Top 10 Characters in My Hero Academia

Top 10 Characters in My Hero Academia

10) Denki Kaminari


Kaminari, my boy is in the top 10! He has such incredible power that he could be used for some pretty devastating strikes.

I would love to see a Kaminari-centric story, where we learn more about why he wants to be a hero and what motivates him to use his quirk in combat when other situations could benefit from it.

As he matures and becomes more adept at his skills, I think he will gain confidence in himself. I would like to see him get even more screen time, as well as more spectacular attacks (much like what happened to Jay in Ninjago with seasons 10 and 11), which would help support his comrades and friends.

I’m not sure anyone else is as excited about ChargeBolt as I am. Aside from his weirdness, it’s good to know that a stupid person like him can get into the school of talented students. It makes me feel better about myself.

He’s the right amount of stupid to say so… An inspiring personality. His smile lights up the whole room. He’s fantastic, he’s extremely robust. I love him very much. He likes to make new friends, he is courteous and warm. He needs more screen time This funny character always makes me laugh when he appears on the screen. Find our My Hero Academia Shirts and My Hero Academia Hoodies in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

9) Tenya Iida


I think he’s amazing. I love the way he looks up to his brother and the fact that he can be very strict because he cares about his friends, but also a good class representative. He’s serious, but hilarious most of the time, and I love him… he’s my favourite character!

Tenya and Shota are two characters I love, but since Tenya is lower on the list and is so underrated, I had to pick him. This kid has been through a lot and almost lost his brother, his own life, and is clearly embarrassed by what happened with Stain.

Of course, many people chose to ignore it. You’d think that since he’s the second brightest student in class 1-A, handsome, strong, and about to become a villain, people would pay attention to him. But no! Tenya is actually an amazing character who deserves much more credit than he is currently getting.

A brilliant and strict student. I love Tenya because he is wonderful in so many ways. His story is sad but impressive in that it shows how he has grown up and brushed off all his problems, unlike Shoto.

In my opinion, his character development is wonderful! Quite simply, his appearance. I love the way Tenya looks up to her brother and never gives up, no matter what.

8) Shota Aizawa


A serious personality, but with a childlike side. It’s hard to define, but he’s in my top ten favourite characters. He acts like he doesn’t care until he proves otherwise.

In terms of strength, Aizawa is extremely powerful. I’m talking about him stealing other people’s quirks just by looking at them – and he has the ability to fight to do so. Also, Aizawa is a really great guy. Some may see him as a stern teacher, but he also has a kind side when you consider that he has been known to banish his entire class from school.

You see this when he allows Momo’s clever idea to come true so that she and Todoroki can pass the exam. I think he’s the greatest teacher in the US (with the exception of “I think it’s a bit overrated All Might”).

And finally, I love that he likes to sleep in a sleeping bag during one of his own classes! That always makes me laugh. When she invited him to get married, he should have said yes to my joke.

7) Tsuyu Asui


She may be a frog, but she is the best girl who ever lived. She would never deliberately hurt anyone and if she thought she had inadvertently done so, she would apologise immediately. She is very kind to everyone, even those who don’t deserve it, like the grape pervert I know.

I hope she fights more in the future, acquires new skills and maybe changes her wardrobe a bit.

I find his voice grating, but he has a great personality. He’s such a great character, and his name is Froppy! That’s fantastic!


6) Ochako Uraraka


She is a lovely young woman who has done nothing wrong. She doesn’t have many friends, but I don’t care because we are all entitled to our own opinions. When I realised she’d been forgotten after a few seasons, I was slightly irritated because it’s such a happy and delightful thing to forget something?

She is also a tough girl with a strong mental and physical constitution. When she tried to push away her affection for Deku and focus on becoming a successful hero, it showed that she is a very determined young woman, and I am sure she will achieve her goal (I don’t know why I added so many comments).

I’ve read a few comments saying that she’s nothing more than getting laid with deku, but that’s not the case at all. Uraraka wasn’t necessarily “fangirl” to deku. It was just natural to adore her.

