TOP 10 Facts About Minoru Mineta

TOP 10 Facts About Minoru Mineta

Minoru Mineta, the smallest student in class 1-A, is well known for his craziness. He is the smallest child in his class, and has a unique hairstyle that consists of four large black and purple Pop Off orbs sticking out. This little devil has had a difficult existence in terms of popularity. The simple but foolish desire to impress women drives him to become a Pro-Hero! Mineta is not afraid to express his rather twisted sense of humour. His favourite aspect of MHA, which is populated by heroes and villains, needless to say. Find our My Hero Academia Stickers and My Hero Academia Plushies in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

1. He ogles women a lot


Mineta is likely to make others uncomfortable. He is willing to make any woman unhappy, even if she has to put up with it. Whether he gets beaten up or chased away, Mineta usually gets what he deserves, which makes him rather uncharismatic and undesirable. This is ironic, because it is precisely what he wants most.

2. Its popularity is declining


Mineta’s behaviour, on the other hand, does not seem to appeal to hardcore MHA fans, who prefer other, mostly female, characters. In the first three popularity polls in Japan, Mineta was ranked 18th, 31st and 45th respectively. In any case, Mineta continues to do so.

3. Its quirkiness, Pop Off


Mineta’s Quirk is unique in that it is extremely situational and depends on the skills of the user. Minoru, for example, can create Pop Off spheres on his head that are difficult to remove and even more difficult to avoid. He has the ability to rip these Pop Off spheres off his head and throw them away, causing new spheres to grow in their place. The adhesive quality of these Pop Off spheres is quite powerful.

He has shown time and time again that this is no laughing matter. When he activates Grape Rush on Midnight during the first quarters, for example. There is, however, a negative consequence to his actions. His scalp starts to bleed if he tries too hard. This is not something you want to see happen in a big fight between two pro-heroes. Mineta has trained diligently so that when he pulls Pop Off bullets from his head, his scalp bleeds less.

4. Battle with Midnight and Grape Rush


In the last exam of the first term, Mineta performed poorly. He teamed up with Sero and had to face Midnight, whose powerful Sleepwalking Quirk proved to be a difficult opponent. Minoru found himself alone against her as Sero passed out from Midnight’s Quirk, and she won on her own. He is quickly defeated by Midnight, who uses Sero’s tape as a mask to avoid the gas released by her Sleepwalker. His Super Move, Grape Rush, makes its debut here. He uses Grape Rush against Midnight, effectively rendering her immobile; he then escapes the gas range, ensuring his success.

5. Minoru’s Crushes


Mineta is fascinated by all the women who come to him, but he has a particular interest in two of them. These are Tsuyu and Momo. Minoru is unable to take his eyes off Momo throughout the many storylines, and he spends a lot of time with Tsuyu. He is clearly attracted to them, but due to his juvenile and disgusting behavior, he cannot invite them into his camp. Tsuyu and Momo are always ready to take revenge for Minoru’s misdeeds.

Mineta is incredibly intelligent and a team player


Mineta is much more intelligent than his classmates think! In the class as a whole, he has one of the highest intelligence scores, a perfect 5/5! Mineta excels in collaboration, with a 4/5 for technique and teamwork! During the Villain League attack on Midoriya and Tsuyu, he helps them escape.

7. Its heroic behaviour is resistant to gluing


Minoru has designed his costume to be completely bond-resistant thanks to his Quirk. A face mask extends from a purple suit that covers his entire body, including his limbs. In addition, his gloves are constructed from a material derived from his scalp, allowing him to remove his Pop Off balls more easily.

8. His history


Mineta’s story has not been revealed so far, but what we do know is intriguing. Mineta didn’t have a chance with anyone when he was young because he was the smallest of the kids. His real reason for wanting to become a hero comes from his desire to be as cool as All Might and to respect Midoriya.

9. Its simple but powerful engine


It is extremely difficult for guys in their twenties to be unlucky with women, but Mineta had virtually no popularity in his youth. Mineta’s journey to becoming a Pro-Hero is based on the fundamental belief that he will be cool, famous, and perhaps even considered a potential catch by the women around him. This desire to be popular may seem irrelevant to some people, but Mineta is clearly pushed to the limit and beyond, as evidenced by his many attempts to gain popularity.

10. Its initial concept


Mineta’s original design, like the one above, included a grape-shaped stem on his head! When he takes off his Pop-Off balls, this could be a problem for him. Hilariously, his shoes were almost identical to Izuku Midoriya’s. We all know how things turned out afterwards; he was given a more basic but distinct appearance from her. Check out our My Hero Academia Pillowcase and My Hero Academia Body Pillow Covers in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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