TOP 10 Facts About Chizome Akaguro

TOP 10 Facts About Chizome Akaguro

In the superhero realm of My Hero Academia, almost everyone has an Alter – a kind of superpower – which means there are plenty of superheroes… and just as many villains! All Might, Endeavour, Best Jeanist and the others have their hands full keeping the streets safe, and villains like Hero Killer Stain make their job difficult.

Stain is a superhero with the ability to control stains. He is a recluse who enforces his own form of twisted justice. He doesn’t want to rule the world or tear down a metropolis. No, he prefers to destroy the hero industry as we know it in order to eliminate the vain and materialistic heroes of the world. His existence as a super-powered autonomous being is just another of his flaws. This makes him a fascinating villain, and he was a scary antagonist in the second season of the anime. What are the most important things newcomers to My Hero Academia should know about Stain? Find our My Hero Academia Leggings and My Hero Academia Bodybuilding Clothing in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

9) He's a Murderer


Some villains like to flaunt their possessions and stand in the open, loudly daring all good people to come and fight them. In the shonen genre, there are many such antagonists, including in My Hero Academia – but Stains does not join their ranks.

Stain fights one-on-one and usually gains the upper hand with ambush assaults in poorly lit areas, such as back alleys. Stain is not interested in a fair fight; if you are a target, he will take you out before you know it!

8) He Loves Weapons


Here’s another approach: Stain is different from villains like Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi and All For One. Some Alters generate fire or give you superhuman strength, and they are useful to heroes and villains alike. Stain does not move without a pair of blades on him.

Stain is a terrifying wolf/human hybrid who has been trained since birth to maim and torture. He uses a tattered old katana that is ideal for sucking blood, as well as knives at his waist to draw blood with ease. However, unlike Mustard, Stain wouldn’t bother with a gun because it’s no fun. Bullets are not necessary in his case because of his doubles.

7) He is capable of diplomacy


Stain is a workaholic who prefers to work alone, and he’s not really a team player. Yes, Stain fought with the good guys in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, but that was an exception.

Stain is not a thoughtless animal, though. In order to test the waters and see if the League of Villains could cooperate in eliminating the heroes, he approached them in peace. However, once Stain realized that Shigaraki was nothing more than a kid who wanted to be the main villain for no reason, it didn’t go well. So Stain and Shigaraki made a non-aggression pact, and Stain listened to Shigaraki outline his plan on a rooftop.

6) His outfit


How did manga creator Kohei Horikoshi create Stain’s appearance? His wardrobe and face went through many revisions before arriving at the finished product, although it’s reasonable to assume that 1990s comic book anti-heroes were the inspiration for the look. Horikoshi draws inspiration from Marvel, DC and even manga.

The Stain artist’s design may have been inspired by comic book artists Rob Liefield and Todd McFarlane, in particular. Is it possible that they are lost brothers? It looks like it to me.

5) Lost Equipment of Conceptual Art


Stain’s first concept art differs considerably from the final version, as do many characters in My Hero Academia. He used to have a power probe gadget, but this appeared later in the anime.

However, since Stain’s alter consists of drinking blood, we’re sure this power tube would have made his alter easier to use in the end, but he just licks blood off his blades in the film. Instead, Himiko Toga seems to have taken inspiration from Itakura Kitaukei’s design and created a blood-sucking tube.

4) It Is Like The TMNT


Did you enjoy the Ninja Turtles as a child? Many young people have a fondness for the Ninja Turtles franchise, including the comics, animated series, games and toys. Stain has changed the overall look of these products for many young children.

Stain has the same blades and ninja fighting style, as well as a bandana and no nose, as them. Spinner, on the other hand, has a face similar to his and was almost certainly inspired by TMNT.

3) He Is Like The Punisher


He comes from a vast pool of material, doesn’t he? Well, stylish thugs like him often attract readers, so it’s only fair that Kohei Horikoshi takes a few examples and fuses them into something fresh.

SkunkStain’s resemblance to the Punisher, or Frank Castle from Marvel Comics, is both obvious and striking. Both are combat veterans who administer harsh justice, but they avoid killing non-combatants. Stain only takes on immoral superheroes, while the Punisher fights exclusively criminals.

2) His name


All the bloodstains created when he kills heroes may be a nod to Stain’s nickname, but the kanji that make up his name have an important meaning. Many characters in My Hero Academia are similar.

Such meaning is largely unknown to Western readers, yet it is fascinating to consider. Chizome Akaguro’s name is made up of kanji that mean “red”, “black”, “blood” and “stain” You have it now. A thug in red and black, leaving crimson stains on the walls!

1) It Became Rougher


Stain didn’t make a long and bloody career like this by being boring or rushing recklessly into action. Don’t let his fierce appearance fool you; he’s a smart guy who knows when to strike and when to run, and he can read his opponents quickly.

This allows him to strike precisely when he needs to, and to outwit alters he encounters while assassinating someone. He noticed Shoto’s blunt fighting style and put away blades in case his main weapons were lost or damaged during a fight. When Shigaraki used his Nomu attack on Hosu City, Itagaki quickly deduced that he would do so. Find our My Hero Academia Sport Pants and My Hero Academia Backpack in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

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