Top 10 Facts About Dabi

Top 10 Facts About Dabi

If you Google Dabi, what do you get? You will almost always find the same answer: it is a hidden character with an obscure origin. Of course, this answer was not incorrect a few weeks ago!

But things have changed, and the owner of the crematorium is now a well-known figure. We would like to focus on this entity in this post. To put it another way, we will go through the most frequently asked questions (history, Alter, family…). You can find our My Hero Academia Beach Towels and My Hero Academia Cosplays For Men in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.


Dabi is a villain in the My Hero Academia franchise! According to reports, he has a mission. His goal is to create a better world by adhering to the ideals of the great and famous murderer Stain. But beware, because he does not follow the same reasoning as Deku when it comes to creating a better world.

Indeed, Dabi wants to exterminate all the “phony” heroes who take things lightly. He has already murdered several in cold blood throughout the series. He is a rather self-confident individual, known as the crematorium (crematory), named by his alter (crematory).

Dabi is a mysterious character. He has always maintained a secret identity, and is infamous for his arrogance, mockery, sadism and seclusion. Until recently, we didn’t even know his real name or where he came from, as there were no new programmes.

Dabi's family (Toya Todoroki) - very recent revelation


Dabi is a member of the Todoroki family, whose real name is Toya Todoroki. In short, his father is Enji and his mother is Rei. He is the older brother of Fuyumi and Natsuo, as well as Shoto, Shoto and Natsuo.

In the My Hero Academia series, this character is rarely seen with his brothers. For a long time, he developed alone and never wanted to talk about his origins.

In his first appearance in the Super-Villain Alliance, Dabi is asked about his origins! Dabi, as always, says that he will talk about it when the time comes. The other villains don’t push him and the story continues as planned. It is only in the last few episodes that the actor starts to speak openly.

History of Dabi (crematorium) - childhood and highlights


Unlike his brother Shoto, Toya Todoroki has not had an easy life! To be precise, although they both come from the same family, Toya was treated differently for the reasons we will list below.

A difficult childhood that ends with after-effects


Dabi’s youth is extremely sad! Enji, his father, realises the enormous potential of his child. He thinks that he will be a famous hero and that he will be able to continue to achieve his family’s goals.

Toya began his training with Enji at a young age, and the Dragon King himself personally supervised his development. According to Enji, if Dabi’s Alter is learned well, it will be superior to his.

However, things do not go as planned! Enji discovers a flaw in Toya during training. He believes that it comes from his mother’s weak constitution.


Enji vows not to train with his first son after this revelation. His father, in addition to frequently despising him, does not hesitate to humiliate or mistreat him.

The child grows up with a feeling of bitterness towards his father. Toya suffers an injury that is not mentioned in the series, but which Natsuo believes to be a set-up

After the crash, Dabi is severely physically damaged, which explains his burns. According to the youngest member of the family, Enji was responsible for his brother’s accident.

Enji, on the other hand, is completely innocent. There is nothing to suggest that he has done anything wrong. Because it is his own child (the first), Toya seems to be dead to everyone!

The deaths of Yang and Shao are explained, as is the mourning. Dabi’s death is organised by his father, and the mourning ends. Dabi, on the other hand, is unharmed by the collision. Despite the devastating consequences, he comes through it in a mystical way.


The Power of Dabi (Alter): The Crematorium


The crematorium is the name of the Alter of Dabi! It is a form of blue fire that can be produced almost instantly by its possessor. It usually comes from any section of the body without requiring much effort.

Dabi’s flames are much more intense than those of his father Endeavor. It is also said that the blue flames are more deadly than ordinary flames, which is a comparable statement.

If you want to know how strong the crematorium is, consider this: it can destroy a group of villains in seconds. Dabi’s ability to burn anything it comes in contact with, whether it be cement, wood or any other hard substance, is similar.

Dabi uses his flames to attack, as he is a fire-based monster. However, not in the same way every time. He can use flame barriers, throw flame balls, or even splinters depending on his past performance.

Despite its strength, the crematorium does have its drawbacks for its owner. Indeed, the latter’s body is quite fragile and does not benefit from adequate support from its own flames. In other words, if Dabi is used for a prolonged period of time, it risks self-combustion.

A powerful alter and enviable skills


Dabi is known for his fierce and powerful acting! However, this is not just given to him by his Alter. He not only has the latter, but he also has a number of talents in addition to them, such as:

A keen intelligence

Crematorium has been presented as an intelligent and strategic being throughout the series. Indeed, he can distract a group of seasoned heroes with simple lines.

This is a scenario we see in the forest when he tries to defend the Genesis squadron, which was trapping the students. He is also a very sharp individual. He carefully observes and analyses the actions of each person.

His ability to evaluate gives him a head start in almost all his conflicts. Indeed, he quickly sees the vulnerabilities of each person and how to exploit them if necessary. Here is an example of what he did when he met his younger brother Shoto Todoroki, Bakugo, Snatch…

Dabi, the main antagonist of My Hero Academia season 3, has worn himself out fighting his father Endeavor and Hawks (the two most powerful heroes in the series after All Might’s retirement).

