TOP 10 Best Episodes of My Hero Academia

TOP 10 Best Episodes of My Hero Academia

If you have ever thought about what are the best episodes of My Hero Academia manga, you are a “real fan”. Many people before you have done it, and we decided to make a ranking. In order to make this ultimate ranking impartial, we not only launched a free vote on our social platforms, but we also took into account the ranking discovered by IMDb. Here, without further ado, are the 10 best episodes of this Japanese series, with many surprises. Find our SPORTSWEAR MY HERO ACADEMIA as well as our MY HERO ACADEMIA ACCESSORIES on our online store with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

10 – What's The Big Idea ?


We have an episode known to almost everyone in the first place of this list. This film is based on the qualities of a real hero. It is not being strong, but distinct talents such as attention, common sense … Contrary to what you think, it is not about strength, which is where we go now: in 10th position.

To show it better, a set of trainings was launched between several schools to train young heroes. They had to face terrifying rivals to save civilians and protect each other. This was not always easy with the internal disputes that prevailed.

At the end of the episode, Shoto joined forces with Inasa to defeat Gang Orca. Given the conflict between these two young people, this was something extremely unlikely. Deku distinguished himself by showing determination, acting like a professional hero.

09 – All For One


The things he teaches us about the series are because of him. From now on, we can see what Eraserhead thinks of his students, especially Bakugo. Also, he is the first real fight between All Might and All for One to defend the Villains League.

The other heroes manage to storm the secret cells of the same League. In the same episode we learn about Tenko’s sinister past before he was taken in by All for One. It’s touching to hear about his past while enjoying the fast-paced action of this tale.

08 - Hero Killer: Stain Vs. UA Students


The story of a young hero, like the previous episodes, exposes some of the behaviors of young heroes. Here we have a fantastic confrontation between Stain and the three teenagers of Deku. The focus here is on Iida, who understands that if he wants to become a professional superhero later on, he must change his habits and motivation.

The novel also teaches us that Stain would have wanted to be a hero, but changed his path because of his alter. He is now considered the “Hero Killer” and is one of the most formidable antagonists in the series. This episode is also appreciated because of the impressive amount of fight choreography it features. In addition, it highlights Midoriya’s desire, as an adult, to be the number one hero.

07 – Climax


The next episode immediately follows the previous one! The union of Deku, Shoto and Iida baffles Stain in this episode. If this episode is special for the fans, it is mainly because of the end of the fight which makes it different. Moreover, it is exceptional to find such a powerful villain losing in this way in this series. The episode is also interesting considering the look that the villain Stain has on the heroes, which causes movements towards them.

Shoto is also shown to be freer and therefore much more powerful. He begins to realize that he is not always dependent on his father and that his actions are under his control. The shared struggle of the three would-be heroes suggests that they have made significant progress and learned much more. Endeavor’s abilities are shown in this clip.

06 – All Might


The League of Villains decided to strike a blow against USJ in this episode named All Might. According to their plan, they had to counter All Might, considered the ultimate hero of the series, the emblem of peace and the one who is always there when you need him. To do this, the League builds a specially designed monster to attack All Might while the others attack the USJ.

This episode is one of the best, because we see an unexpected twist. All Might is trapped by the bad guys and all seems lost until the AU students arrive to free him. Another highlight is that All Might has Deku’s appreciation for All Might is highlighted by the risks he takes to save his idol.

05 – My Hero


The next episode, entitled 5th best episode of My Hero Academia, could not have been better. Indeed, it retraces in one word the story of the episode. Deku in the movie becomes the hero of Kota, of course. In fact, this is nothing extraordinary. Kota, however, does not believe in heroes until it happens. According to him, heroes are usually not there when you need them (he refers to his parents being killed).

What changes Deku’s point of view is that little Kota is with Muscular (the villain who killed both his parents) when Deku arrives. Deku then puts up a heroic and impressive fight to defeat muscular. Kota becomes a hero in the eyes of Deku in general. In clear terms, in this episode, Dekau manages to influence Kota’s vision.

04 - Symbol of peace


The symbol of peace is also fourth in our ranking. This is a pretty special and enjoyable movie, as it puts fans in the shoes of Deku. Also, at the end of the movie, All for One comes to the rescue of the villains of the League of Villains.

The reasons why All for One was turned into an emblem of evil, and why All Might was turned into a symbol of peace, can be cited. We find Deku and his friends who show their heroism to save the captured Bakugo.

03 – Deku Vs. Ka-Chan


Bakugo is well known to be Deku’s friend and enemy, and vice versa. The two friends are inspired by each other, even if they hide it. During a group training in this episode of My Hero Academia, the two friends face each other. Deku continues to show that he is superior and wins against Bakugo as usual.

An important element of this series is that the rivalry between the two men is extremely impressive, which guarantees that fans are well satisfied. Even if the powers of both protagonists are not used to the fullest, we enjoy watching them fight with powerful fists.

02 - Shoto Todoroki: Origin


The Deku held by Demention is one of the most powerful Alters in the world. However, it has no effect on Deku’s emotional side. This episode clearly demonstrates this point. Indeed, during a fight, Deku has to face Shoto todoroki. Nevertheless, Deku notices that Shoto is not able to use his full potential.

So he decides to support him in his quest to free himself from his past and to express himself truly. Although Deku loses the fight, he remains confident in himself for having helped his competitor. There is also a quite important historical interest on Shoto Todoroki in this episode.

01 - One For All


As you probably remember, this episode is the most popular among fans. Indeed, it presents us one of the bloodiest conflicts of the series. All Might Vs All for One (as well as the loss of power of All Might was revealed). We couldn’t ask for anything better in this episode! Both fighters are violent enough for the happiness of the fans.

We can also note the perseverance of All Might, even if his flame is fading compared to his opponent’s. Another strong aspect of this episode is the revelation of the authentic form of All for One. You will also enjoy the stories told in this novel. Find our COSPLAY MY HERO ACADEMIA as well as our MY HERO ACADEMIA DECORATIONS on our online store with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

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