Top 10 Facts About Enji Todoroki

Top 10 Facts About Enji Todoroki

Fans have been introduced to Endeavour, the fire-hardened hero, and there is certainly a lot of animosity towards the man who will eventually take the number one spot in All Might.

Despite the fact that fans have been told that he has pursued being the greatest hero his entire life, he doesn’t seem like a hero fighting for justice.

Here’s a list of the top 10 companies in My Hero Academia. His personal life is full of atrocities that he has committed against every member of the family he has created. In addition, his attitude towards his fellow heroes and the civilians he is sworn to protect is less than ideal. Find our My Hero Academia Hats as well as our My Hero Academia Bucket Hat on our online store with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

10) He is AF Abusive


Despite his reputation as the number two hero in the eyes of his fans, Endeavour has always been far less valiant in his personal life.

Shigaraki has gone to great lengths to create a dynasty for the express purpose of deposing the Almighty, not only by creating a family where his sole purpose is to produce an heir who would overthrow the world’s greatest hero, but also by violently abusing his own parents.

Endeavor’s family has never been exempt from his wrath. His children, or at least those considered “losers,” were completely neglected by their father after he considered them “failures.”

His fury has been directed at his wife longer than anyone else. Finally, there is Shoto, who had to endure his father’s attention after his alter was revealed.

9) Almost as Teacher Number 2


Although he always played the number two role in All Might as a professional hero, he was almost the second instructor during his career.

Although not used in the manga or anime, Horikoshi once considered making Endeavour a lecturer at AU.

However, this idea was later abandoned after he accepted that having both the number one and number two heroes at AU would make it quick and easy to resolve any conflicts that developed within the institution or with students.

8) Match Called on a Technicality


Throughout his career as a professional hero, Endeavour has always had to compete against All Might, the greatest hero in the world. Although this infuriates Endeavour every time it happens, the flame hero has been pushed harder and harder to close the gap between him and All Might.

After All Might retired, leaving Endeavour in first place, the hero couldn’t contain his fury because he had been able to close the gap but had never been able to eliminate it. And now he couldn’t.

7) Become The Number One Hero (And A Real Man)


The effort is quickly lost after becoming number one. Although he finally achieved the number one hero status he desired, it was not just a technicality, but a revelation of who he really was.

Despite his now legendary status as the world’s greatest hero, his personal life was in ruins. Nothing could repair the fragments of his life that he had spent decades burning away.

Endeavour, however, learns that to truly become the greatest hero (and a real guy), he must confront his past behaviors and try to make things right with the family members he had neglected by spending so much time burning.

6) Hot-Headed Hero


Endeavour is known as one of the greatest heroes who ever lived, but he is also considered one of the most unpleasant. His quick fury and aggressiveness are well known to heroes and the Japanese people.

Endeavour’s supporters consider his attitude to be crucial in instilling fear in the hearts of evildoers, while his detractors argue that if this is true, there must be a balance between protecting citizens and maintaining order.

5) His Alter: Hellflame


Endeavour uses his alter, a.k.a. Hellfire or Hellflame, to quickly overpower his opponents while controlling the flames to the point where he doesn’t really hurt the criminals or the locals.

Endeavour’s uncanny ability with fire allows him to accomplish unusual things.

He is resistant to almost all other forms of fire, making him nearly indestructible to burns. He is also able to use his flames to fly and propel himself.

4) Weakest Enemies Undergo Low Temperature Attacks


Although Endeavour is the second (and eventual) protagonist of My Hero Academia, many fans and citizens of the world don’t realize how incredible he is.

Endeavour must demonstrate great mastery of such a powerful and devastating element as fire to ensure that he not only protects people but also avoids killing or seriously injuring the villains he fights.

Endeavour’s fire capabilities are far more sophisticated. When fighting weaker enemies, he uses much lower temperatures to subdue his opponents.

3) The Risks Of High Temperature Attacks And The Elimination Of Powerful Enemies


Endeavour has learned to use low-temperature flames to take down weaker villains, but he’s also capable of turning up the heat when it comes to eliminating the most persistent villains.

There are several major consequences to raising the temperature in order to destroy a dangerous opponent, which is why Endeavor has such amazing control over how and when it expels its flames.

One of Endeavour’s main problems is that his body temperature rises due to the fire. He doesn’t have the same ability to cool down as his son, which can quickly become very dangerous.

2) Endeavor's Indomitable Will


Endeavor’s alter is strong enough, but it would be even more dangerous without one of Endeavor’s most powerful weapons: his unwavering determination.

Endeavor would never have reached these heights had he not been so tenaciously determined.

It’s the same energy that motivates him to burn every link in his personal life, especially when it comes to his family. It took Endeavour a long time to begin to accept that his ambition and never-give-up attitude were not always beneficial.

1) Birthday Buddies


August 8th is Endeavour’s birthday, which makes him a Leo. The sun is Endeavour’s dominant fire sign. This makes perfect sense for the protagonist of the Endeavour flame. However, with the same birth date, another hero was introduced to the fans.

Endeavour’s ability to be larger than life, confident and vocal is similar to this hero. Although they seem to be cut from the same cloth, they are incomparable.

Fat Gum is the main character. So do they have an annual lunch or something? Endeavour and Fat Gum, eternal birthday buddies. Find our My Hero Academia Covid Mask as well as our Women My Hero Academia Shirts on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

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