She’s a typical teenage girl, after all. And I feel like people forget that she recognized that his love for her was interfering with her hero training and decided to repress them? This indicates a real evolution of her character and tells us that she wants to be a hero.

I have also read criticism that she is a good-for-nothing who does not develop well. I totally understand why people think that. They COMPLETELY abandoned her after season 2, which is inconsiderate. We didn’t see much of her on screen.

The last panel shows why others consider her useless. But trust me, she’s getting better all the time. I’ve read a bit of the manga and she’s a real loser! She makes it clear that she wants to serve the deku, which sets her apart from the others. Overall, I like Uraraka and I wish she had more screen time in the next episodes!


She is actually quite amazing, and she uses her individuality in a unique way. She is the kindest and always looks after others, which makes her the ideal deku rider.

5) Eijirou Kirishima


Kirishima is a charming individual who has an abundance of trust issues, but he constantly strives to make others happy and never fails to pique the interest of the group. He is always cheerful, with a smile on his face, and very loyal, and you can’t help but like our Hardening Boy who may even become friends with our Blasty Boy Bakugou!

I’ve always loved Kirishima’s personality and character, and I read the parts of the manga where he was finally getting some attention (as well as Mina. Hell, I’m sending them! ) He’s now in the anime, so I’m ecstatic!

Throughout the series’ history, he has expressed his lack of self-confidence. He never talked about it until season 4, when he acknowledged his distinctive qualities and skills (by the way, hats off to Toshiki and Justin for their portrayal of him; they both captured the emotion of his episodes 8 and 9 IN SEASON 4 ALSO! I love that character!).

He’s a sexy guy and one of my favorite characters because he’s nice enough to get along with Bakugou. He’s generally energetic and happy, and that fills me with joy. I think he deserves the character development.

It’s hard to understand what makes him so unique, though. I think his quirkiness is quite fascinating. They could have given him the power to form rocks with ease, but they made it more fascinating by giving him that. So, in a nutshell, Kirishima is fantastic and those who disagree can rub it in my face.

4) Toshinori Yagi


All the Mightes are the superheroes of today’s world, which we all know and love, but put together they provide a balance of calm and seriousness while allowing you to laugh at the randomness in any scenario.

I think it’s wonderful that he chose Deku to succeed because he recognized himself in him. Not only is he a symbol of peace, but he’s also a symbol of what it means to be a superhero.

The “United States of Smash!” is a fantastic name for an attack. The number one hero deserves the top spot. If he is well written and intriguing, he is practically superhuman. He needs to be elevated even higher, it’s your duty as a father.

3) Katsuki Bakugou


Baku is Baku’s biggest hero. He started the series as a bully, and his selfish and rude ways convinced everyone that he would become a murderer. However, when the townspeople approached him, he rejected them.

Bakugou is a hard-working and courageous student who believes in himself, his friends and the importance of helping others. He strives to be the biggest hero by going above and beyond to achieve his goals. I hope that he will be able to overcome his personal problems and reach the highest ranks of heroes.

Bakugou is not only the most hilarious, but also the fiercest. He’s such a jerk and pretentious, but from some of the episodes in the series, he seems to be very smart and has a lot of potential. The development of his personality is excellent. His dedication sets him apart particularly well. I love him! Also, he is attractive.

He is one of my favourite characters. He has a lot of problems and learns from his mistakes, while accepting Izuku as a friend (rival) throughout their tumultuous history until UA. He is kind to others and skilled in all areas, including cooking, music, studying, fighting, etc.

He is a cute tsundere who, while looking like a bad boy with his attitude and low trousers, sleeps early like a good boy inside and teaches his friends before the exam. He is courteous to authority figures, loves All Might, and feels terrible when All Might backs down after a fight.

I can’t explain how much I adore him and how wonderful Katsuki is, but he’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

As far as heroes go, I think Bakugou is exceptionally competitive, and he basically screams “Die!” He played a lot throughout the first two seasons. When Midoriya tells him to never give up, he gets really excited.

