TOP 10 Facts About Izuku Midoriya

TOP 10 Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya, better known as Deku, is more than a protagonist in the shonen genre. Since the beginning of the series, he has undergone several character transformations. He is not just a hero, he is a well thought out shonen protagonist.

Here is a list of the top ten facts about Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia that you didn’t know.

Deku is much more than All-Might’s student, Katsuki Bakugo’s rival, Ochako Uraraka’s crush, or Tomura Shigeta’s one-day worst enemy. It’s a living, breathing drama with many intriguing aspects.

Let’s take a look at five facts you probably didn’t know about Izuku Midoriya, who becomes one of the world’s greatest pro-heroes over the course of the series. Check out our My Hero Academia Thermos and My Hero Academia Alarm Clocks in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

10) Deku was supposed to be an adult


Looking at Deku’s early character design, it becomes clear that he was intended to be an adult from the start, implying that the whole school or My Hero Academia was a last minute addition.

The idea of the school, on the other hand, seems to be very well developed. And yet, it’s only because Horikoshi later decided that a story set in this school would be more compelling than the one-shot manga narrative on which it was based that it appears so solid.

Not only that, but Deku already had prominent hair, as manga artists like to do. Thank you, Sasuke.

9) Deku Has Taken Extreme Measures To Hide His Weirdness


Deku didn’t need to be exposed to his quirk unless it was unavoidable, and All-Might because the Pro-Hero gave him that quirk in the first place.

Deku didn’t acquire the title of One-For-All until after he was in school, and all the official paperwork merely mentioned a generic superpower to avoid drawing attention to the fact that he was the bearer of One-For-All.

Isn’t it a bit strange, though, that you would sell an item for such a low price without providing any details about how much you paid or where you got such a good deal?

8) His Place In Popularity Polls Has Dropped Over Time


When the series first aired, several polls revealed that Deku was the most popular character. While this is true, over time the rankings have changed considerably.

The poll results showed that Deku fell to third place, but as far as we’re concerned, it’s not because Deku isn’t a fantastic shonen protagonist; it’s because the series has so many rich and fascinating characters, and most of the time, one of them is not necessarily the main focus.

7) His nickname does not have the most beautiful origins


Deku, formerly known as Izuku Midoriya was not always Deku, but he proudly bore that name. The term “Deku” was originally a strong insult to Izuku because he had no mannerisms. According to Bakugo, Deku was only good at getting beaten up, so he received it as a gift from her. The nickname “Deku” came from the fact that he called the boy the equivalent of a wooden training puppet.

Eventually he was able to get clarification from Ochako Uraraka, who comforted him and explained that the name reminded him of Dekiru, which means “power to do”, and that he found the power in the name.

6) His Real Name Is Full Of Word Games That Tell His Story


Many anime show a typical pattern in which these names are used as puns to express the qualities of the characters.

But one of them is that, since the hero’s name is Izuku Midoriya, it has become a kind of motto or slogan for the series. The words “Valley” and “Green” are in his name, which implies his colour. His name contains the word “Izu”, which means “It’s time to continue”. It also describes his perseverance and tenacity, as well as his resilience.

5) He Was Supposed To Remain Alterless


Deku was supposed to be quirk-free in the early days of MHA (or before writing, to be more precise).

While this may not make sense in the context of the narrative since nearly 80% of individuals have quirks, we note that this concept was always intended, as Deku began his journey without a quirk and later received perhaps one of the best quirks in the series known as One-For-All.

Fortunately for Deku, All-Might recognized his good nature and hero potential, and he was accepted.

4) He was never really the first of many, perhaps for a reason


Repeatedly in the series, Deku is shown to have poor academic performance. His grades are determined by how well he knows his Quirk, five parts of which have yet to be revealed to the public.

There may be a compelling reason why Deku did not finish first in anything, even though he was in the top four of his class. He probably did everything he could to avoid being noticed, just as Deku’s quirkiness is hidden behind paperwork.

3) He Has The Same Birthday As Ichigo Kurosaki


Bleach’s protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, is an example of this. Like Deku, Ichigo had no quirks before he was forced to become a hero.

In time, he became a fantastic Hollow killer. Deku has also established himself as a Pro-Hero legend. It’s only natural that Deku would celebrate his birthday, even if it was an accident, but we prefer to believe that Horikoshi did it on purpose.

2) His Favourite Dish Is Katsudon


We don’t know much about Deku as a person, given the time we have spent with him. On the one hand, we observe his fights, his encounters with his classmates and his adult heroes, as he interacts with the professionals. However, we didn’t know much except that his favourite meal was a noodle soup dish known as Katsudon, consisting of pork chops with rice, eggs and various sauces that made it excellent and extremely popular.

1) He first appeared in a one-shot comic book


Meanwhile, Izuku Midoriya, a pleasant shop clerk specializing in hero memorabilia, longs for the pipe dream in his head: maybe he can become a hero like his heroes. In the winter issue of Akamaru Jump, published in 2008, a one-shot graphic novel was published that would later become My Hero Academia.

Deku becomes Jack, and he becomes a fantastic young man who still aspires to be a hero. After years of effort, his desires are fulfilled, and he looks back on his training to become who he is now. There are the fans of the series, whom everyone knows and loves. Find our My Hero Academia Puzzles and My Hero Academia Beach Towels in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

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