TOP 10 Facts About Keigo Takami

TOP 10 Facts About Keigo Takami

The My Hero Academia franchise, which takes place in a world where 80% of the population has supernatural abilities known as Quirks, contains several interesting characters with distinct personalities, such as Pro Hero Hawks.

Although manga readers have been fans of him for a long time, fans of the anime series have only known him for a short time and therefore may not know much about his personality. In fact, the vast majority of those who claim to be the biggest fans of My Hero Academia don’t even know some of these facts about Hawks – here are some examples. Find our My Hero Academia Stickers and My Hero Academia Plushies in our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

10) He Holds The Record For The Youngest Pro Top 10 Hero


The Hawks is one of the most ambitious professional heroes in the business – his battle cry might as well be “with the old and with the new.” He started his own hero agency at age 18, and debuted on Billboard’s Professional Heroes chart the same year. A few years later, when Voyager was launched, he took second place, behind only Endeavour.

He still has a long way to go if he wants to reach #1, but with his speed, it seems that seeing #1 as a minor step to becoming the best is something he wants.

9) He is a Capricorn


Capricorn is the birth sign of Hawks, who was born on December 28.

Hawks does not fit the characteristics of Capricorn, as he is neither serious nor respectful of tradition. He is much less serious than the other Pro heroes, and he prefers to break the cycle and establish his own customs rather than follow a boring loop.

8) He is AB Sanguine


Hawks has blood type B. This may seem like irrelevant or unimportant information for Horikoshi to provide, but it is popular in Japan that a person’s blood type influences their personality characteristics.

Hawks, for example, embodies the qualities of people with blood type B, who are creative and free spirits who are not afraid to express their opinions or follow their own path. Hawks embodies these characteristics to the letter.

7) He is the highest ranked professional hero who was not a college student


However, his origin is much more unusual. He was conceived in a laboratory after his mother absorbed the spirit of an advanced alien species that wanted to destroy humanity.

Instead of sending him to a school like AU, the Hero Public Safety Commission decided to train him themselves, which is why Hawks rose to the top of the ranks so quickly after becoming a pro-hero.

6) His Favorite Food Is Chicken


Hawks is perhaps the most appropriate character in My Hero Academia, since he apparently prefers chicken and is a fan of cold Soba. Deku likes Katsudon, Todoroki likes cold Soba, and Uraraka loves Chicken Shashimi.

Of course, this may be a reference to his more avian characteristics, as some birds, like eagles, have been seen eating other birds. Falcons (birds) usually feed on small mammals such as mice or rabbits, but they may occasionally eat other animals.

5) His English Dubber Also Voices Another MHA Character


Zeno Robinson, the voice of Hawks in the English localization of My Hero Academia, also lends his voice to another character – the deadly Yakuza Deidoro Sakaki, one of the eight bullets in Shie Hassaikai. Deidoro’s alter, Sloshed, forces those around him to act sloppy, stagger and generally lose their balance.

4) He was an Endeavour fan from a young age


Endeavour is a hero to Hawks, and has been since childhood – this is mentioned several times in the manga and illustrated when he is shown as a young man holding an Endeavour figure.

Although his thirst for change sometimes makes him a bit critical of the team’s number one hero, Hawks clearly respects his Pro Hero counterpart.

3) Its design is based on one of Horikoshi's older characters


Before My Hero Academia , manga author Kohei Horikoshi had a series called Oumagadoki Zoo , which follows a teenage girl who volunteers at a zoo because of her passion for animals, only to find that the zoo she has chosen is anything but typical.

Professional heroes such as Uwabami and Gang Orca from the Oumagadoki Zoo have made appearances or had full roles in My Hero Academia. Although Hawks is not directly from the previous series, his appearance is based on Takahiro, a white-tailed eagle that appears in the Oumagadoki Zoo.

2) He Is The Second Most Popular Pro Hero In The Series


Weekly Shonen Jump has been conducting regular popularity polls since 2006, when it began conducting them in Japan and the United States.

While many heroes like Bakugo and Midoriya frequently dominate, the Hawks ended up pulling ahead in the 2019 edition. Eraserhead was the only pro hero that ranked higher than him.

1) His Story Is Based On The Life Of Lionel Messi


On Honyasan’s smartphone app, an interview with the series’ editor-in-chief, Yoritomi, was published to commemorate the 5th anniversary of My Hero Academia.

After learning about the youth of soccer player Lionel Messi during the World Cup, Yoichiro Yoritomi gave Horikoshi information about Messi’s childhood, which was used to create Hawks. Find our My Hero Academia Pillowcase and My Hero Academia Body Pillow Covers on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

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