TOP 10 Des Cosplays My Hero Academia

TOP 10 Des Cosplays My Hero Academia

As a fan of My Hero Academia, we have to talk about cosplays. These clothes, for a brief period, allow us to forget who we are. To forget who we are in order to immerse ourselves completely in the skin of a fictional character. To forget who we are in order to put an end to reality and let the magic take over.

Some will choose drugs or alcohol to escape. Others, on the contrary, will choose drugs or alcohol to escape. At Iziku Shop, we will always opt for a great cosplay costume! We are just as excited as many manga fans about all the items created around our favourite heroes and villains. We are very happy to finally be able to tell you about it.

Cosplay is a real skill. It requires a significant amount of knowledge and rigour, just like any other field. Some individuals perfect this art to the highest degree, as you will see in this ranking. So forget your humanity, your time, your place of residence, forget everything for the moment. Immerse yourself in the magnificent world of My Hero Academia and enjoy this moment of escape! Find our My Hero Academia Tote Bags as well as our My Hero Academia Bracelets on our online shop with our collections of clothes representing your favourite heroes.

The best cosplay from the universe of our favourite manga, as we have determined:

10) Cosplay Izuku Midoriya


Izuku is shown in his original hero costume in this sketch. It is a green suit worn with a red belt. He also has elbow and knee pads, and crimson gloves and boots. He also wears a mask with long spikes that resembles the hairstyle of All Might. There is also another respirator with a smile on it, which looks identical to the one worn by hero #1.


This cosplay is excellent. Izuku’s costume is easily identifiable. On the other hand, the artist’s posture doesn’t match his hero character at this stage of the manga. He wasn’t particularly manly before he got his abilities. However, when he is in possession of the One for All, he becomes a real man. In addition to being able to perfectly reproduce an outfit, a cosplayer must also get under the skin of his character and represent him as completely as possible. This is why we decided to place this cosplay at the last place of our top.


9) Cosplay All Might


We can see All Might in his most powerful form in the image below. He is a big boy with an athletic build. Every muscle is colossal, and very well defined. He has short blond hair slicked back and two tufts of hair on top of his head, characteristic of the western comic book hero.


One of the greatest traditions of My Hero Academia is the All Might costume. It features a tight blue bodysuit that shows off Toshinori’s form, as well as a red symbol resembling the letter “Y” It was discovered that this letter was created using a white diamond, which is why it is written in white. The design is mainly white with black highlights, except for the dark underbelly of its body which has small black spots on the hips. There are also two large red eyes on a belt made of gold and silver buckles, which he wears around his waist.

The costume is once again impeccable. In addition, the character’s interpreter does a fantastic job of portraying him. The only exception is that the smile usually associated with All Might is not present here. However, the biggest problem is that the performer does not seem to have the muscularity of All Might. This fact may bring us back to reality. However, this performance is far from perfect. It deserves to be in ninth place.


8) Cosplay Mina Ashido


Mina is a young woman with a rather unusual complexion. Indeed, it is thanks to her transmutation that she has a very light pink colour. She also has very unusual hair. It has the appearance of an Afro-American haircut dyed in a shade slightly darker than her own skin colour.


In this photo, Mina is wearing the hero costume that she wears for three seasons of the year. Her winter clothes have a few variations. Her heroine’s clothing consists of a simple white mask that covers her eyes and a purple and turquoise camouflage bodysuit that fits her body and ends just below her breasts. She also has a tattoo on her upper right arm with a red star in the middle. She is also known to wear sleeveless waistcoats, which she frequently leaves unbuttoned. Her boots are acid resistant and have holes in the soles. The ultimate ability of the gnat is to secrete acid under its feet and slide across the ground at high speed.


Let’s take a closer look at Mina’s costume. We can see that the cosplayer was able to reproduce Mina’s outfit perfectly. However, two points remain between us and the character. First of all, the interpreter did not reproduce Mina’s characteristic pink skin. She could have easily achieved this with a simple cosmetic method. Secondly, she appears to have a considerably larger chest than our heroine. On this point, the artist has little room for improvement. All the little things make a good cosplay!

7) Cosplay Shōto Todoroki


Shoto is a tall, muscular young man. For his young age, he is well built. He has long hair that hangs down from his neck and over his shoulders. Shoto’s hair is divided into two shades: white (ice) and crimson (fire). He also has a large burn scar on the left side of his face, which is visible.


The second version of his hero costume is worn by the character here. He will continue to wear it throughout the manga. A dark blue jacket with elbow-length sleeves is included in this version. Loose trousers of the same shade and a plated metal combat waistcoat are part of the outfit. A utility belt around his waist contains medical supplies, as well as an inner utility waistcoat.


This is where we really get into a level of mastery. His cosplay is almost perfect. The magic of the editing has even extended to give the work some flair. He looks ready to fight with his living appearance. We are in the presence of a monument of cosplay. However, forced to admit that those who follow are superior in every way, he does very well in 7th place.

6) Cosplay Dabi


Dabi is a rather tall individual. He has very pale skin and a strange shape. His black hair is kept in spikes all over his head. The few strands that fall into his eyes are turquoise, which is unusual in this colour scheme. What stands out about his appearance is the fact that he has many purple patches on his skin. The hocks and the back of the legs are bent inwards. It affects a large part of his body, including the underside of his eyes, his arms and legs, his ears, and his neck. It is not known how he got into this condition.


