Top 10 Facts About Hitoshi Shinso

Top 10 Facts About Hitoshi Shinso

Most of the characters in My Hero Academia are teenagers who want to become heroes. Some of them resemble heroes from other fandoms, or even make us think of ourselves as we watch these young people develop and bring hope to others. Shinso Hitoshi is behind all this optimism and dynamism of the characters.

At the back of the show’s cast, the ominous character lurks and watches, preparing to attack whoever he chooses with a useful but terrifying skill – his alter capable of overpowering his enemies with nothing but his voice. Find our My Hero Academia Sweaters and My Hero Academia Jackets in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

10) Impossible To Control Non-Living Things


What about inanimate objects like cars or toys, for example? Shinso’s alter does not affect inanimate things because it needs a reaction to function. Since the alter needs a reaction to activate, it has certain limitations (or would have limitations without this vulnerability).

For now, Shinso will have to deal with this particular flaw in his alter, which has already hindered his performance in the AU entrance exam with machines as opponents.

9) He Was Treated Like A Monster Growing Up


Shinso’s backstory is interesting, though it is barely mentioned in the anime. In his youth, he was forced into a kind of social isolation and labelled as an alternative monster because he was motivated to become a hero; this is notable because most alter egos are celebrated rather than avoided.

However, the fact that he could manipulate others scared those around him and caused him to distance himself from society, which gave him the drive to move forward and show those who were afraid that he was more than a monster capable of regulating others.

8) He is Incredibly Intelligent


It is important to note that Shinso has a good heart. This may go without saying for some, but it is an aspect of his personality that is not emphasised enough. For some inexplicable reason, casual fans have focused more on how Shinso failed the entrance exam, which has distracted from his abilities. However, Shinso may not be the best in combat – although there are certainly worse characters than him. He is a character who takes a huge emotional struggle and applies his high intelligence to employ it in various ways to make his opponents react.

After his opponent realises that Shinso needs a response to activate his other side, he reveals himself to be intelligent.

7) He scored as high as 10th in the Popularity Polls


It is harder for secondary characters like Shinso to gather fan popularity than for central characters. The majority of people form a tiny, concentrated militia of followers, but Shinso has gained a large following and ranks tenth in popularity before dropping to twenty-third place.

The peak of his popularity was reached after the sports festival, with a gradual decline due to the lack of a second major appearance, but the next season about to air looks promising for another big Shinso appearance (thankfully).

6) Shinso Is A Direct Reference To Purple Man


In My Hero Academia, many characters are references to comic book heroes and villains. Some are less direct, but the reference to Marvel’s Purple Man in the case of Shinso practically hits fans in the face. The Purple Man, a character capable of making people surrender simply by speaking, is known to have clashed with heroes like Daredevil, Spider-Man and Jessica Jones.

The only significant difference between him and Shinso is that the Purple Man doesn’t require anyone to talk back to him, but rather handles individuals by simply talking and serves as a chilling illustration of what Shinso could be if he didn’t want to be a hero.

5) Its Name Has Symbolic Meaning


Shinso, for example, is one of many manga and anime characters whose names have a deeper meaning. The character’s last name, Hitoshi, translates as “to control” or “to use” Other translations include “person” and “user”, among others.

His first name is based on a word that means “to help him win” or in other words, “to rig in his favour” As a hero of the setting, Shinso’s name perfectly reflects his skills. The meaning of the name also serves to highlight Shinso’s darker qualities, especially considering that part of his name means “controlling.”

4) Artificial Vocal Strings


In the manga (and most likely in the next season of My Hero Academia), Shinso adds an artificial vocal cord mask to his repertoire. These vocal cords mimic the voices of others, allowing Shinso to use his abilities and only augment the mental games he is already forced to play.

It is not uncommon for AU students to use equipment to enhance their doubles or combat skills, and this mask gives Shinso a significant increase in stealth and overall effectiveness in the field.

3) Cannot Force Anyone To Perform Advanced Functions


This implies that when under his control, Shinso’s slaves can be forced to go or move but not to engage in complex operations.

Sure, Shinso could use them to illuminate his comrades like a zombie, but he couldn’t make his victims talk or execute drawn plans. His power is mostly used to fend off misplaced guards or force someone to become a minor obstacle to those he is fighting.

2) The Alter does not work with a microphone


When Shinso responds after someone has answered him, the victim hears his voice in such a way that it is impossible to refuse his requests. However, when his voice is transmitted through a microphone, it becomes a different type of sound wave, neutralizing his alteration.

Every feature of Shinso’s voice is disrupted, which means that he cannot handle a large crowd as he would like. But, in theory, maybe he could control a large number of people if he yells loud enough?

1) He finds a new mentor


Furthermore, in the manga and possibly in the next season of the anime, Shinso discovers a new mentor. Shota Aizawa is primarily 1A’s teacher, but after the sports tournament, Eraserhead kept his attention on Shinso because he was impressed by the student’s potential.

Then, later still, we see Shinso wearing a scarf similar to Aizawa’s, and it’s great. It may have gone unnoticed by many fans, but the darker, more intense Aizawa is a great match for the equally dark Shinso. Check out our My Hero Academia Pajamas and My Hero Academia Tank Top in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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