco was not amused). She gets irritated when Izuku attributes the success of Ochaco’s cavalry team to Mei’s inventions rather than taking credit for it. Isn’t it time to give her some respect?

3) She must have been Mt. Lady


My Hero Academia, like any other work of fiction, underwent some changes and adjustments throughout the production phase. Early conceptual illustrations of the main character, including Ochaco, are numerous. Originally, she was to be known as Yu Takeyama, a young woman with a strange quirk that could become great because of her uniqueness.

This character eventually became the pro hero Mount Lady, and is one of the first heroes we meet, along with Kamui Woods. According to the author, it would have been a major problem to continue drawing a main character who changes size so dramatically. When Ochaco is weightless, we prefer him.

2) Melee training


It has already been said that Ochaco was trained by the professional hero Gun Head (photo). There is a reason for this: after his defeat at the AU sports festival, Ochaco decided to remedy one of his shortcomings: hand-to-hand combat.

Ochaco was a good student who turned into a whole new type of hero after her training at Gun Head. That’s why she almost managed to escape from the evil Himiko Toga, and we’re sure Ochaco will soon use these skills to get out of another tough situation.

1) It is not different from Himiko Toga


During the forest training tale, Ochaco and Tsuyu faced Himiko Toga, an acrobatic girl with a vampire and shapeshifting gift who had outwitted them. Toga overpowered Tsuyu, and she fought Ochaco to a standstill. Meanwhile, Himiko made some remarks.

But, according to Ochaco, they are not so different after all! They both have someone they love and admire, and their devotion to emulating that person motivates them to try. However, while Himiko is a monster who aspires to be like Stain, Ochaco is a hero who occasionally follows in the footsteps of Izuku Midoriya. Izuku’s bravery inspired Ochaco more than once, and she often wondered what he would do if things got tough. “You’re a woman in love, just like me,” Himiko said, and she was right. Find our My Hero Academia Shirts and My Hero Academia Hoodies in our online shop with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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