The uniform he is wearing in this picture is the newest version of his war suit. The one that comes after the battle with Re-Destro and his joining the Genesis Squadron. It is a long black coat with white stitching on each shoulder, which has a high collar that stops just above his jaw. The coat is ripped and comes down to his ankles. It is matched with dark blue trousers and black shoes without laces. Crematorium is seen wearing a plain white t-shirt that exposes his upper torso under his jacket. In addition, he has a belt around his waist with a leather bag.


This is a fantastic example of the artist’s work. Once again, the editing emphasises the illusion of reality and the clothes are perfectly represented. One could easily believe that this is Dabi!

5) Cosplay Katsuki Bakugou


Her body is rather slim but muscular. His complexion is slightly brown. He has short blond hair that points upwards at all angles of his head, which is quite remarkable. He looks like a warrior.


We think his hero costume is very dapper! He has a black tank top with a huge orange “X” in the middle. Along his collar are two dots, one for each support company that created his outfit. On each arm he has a small orange rocket with a black dot in the middle. He also wears huge gauntlets that look like hand grenades. He uses strong knee pads to hold his black trousers in place. He also wears black combat boots with orange eyelets and a black mask with a large orange rocket on each side of his head.


The result here is amazing. The lightning bolts, however, lack credibility. With that out of the way, we can move on to the fifth position without any problems.

4) Cosplay Eijiro Kirishima


Eijiro is a young boy who, for his age, has an amazing build. The colour of the iris of his eyes is a brilliant crimson, and a scar runs down the side of his face from his right eye. Incidentally, there is a nice story surrounding this wound. Horikoshi, the designer of the MHA volumes, has admitted that he often neglects it. We don’t blame him. Moving on: His eyebrows are also very minor, as are his teeth. He has tight red locks that are divided into spikes on each side of his head. On the front of his head, two spikes that look like small horns are highlighted. We understand that this hairstyle takes three minutes to do properly.


The hero’s costume is the one he wears in the manga throughout his adventures. His sleeves are made of two large dark red gears. He has a short-sleeved garment underneath, which allows us to see his torso. A black mask covers his face. He is armed with a sword which he uses to slay monsters and protect himself from their poisonous breath. On his waist he wears a belt with the letter “R”, which stands for Hero. He also has a black baggy and a torn cape that stops just below the knees. Finally, purple boots worn inside his trousers.


As you can see, this project is quite complete and easily deserves the first place. The only difficulty is that the model’s musculature is missing. Her small flat stomach without muscles could make us lose sight of the character. In cosplaying, it is just as essential to consider the body as the clothes!

3) Cosplay Nana Shimura


Nana is an attractive and powerful woman. She is so strong that she could even use the One for All. Her genes are clearly in her favour, as she has the same mole as her grandson Tenko, which is located under her right cheek. She has long brown hair that falls just below her shoulders. Nana often wears her hair in a bun.


His costume consists of a sleeveless bodysuit with a high collar, yellow gloves, a white cape that reaches his ankles and tall white boots. It is a very basic but very effective outfit. It’s exactly how we imagine a superheroine to be dressed.


We have reached the top! The higher you go, the harder it is to find faults. This cosplay is amazing; nothing can be improved. But hold your breath until you see the full picture.

2) Camie Utsushimi


Camie is a 17 year old girl with shoulder length straight blonde hair. She also has beautiful dark brown eyes and full, glossy lips. Her body is somewhat curvy, and she has a large chest.


Her father’s suit is rather basic. It consists of a tight black jumpsuit with patterned lines and a zip that goes all the way down to his neckline. White handcuffs are wrapped around his wrists. A cap with a yellow logo and a red line underneath is worn on his head. A necklace is placed around her neck. Finally, she is wearing tall white high-heeled boots with grey stripes on the top of the heel.

How can you resist the appeal of this cosplayer? It’s beautiful. It perfectly captures the glitz and glamour of Camie. We remind you that she can create visual and auditory illusions thanks to the smoke coming out of her mouth. To put it another way, she poisons her victims with love. We think we’ve stumbled upon the first person who has a double in real life!

1) Cosplay All for One


First of all, it is no longer a familiar name. This individual is so representative that he is recognised by everyone. Even people who are not familiar with the ASM world recognise him. Nevertheless, the question remains: what did he look like before the accident? Indeed, All for One was injured when the All Might peace symbol hit him. Since then, his face has been hidden behind layers of scar tissue. He has no nose, no ears, no hair and no eyes.


The man in the picture is wearing a black mask with tubes coming out of both sides, which he has to wear because of his shame. These tubes allow him to breathe. His clothes are conservative. He is wearing black trousers and a suit jacket, and a white shirt.


The reason we are selecting this work for our first choice is because it is the ultimate cosplay. It has NO flaws. This garment is easier to reproduce than others, to be honest. But that’s not what matters here. What matters is that you believe you are there. I don’t know about you, but we sincerely feel like we’re looking at the world’s greatest villain!

Conclusion on My Hero Academia Cosplay

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope you had a great day! Cosplay is a fascinating subject, and there is still a lot to be said about it. So much so that we have only scratched the surface of the subject. That’s why, of course, we’re going to keep talking about it. So stay tuned, because we have more to talk about!

Please feel free to comment on this post in the section below. We are extremely attentive to your feedback and will adapt our work accordingly. If you’ve created a cosplay outfit for any of the characters on this list or others, we’d love for you to share it with us! Maybe the best ones will get something unique as a reward.

“If you want to stop this, then get up and listen. Because there’s something I want to tell you. Never forget who you want to become.” Shoto Todoroki. Find our My Hero Academia Necklaces and My Hero Academia Keychains in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

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