TOP 10 Facts About Melissa Shield

TOP 10 Facts About Melissa Shield

My Hero Academia’s most memorable characters have incredible alters that allow them to wreak havoc or perform amazing Olympic tasks that continue to surprise even the most experienced anime aficionados. However, in a world where many individuals are created without Quirks or with mediocre Quirks, there are other characters who have developed methods to make their mark differently.

Melissa Shield, for example, was one of the main characters in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. She’s not necessarily the most powerful woman in the world, but she’s certainly one of the brightest, and there are a few facts about her that any My Hero Academia fan should know in case she appears in the series at some point. Find our My Hero Academia Sweaters and My Hero Academia Jackets in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

10) How old is Melissa Shield?


At first glance, Melissa Shield’s maturity seems to be higher than that of the other first-year students at UA. This seems to be the case.

Melissa Shield is a teenager when our story begins. This means that she seems to be two years older than our hero and his friends!

9) Who is His Father?


Melissa Shield is the daughter of Professor David Shield, who was All Might’s former sidekick during his time in America and is now a scientist who creates sought-after support items for the heroes.

The true depth of this storyline may be revealed in the next sequence, which will take place at the beginning of season 2. Bendy Fingers is his alter ego.


Given that David Shield and All Might are very close friends, it is likely that Melissa met All Might in person several times before Two Heroes, even though the two live on different continents.

She calls him “Uncle Might”, which indicates how close she has become to the world’s greatest hero, which makes perfect sense since her father was instrumental in All Might’s heroic career.

7) Where does she live?


Melissa is from I-Island, a mobile artificial island where thousands of scientists reside and study the Alters, as does her father, who develops technology to help heroes better use their abilities.

Since she was undoubtedly born and raised there, she has been able to absorb an enormous amount of information because she is constantly surrounded by geniuses.

6) Does she have an Alter?


She had no Quirks, like her father, and although she had an Alter in the world of My Hero Academia, she was one of those unfortunate ones born without Quirks.

However, having such a poor father may have made any Alter she might have been born with unworthy of mention.

5) Is she at school?


Although Melissa cannot attend a school like UA High due to her lack of Alter (or physical ability), she is in fact a third grader at I-Island Academy, an institution that specializes in teaching students who will become the scientists of the future.

She started her first year at the age of eleven, and in her third year she was given her own private laboratory where she could store many of her discoveries and research.

4) Who / Where is His Mother?


Melissa’s mother is never mentioned throughout My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. Her whereabouts, on the other hand, are unknown. As Melissa was born Quirkless, it is almost certain that her mother was too.

Let’s just hope that Melissa appears in the main series, where she might meet her mother while walking around the island.

3) Does Melissa Know The Truth About One For All?


It could be inferred from All Might’s behaviour and full knowledge of her abilities that Melissa did not connect Midoriya to All Might’s connection. Although she understood that Midoriya and All Might shared an identical alter, as she gave him the Full Gauntlet, which was designed for All Might, she did not realise that they had the same alter.

She doesn’t even notice All Might’s true form at the end of the film, which means she doesn’t understand his condition or that he gave Midoriya One For All to prevent the power from dying out with him. It is only a matter of time before she is convinced of the existence of Midoriya and All Might and the One For All connection between them.

2) Did it appear in the main series?


In “Save the World with Love”, a special episode, Melissa Shield’s only appearance in the primary series is in this episode of season 3. After some of the 1-A students fail an unusual class in the third episode of this season, All Might receives an email from Melissa Shield. She invites him to I-Expo on I-Island to meet David Shield after several years of not seeing each other.

The reading was done in Melissa’s voice, as she observed I-Island while walking around to give fans a glimpse of what they can expect from Two Heroes.

1) What Inventions Did She Really Make?


The next chapter is entitled “Discovering Heroes” and features Midoriya visiting the Lab, where he meets a new character named Melissa, who shows him her lab. The only thing fans are allowed to see in this area is the Full Gauntlet, an armband she designed after seeing All Might that allows her to use a Detroit Smash at full power without getting hurt when worn.

Although the supporting element collapsed in the final moments of the film, it is conceivable that Melissa could develop a stronger full gauntlet capable of withstanding even greater Detroit Smashes in the near future. Find our My Hero Academia Pajamas and My Hero Academia Tank Top in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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