Shoto Vs Bakugo: Who Would Win?

Shoto Vs Bakugo: Who Would Win?

If Shoto and Bakugo were to face each other again in My Hero Academia and fight for real then, who would win?

My Hero Academia has a wide range of characters, both on the hero and villain side, and Izuku Midoriya, the shonen protagonist, has to deal with this situation. He has in his class Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugo, Fumikage Tokoyami and Tenaya Iida, all of whom are competing for the top spot.

These students have already competed in mock fights to see who is the greatest, and if given the chance, they would do it again. Shoto and Bakugo fought in the sports festival final, but what if they fought again (for real this time) to see who is really the biggest hero here? Find our My Hero Academia Sandals and My Hero Academia Caps in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.



Shoto and Bakugo qualified for the top 4 of the Yuei Sports Festival knockout tournament, alongside Fumikage Tokoyami and Tenya Iida. Shoto defeated Tenya by freezing the exhaust pipes of his alter ego, while Bakugo destroyed Fumikage by submerging Dark Shadow in the light of his explosions.

This left Shoto against Bakugo, and Bakugo saw this as his chance to show that he was the number one student in the school. Everyone understood that Shoto was the ultimate challenge, and thanks to Izuku’s furious confrontation with him, Bakugo now understood what Shoto was capable of.

Shoto used his portion of ice to fight Bakugo, who was enraged after seeing the new One For All holder at his best. Izuku had defeated this power in their previous encounter, but Shoto wanted to fight him again. He became hesitant and distracted once again, focusing only on his half of the battle with Bakugo.

Shoto began to fall behind as a result, despite Bakugo’s constant insistence that Shoto hurry up and unleash all his power to make it a real fight. Shoto dithered but never stopped.

Instead, Bakugo stepped up his devastating Alter and knocked Shoto out of the competition for the win. When the bronze, silver and gold medals were handed out, he was still furious.



The Yuei Sports Festival in Season 2 was an exciting time for the Class 1-A characters, who showed what they could do, but there was still a long way to go. Izuku trained with Gran Torino while Shoto assisted his father Endeavor and Bakugo worked with Best Jeanist during his internship.

Then, after that, Shoto and Bakugo went to the forest training camp, where Bakugo continued to light explosions to train his body to withstand its continuous use.

Meanwhile, Shoto began to embrace his father’s power, dipping his hands in boiling water to get used to the rapid transition from hot to cold. During the provisional hero license exam, Shoto showed unexpected power by once again using his fire half when he faced off against Seijun Academy students posing as ninjas.

Shoto quickly accepted his fire half. Bakugo’s development has not been as fast, but he now has better stamina and is more determined than ever.



In the imagined rematch, Shoto does everything possible, which may have made Bakugo angry. Even though he was disappointed that Shoto didn’t fight him seriously in their fight at the sports festival, Shoto gives it his all in this imagined rematch. Shoto will start with his quick ice strikes once again, forcing Bakugo to move and set off explosions to avoid being trapped.

Bakugo will try to break Shoto’s ice defences in order to attack him at close range, but Shoto will surprise him with his fire and cancel his explosions. Time is not on Shoto’s side, however, as Bakugo will continue to sweat and fuel his explosions. He needs a strategy, he has one.

Shoto will keep Bakugo busy by going back and forth between ice and fire, during which Shoto can take advantage of the mess to pounce. Shoto will approach Bakugo from behind and quickly wrap his arms in a thick layer of ice with his alter. With the explosions, Bakugo can get away, but he will lose a few seconds in the process.

Meanwhile, Shoto will start hitting Bakugo’s head again with all his strength while Bakugo concentrates on the ice. The sheer force will chase Bakugo away, and before he can recover, Shoto will be able to lock him back into the ice and declare victory for good.

What do you think of our hypothesis? If you have a different idea, leave a comment below! You can find our My Hero Academia Hats and My Hero Academia Bucket Hat in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

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