The Incredible Story of All Might: My Hero Academia

The Incredible Story of All Might: My Hero Academia

One of the most famous characters in the My Hero Academia manga, if not the most famous, is One-for-One. He is also considered one of the protagonists in search of permanent peace and the hero with the greatest potential. Today we have chosen to focus on the eighth descendant of One for All (the most powerful Alter in the series). Yagi Toshinori. We recommend you take a look at this person’s story in other words. You can find our My Hero Academia Wallets and My Hero Academia Mouse Pads in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

The birth of All Might, an ordinary person changed by a burning desire


The one who is now the most powerful protagonist of the manga had a typical upbringing. In other words, he was one of the 20% of newborns who were born without Alter (power). This early state did not prevent the hero from achieving great things.

From an early age he has been obsessed with changing the world, and it was during his teenage years that he had an intriguing encounter with Nana Shimura. For those who don’t know who she is, Nana is the seventh heir of All for One (the main antagonist). As a teenager, Yagi had an interesting encounter with Nana Shimura. For those who don’t know her, she is Nana, the seventh heiress of All For One.

During the phone call between the two actors, Nana was especially characterized by Yagi’s words about the future All For One. Indeed, he aspired to create a new world where everyone could live happily and in harmony, to establish eternal peace and harmony. However, as he was an unalterable entity, he had no idea where to start.

Fortunately, he found the right person, as Nana Shimura saw him as the future pillar who would inspire others. So he decided to teach the young man personally and pass on the torch of One For All to him.

From Yagi Toshinori to All Might, the beginning of responsibilities


The One For All is beautiful! However, it involves being the main opponent of All For One (Main Antagonist). All For One decides to pursue and destroy him after Nana starts training with All Might. Fortunately, thanks to Nana’s sacrifice, the boy is able to save himself.

After this scene, All Might begins to lose his temper and has a seething desire for revenge, but he is unable to act. For now, he can only continue his training under Gran Torino (a friend of Nana’s) until he graduates from Yuei High School as his new master and head teacher.

After losing his master and heroine, Yagi Toshinori had difficulty using his full potential in training. Torino advised him to continue his training in the United States to avoid being distracted by the All For One. His exploits continued, going from bronze to gold to silver, with all the accolades of a great fighter.

After achieving all he could, he was able to reach his ultimate goal of becoming a figure of peace. The crime rate in Japan has dropped by 6% thanks to this new climate, and future generations are proud of this. But All For One is still around, which doesn’t help.

The power of All Might: the One for All


The Alter of All Might is awarded to All Might by Nana Shimura, who received it from All Might. After receiving it, All Might did not stop training to become the best. Fortunately, his body was able to resist the energy of the force. This allowed him to gain superhuman levels of speed, flexibility, endurance and physical power.

For the average person, it was astounding to witness such an evolution. As a result of his exploits, All Might was several times the strongest character in the world. All Might had certain traits in common with most of the other alter. nHis strength, speed, stamina and endurance were among the most important:

1) Immense strength


All Might was an incredibly strong man! Indeed, one punch from this hero was enough to take down a villain. He could also disrupt the weather with his punches and considerably change the climate of the day. You may also notice that All Might can level several buildings without physically touching them (simply by creating wind).

2) High speed


All Might is well known for his incredible speed, in addition to his titanic strength. Indeed, he has been blitzed many times with amazing moves. This was stated by Tomura after All Might passed through the SCA. Furthermore, All Might was able to defeat a number of villains from several miles away in just 3 minutes, which is not unusual during his golden age.

3) Huge resistance


Another aspect of the Almighty’s strength was his ability to withstand damage. Indeed, throughout his existence, he never showed any signs of notable physical fragility. If we have to mention a few feats, we can mention the Almighty’s cannon; an alter that did almost nothing to him and many other blows.

4) Huge stamina

Finally, All Might is the most consistent character in the series. He has never been exhausted after a fight, except for the one against All For One and Brainless. This last explanation comes from the fact that the owner of All For One had an injury that lasted for years and limited his power. As a result, he was unable to fully use his Alter or his body. Find our My Hero Academia Mugs and My Hero Academia Badges in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

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