TOP 10 Facts About Fumikage Tokoyami

TOP 10 Facts About Fumikage Tokoyami

My Hero Academia is a successful Shonen anime that borrows from Marvel Comics and DC Comics by focusing on a world of superheroes and villains. But this time we will replace Batman and the X-Men with All Might, Endeavour, Best Jeanist and other characters from the series.

The story revolves around Izuku Midoriya, a university student from Australia, and his various classmates. Many of them become Izuku’s close friends. Fumikage Tokoyami stands out in the crowd as one of these students. He has the head of a crow with a beak, and his alter is Dark Shadow, which is a living shadow.

What do newcomers to My Hero Academia need to know about the series’ darkest aspiring hero, UA? Find our My Hero Academia Alarm Clocks and My Hero Academia Puzzles in our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

10) He Wears Punk Clothing


This is the hero costume of Fumikage Tokoyami: a black dress and black boots. It’s rather basic, but it works, and he looks like a priest or a fantastic vampire in this way. Even if we don’t see them all the time, he has more clothes under his robes.

His costume consists of a similar black shirt and loose pants, and a wide belt with utility pockets. It looks like something the Punisher would wear, or even a naked Batman! Fumikage is both practical and fashionable.

9) He Wears A Red Necklace


Fumikage has a bird’s head, that’s obvious. But what about his cherry red neck? It’s not his skin because he has a human body with shoulders and a bird head. You can see a collar around his neck.

It’s a cap that covers everything from his transformation into a bird’s head, and he almost always wears it. It’s a tribute to an inspirational hero, a certain Dark Crystal, he says.

And he’s not the only student in the Hero 1-A class to pay tribute to a beloved figure! Eijiro Kirishima, for example, took his red color and masculinity theme from the professional hero Crimson Riot. And we all know how important All Might is to Izuku.

8) His Head Is Still A Little Human


The Fumikage doesn’t have a feathered head, as one might think: instead, he has all-black hair with perhaps a velvety feel. He is not someone who likes to have his head stroked.

Although Fumikage has a beak, he also has normal human teeth, which allows him to communicate and eat like everyone else rather than pecking seeds (what an image). Eating with chopsticks is easier than using forks and spoons because of his beak, though.

7) He's Small, But Gained Muscle


Fumikage has been accepted as an apprentice to the winged hero Hawks, and he has something exciting to show off. Fumikage is a small 1-A hero who stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and has a lean build.

For a while, that’s all there is to it. He’s put on a lot of muscle fighting for the Hawks, and there’s nothing like working out. When he takes off his cape to show the clothes underneath, that fact becomes more apparent.

6) He Gets Along With Others


Fumikage is a loner in most aspects, but he is not completely alone. This young man is far from being a bitter or weary person; on the contrary, he is very collaborative and believes in working together.

Does he wear a blindfold? Despite the dangers, he joined Izuku’s cavalry team, and his alter Dark Shadow helped the team win. He also thanked his teammates for making such efforts. This is exactly what we are aiming for!

5) He Takes Things Seriously


Fumikage, on the other hand, is anything but a sociable creature. He is serious about what he says and doesn’t get caught up in people’s gossip or jokes. Even if someone is acting stupid or annoying, he will simply ignore them, no matter how much he tries to involve them.

Overall, it is obvious that Fumikage takes his studies and personal development seriously, and he must be a hard worker. His grades are below average, but he persists, and no amount of frat parties will distract him from his goal!

4) It Has Alter Control Problems


During the jungle training sequence, when the bad guys attack, Izuku has trouble controlling and using One For All. When Yuga Aoyama, who also suffers from an alternate personality, sympathizes with him, it becomes obvious how much it changes things.

Let’s add Fumikage Tokoyami to the list. If things get tense, Dark Shadow has the ability to become berserk and attack a friend or foe, especially at night. Dark Shadow, however, can be controlled when exposed to enough sunlight. Fumikage will accept full responsibility for any triggering of Dark Shadow and sincerely apologize to his friends. What a shame. It must be infuriating to live with this kind of limitation.

3) He And Dark Shadow Are Partners


Alters are usually weapons or aids to be used in combat or rescue. Momo can make things, Jiro can plug in his headphone jacks to collect sounds, and Kirishima can harden his skin to defend himself against any aggression.

However, Fumikage’s alter is alive and well! It has a mind of its own, and can even attack, which forces Fumikage to instruct it rather than dominate it as a member. Therefore, they are partners who can consult each other and plan an assault in an interesting dynamic. How many other alters can you really answer? There aren’t many others!

2) He Can Hold Himself Back


If things don’t get completely out of control, like a villain attacking, Fumikage has a firm grip on Dark Shadow. And he is an incredible alter; thank goodness for that.

Fumikage fought with a clean efficiency at the Sports Festival, where he exerted only enough force to send Momo out of the arena and claim victory. If he could help her, he wouldn’t want to hurt her, and Dark Shadow’s ultra-flexible creation couldn’t resist him in battle.

Later, Fumikage did something similar to Mina by pushing her out of bounds in a bloodless fight. It is often said that using force is not force at all, and Fumikage seems to agree with this.

1) The Kanji for His Name


The names of the characters in My Hero Academia are often based on their alter or personality, and the kanji of each name were carefully chosen by the author. In fact, Himiko Toga (the shapeshifter) was presented with katakana to hide the true nature of her alter.

Fumikage’s last name, “Tokoyami”, means “eternal darkness” and is written as such. As for “Fumikage”, the creator chose to use fumi (“step”) and kage (“shadow”), in reference to this youngster who crosses the shadows in combat. It suits him perfectly! Find our My Hero Academia Beach Towels as well as our My Hero Academia Cosplays For Men on our online store with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

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