Top 10 Facts About Kai Chisaki

Top 10 Facts About Kai Chisaki

Overhaul is a fascinating antagonist in My Hero Academia, and there’s a lot to learn about him. Here are ten facts about him that you may not know. Overhaul, on the other hand, has already made an impression on young heroes and AU fans since his reveal. Shie Hassaikai yakuza, the young head of the crime family, seems to be working towards an unknown goal (for anime fans).

Here’s a list of 10 facts about Overhaul from My Hero Academia that you probably didn’t know. But what exactly does Kai Chisaki intend to accomplish with all his underground machinations? And how did he become the villainous adversary featured in the series? Find our My Hero Academia Keychains and My Hero Academia Wallets in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

10) Mysophobia


Overhaul may be one of the scariest characters in the series so far, but it would be a mistake to say that he is not afraid. Although Overhaul sometimes seems quite rational, cold and composed, he is nevertheless driven by fear. This is particularly present in people suffering from mysophobia.

Mysophobia, or more commonly known as germophobia, has possessed Overhaul to the point of permeating every aspect of his life. From his clothes to his villainous goals, Overhaul is a young man controlled by his anxieties.

9) Ridding The World Of The Disease Called Alters


Overhaul, on the other hand, has far more sinister goals. Overhaul wants to develop a drug that can be used to destroy alters in order to take control of society and use this power to establish the Shie Hassaikai yakuza crime family from its very foundations.

Overhaul, who was ruled by his anxieties, knew he had to do something to eliminate this disease that was creating fake heroes and many mediocre villains after hearing a report that the alters were originally a rodent-to-human disease transfer that mutated into the alters that today’s fans know.

8) Saved From The Streets


Although Overhaul is often seen as an extremely powerful and capable mobster leading his own branch of a Yakuza criminal organisation, he was not always the strong and confident leader that the public encountered.

In reality, Overhaul was simply a young boy living on the streets when he first met the Shie Hassaikai crime family.

However, after the former head of the crime family, Shie Hassaikai, discovered Kai and adopted him, his life began to change for the better.

7) Finding Your Goal


After being inducted into the Shie Hassaikai crime family, Chiskai began to discover his marks and become the vicious young villain he would become.

There was little Chisaki wouldn’t do for the man who had taken him under his wing and spared him a life on the streets back then.

Chisaki wasn’t sure of his position in the family, but he knew he would do anything to restore the Shie Hassaikai crime family to its former glory for the man who had preserved it.

6) Challenging the Big Boss


When Chisaki discovered his mission to restore the Shie Hassaikai crime empire to its former glory, he stopped at nothing to safeguard the honour of the family and the man who had saved him. Unfortunately for everyone involved, this was done in a very sadistic and remorseless way.

Chisaki had decided that his only option to restore the family’s former power was to show how strong he was by using his alter in a wide range of violent and reckless ways.

The boss, on the other hand, did not see this as a solitary method of regaining his authority and asked Chisaki to stop his behaviour. A request that Chisaki refused to comply with.

5) Betraying the Big Boss


Chisaki had already embarked on a much more sinister path than the one the big boss had planned for him, but he remained loyal to the boss. It wasn’t until he learned about the big boss’s granddaughter and her alter that Chisaki was ready to rebel.

He realized that they could generate an alter-destroying vaccine with Eri’s blood, which they could administer to reverse the calamitous decline of the Shie Hassaikai crime family’s reputation.

Chisaki continued to attack the big boss, leaving him in a position before taking control of Eri and Shie Hassaikai.

4) Caprice Sons: Overhaul


Chisaki’s alter, Overhaul, can disassemble and reassemble anything he comes into contact with. This means that if he is fighting an opponent on solid ground, he can simply touch the ground and begin to move it in a way that benefits him in the fight.

Chisaki’s alter ability allows him to break down bodies after only touching them, allowing him to quickly eliminate people. His alter is quite powerful, but Chisaki isn’t done yet.

3) Improved Agility And Sustainability


Overhaul’s ability to rearrange matter into almost any form is not the extent of Chiskai’s power; he can even bring inanimate things to life.

Chisaki, like many characters in My Hero Academia, has special abilities. Chisaki, for example, has amazing speed and reaction time.

He has incredible durability when it comes to withstanding the onslaught of one of his enemies. Mirio Togata’s blows have been able to knock out high-level villains, and he has been able to take many of the latter’s blows. While using a 100% full bonnet, he also resisted Deku’s punches.

2) Fusion


Although he has already been seen (in the anime) hurting a person’s body, he is also capable of doing more than just destroying a physical body.

In fact, Chisaki sometimes uses his alter to blend in with one (or more) of his men during times of intense stress.

Chisaki, despite his appearance, has shown himself capable of using the alterations of the men he has absorbed to enhance his own offensive and defensive abilities. Yuck!

1) Kai The Quirkless


Chiaki’s plan has always been to use Eri’s blood to develop an alter drug that would not only restore the Shie Hassaikai crime family to its former glory, but also make the world a little cleaner in Chisaki’s eyes.

Eventually, Tomura and the League of Villains manage to steal the destructive drug supply from Chisaki’s alter. Mr. Compress and Tomura, however, destroy Chisaki’s arms before it’s all over, leaving him unable to use his alter. Find our My Hero Academia Mouse Pads and My Hero Academia Mugs in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

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