Dabi and his buddies could have overpowered them on their own if Mirko hadn’t intervened to break up the altercation.

A great resistance

Although Dabi has an unbalanced body that cannot handle his Alter, he nevertheless has a high class resistance.

We have already seen him many times fight long battles without being burned. The engagement with the Apocrypha, for example, lasted a long time.

A character of mystery 

One of the most enigmatic characters in My Hero Academia is Toya Todoroki. This person contributes to a negative prejudice against her from her rivals, which leads to an increased domination of Dabi.


Dabi is an important character in Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia and one of the main antagonists. He is a member of the League of Villains, representing a significant danger to the heroic society, and he aims to put an end to it, like most of the other members of the group.

Dabi’s history, as recently revealed in the manga, was hidden by the author of the story, but recent events in the manga have brought to light key facts about him that all fans of the series should know.

10) His Pseudonym is Blueflame


Dabi is a well-known character in the My Hero Academia universe and is often referred to by the pseudonym Blueflame. This is due to the fact that the flames in his alternate form are, for some reason, blue.

Dabi’s abilities have made him one of the most powerful individuals in Shigaraki Tomura’s company. “Dabi” is still one of his stage names, as the latest volumes of My Hero Academia indicate.

9) He is secretly Endeavor's Son and Shoto's Brother


My Hero Academia fans have long wondered about Dabi’s identity. Even the brilliant Hawks couldn’t uncover any information about two particular people in the League of Villains during the war arc, one being Shigaraki Tomura and the other being Dabi.

It turned out that Dabi was a previously dead boy named Toya Todoroki, the son of Enji Todoroki, better known as Endeavour.

8) Dabi's Hair Colour Went From Crimson To White To Dyed Black


Throughout the series, Dabi’s hair colour has changed often, especially given his history. He was known to have crimson hair in the past as Toya Todoroki. Later, he had completely white hair for a while.

Dabi dyed his hair black to conceal his identity for as long as necessary. All in all, his effort to hide his true identity worked quite well.

7) His Cremation Caprice Can Burn Almost Anything


Dabi was born with an alter, which he awakened at a young age in the same way as many people in My Hero Academia. The name of his alter has not yet been revealed, however, although it is known unofficially as Cremation.

He can also control his body temperature to produce blue flames intense enough to burn anything in seconds. With this power, he is one of the most powerful characters in the Villain League.

6) Its flames can reach up to 3000° Fahrenheit


Dabi’s flames are different from those produced by Enji Todoroki or Shoto Todoroki with their Alters. While Endeavor’s flames are orange, Dabi’s are blue, which is reflected in its name.

Dabi’s flames are much more intense than a normal fire, as its colour shows. They can generate temperatures of up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes Dabi much scarier than any of the antagonists in the series.

5) His Role In The League Is As A Lieutenant Of The Liberation Front


Dabi is, without a doubt, a very important member of the League of Villains and the Paranormal Liberation Front after joining forces with Re-Destro.

Dabi, as one of the most formidable enemies, has been made a lieutenant of the Liberation Front. As co-commander of the Violet Regiment, he was associated with Geten, a member of the Meta Liberation Army, as co-commander of the Violet Regiment.

4) He is Weak In Close Combat And Prefers To Fight From A Distance


Despite his great strength, Dabi has his vulnerabilities, which are demonstrated by close combat. Dabi is not very good at fighting his opponents in hand-to-hand combat, which is why he specialises in long-range assaults.

The ability to use his cremation altercation to the fullest and even use the environment as a weapon in itself is one of Medb’s most useful talents. His ranged combat abilities are extremely sophisticated, and he can defeat even the greatest pro-heroes with them.

3) It Had Potential But Was Considered A Failure By Endeavour


Dabi, the eldest of Endeavour’s children, was transformed into someone whose only goal in life was to outdo All Might by virtue of his birth name Toya Todoroki. Toya had a Quirk that was considered more powerful than Hellflame.

Due to his father’s intense training, Enji could create flames hotter than his own, which his father instilled in him by teaching him everything he knew, believing that he had the potential to surpass him one day. However, due to Rei’s poor health, he was eventually deemed a failure.


Enji Todoroki, Dabi’s father, abused him throughout his life. Enji Todoroki only saw him as a tool to help him achieve his goal of one day surpassing All Might. After being subjected to frequent beatings by his father, and later by Toya Todoroki, Dabi frequently broke down and questioned his own existence.

While his father was training one day at Sekoto Peak, he went up to see it and was completely destroyed by the flames that burned at over 2000 degrees Celsius. All that remains of him is his jaw, which was discovered some time later.

1) The Consequences Of His Tragedy


Everyone thought Toya had perished when Endeavour shot him, but he survived and lived with one goal in mind: to kill his father. Toya’s terrible abuse damaged him mentally and forced him to take on the persona of Dabi until the day he could finally murder his father.

The accident also left physical scars. He has numerous areas of purple, twisted skin on his body and, in addition, the collision burned his tear ducts, rendering him unable to shed tears. Find our My Hero Academia Cosplays For Womens and My Hero Academia Wigs in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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