TOP 10 Facts About Kyoka Jiro

TOP 10 Facts About Kyoka Jiro

Kyoka Jiro is an A-level student at UA High School. Like Midoriya and all the students in his class, Kyoka aspires to become a professional hero upon graduation. Jiro has the potential to become a powerful hero one day, as one of the members of this younger generation.

Jiro, like many others, has not been as prominent in the series, there are things that only a few people have discovered. Here is a list of 10 lesser known information about Kyoka Jiro from My Hero Academia that probably wouldn’t have piqued your interest. Find our My Hero Academia Popsockets and My Hero Academia Shirts on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

10) His Hero Name


Kyoka Jiro has a personal hero name like other aspiring heroes. Kyoka Jiro does not have a nickname, but his hero name is the same as his life summary. Like all other would-be heroes, Midoriya is known as Deku, for example.

Jiro’s hero is named after his alter, Earphone Jack, and she is known as Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack. She gives chills not only to her enemies, but also to her mother’s alter, in which she strongly believes.

9) Her Fighting Style


As a hero, Jiro must have his own fighting style and over the years he has created a specific style that allows him to illuminate the most. Even so, Jiro may not be experienced in facing enemies one on one but she is an excellent support character.

Jiro, the medium-range support fighter, is a lone warrior because that’s when her light dominates all other moments. Jiro fights to ensure that she makes full use of her talents, which means that she is usually escorted by someone capable of commanding from the front.

8) Her personality


Jiro, on the other hand, presents an unusual duality. On the one hand, she is considered one of the most devious students at AU, who likes to joke around and punish others if necessary. On the other hand, she has seen people get along with those they love without difficulty sometimes.

Jiro is one of the most entertaining and interesting characters in the My Hero Academia series, always seen as someone emOTIONS, either friendly or condescending.

7) Her talent


Kyoka, on the other hand, showed no interest in becoming a hero and only started music as a hobby. Although she enrolled in a hero course, she excelled in many other talents, such as being an exceptional musician. Around a few instruments, Jiro was able to find her way thanks to her parents.

At first, she was afraid to present her skills for the same reason that she was not related to her hero class. However, after the events of the My Hero Academia Cultural Festival Arc, it seems that she has grown up.

6) Her Combat Capabilities


Jiro’s alter, known as Earphone Jack, is more than capable of defeating powerful enemies. Jiro’s powers allow her to send vibrations into her enemies’ bodies to neutralize and sometimes even defeat them. As said before, Jiro is best at fighting from a distance, which is why she prefers to be accompanied by someone.

Jiro is not only skilled with a sword, he is also good with a sword. Kyoka Jiro was seen fighting invaders with a sword built by Yaoyorozu Momo for her, using the alter of creation, during the USJ arc.

5) Her movements


Jiro didn’t pay as much attention to the other characters we met in My Hero Academia. Because of this, we have hardly ever seen her in action. So far, Jiro has only revealed two of her techniques. The first is called Headbutt Fuzz and allows Jiro to channel his heartbeat to the ground while amplifying it, causing cracks in the ground.

The second technique, known as Heartbeat Surround, is activated when his machine moves towards his enemies, which channels his loud heart cries and reduces them.

4) Her statistics


Jiro has impressive statistics compared to her classmates. Although she is not near the top, she is by no means at the bottom. So far, Jiro has managed to score a 3/6 in speed and power, proving that she is not bad in either area.

In method and finesse, Jiro has an impressive 4/6, which would suggest that she fights intelligently. She also has a 5/6 in No Music No Life, complementing her penchant for the music lover.

3) Her name


Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of My Hero Academia, is a very brilliant man when it comes to naming his characters. Jiro is an exception in this regard. His name alludes to the location of the earpiece Jack, whose Kanji means “ear”.

In addition, he includes the kanji for sound/reverb, which is a clear indication of his functionality. Horikoshi has rendered an excellent Jiro in Jiro, and there is no doubt that this is the ideal name for it.

2) Her popularity


Jiro’s appeal among manga readers has fluctuated. Jiro was 16th in the first survey, but dropped to seventh place in the second. In the third popularity survey, Jiro dropped into the top twenty, ranking as the 22nd most popular character in the series.

Kyoka Jiro’s position in the recent fourth popularity survey for My Hero Academia did not improve. She has dropped from 22nd to 21st place. However, this is largely due to her lack of activity.

1) Her Mid-Term Notes


Kyoka Jiro’s second half course grades were excellent, if not perfect. Kyoka Jaro maintained a decent grade of B7 according to the official date we have on her. She finished 7th in the mid-season of Class 1A, which is pretty amazing and shows that she is one of the brightest characters in My Hero Academia.

Regardless of her current position, the series is doing well. Although she is no longer in the top five, she has certainly accomplished more than enough and will no doubt be better in the future of the series. Without a doubt, Jiro will have been a wonderful hero by the end of My Hero Academia. Find our My Hero Academia Hoodies and My Hero Academia Sweaters on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

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