2) Izuku Midoriya


Izuku is the most selfless and loyal character in the series. He is intelligent, with a well-developed personality. His desire to achieve his goal of becoming a superhero is fuelled by his natural inclination to put others first.

The story has a number of well-developed and interesting characters, but Izuku is the ideal protagonist. He’s not the typical jock, nor is he the mysterious, completely normal kid in his dramatic youth (we all know who he is). He is the shy, determined eccentric that no one expected to be able to do so much damage.

The young boy who defied the odds when others doubted his talents, but only because he had wanted to from an early age – an aspect of innocence that is rather uplifting. He protects those who have belittled him, ridiculed him, and saves all those he can; this is what matters most to him.

However, he is a wonderful character with a lot of strength, kindness and gentleness. It’s just the right mix of power and gentleness. Shouto fights at the expense of his body in order to save others, making every effort to save them. Shouto is an excellent protagonist, there’s no doubt about it. But how can we compare him to Izuku? I’m not sure.

I love the fact that he firmly believed he could be a hero, even though he knew he didn’t have one. He was so sweet and selfless and generous throughout the series.

When I started watching the series, I was surprised when he tried to save Bakugou even though he didn’t have a quirk and Bakugou treated him badly. He is one of those boys with endearing characteristics that I adore the most! He is brilliant and has all the abilities to be a fantastic hero in the future!


The reason I think Izuku Midoriya should be in the top 10 is because he is:

  • A loyal and dedicated friend who is always brave and self-sacrificing.
  • He puts his heart and soul into everything he does, and he always does his best.
  • He wants to inspire others to do what is ethical.
  • He motivates others to do the right thing.
  • He works hard to be the biggest hero he can be.
  • He is intelligent and tries to understand things, even in the strangest of circumstances.
  • He never gives up, even when all seems lost.
  • He doesn’t let his temper get the better of him.
  • He thinks about his manners and tries not to use his arms more than 8% of the time. He is tough, although he is never too reckless.

Midoriya was the kind of kid who never gave up and fought as hard as he could against whatever life threw at him, be it bullies or monsters. He went through so many trials and overcame them all, becoming the greatest of heroes.

1 ) Shoto Todoroki


He is my favourite character. He has the best story and the most complete development. Not to mention that, despite his terrible history, he is still kind and considerate to everyone, and he has a funny side too. He is also tough and tenacious, because he has endured and trained the most.

I think he is the greatest hero of today and I would have chosen everyone to give him an award for all of them because I think he deserves it the most.

At first I didn’t pay attention to him. I just assumed he was a very bright and lucky guy with a huge quirk. But he’s a complicated individual with a terrible past. He deserves to be one of the greatest heroes.

He’s one of the most complex characters in the story, in my opinion. His character development is exceptional; at first I didn’t pay much attention to him except for his quirkiness, which is fantastic since season 1 hasn’t given him much attention yet.

I fell in love with him after the Sports Festival and his confrontation with Midoriya, and learning about his history and background. Although Shoto seems to be cold, distant, calculating and ironic at first, he turned out to be kind, sensitive, insightful, wise and funny, ignoring certain circumstances when you look closer.

I love Midoriya’s character because of the way Katsuki cares for him, his dedication and support, and how much he loved him.

Without pandering to his own or others’ egos in a way that isn’t condescending or off-putting, Midoriya has improved his life considerably (he even admits how unique Midoriya is to him in the eyes of his mother in one of the light novels) without minimizing his shortcomings to himself or others.

All of this is revealed in the episode’s climax, when he examines his relationship with Midoriya. It also examines Iida’s difficulties with his brother and his animosity towards the murderous hero Stain, as well as their new friendship. His lack of self-confidence and subsequent friendly help and insight, as well as Bakugou himself intriguing with their strange dynamic, showed him to be a trustworthy figure in times of need.

His saga has a lot of promise, and he is without a doubt one of the most fascinating characters I have ever seen. He absolutely deserves to be the biggest character in my opinion, because of his incredible growth. People say he’s overrated, but he is. Find our My Hero Academia Sweaters and My Hero Academia Jackets in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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