Shoto Todoroki : Who is he ?

Shoto Todoroki : Who is he ?

Shoto Todoroki is a student of Yuei High School in the manga My Hero Academia. He was chosen for this school through official recommendations, and he entered class 2A as an official candidate. His goal is to become a professional hero so that things can change. Shoto Midoriya is one of Shoto’s best friends in the series.

Endeavour’s youngest son, nicknamed “Hornblower”, is tall and muscular. He has long hair that is evenly distributed between two shades on his head.

It is crimson red on the right and white on the left. This hue was supposedly caused by a change in the alter.

His eyes are quite unusual, with irregular heterochromia of the iris. The turquoise iris of the right eye is actually dark gray and somewhat brownish, while the left eye is dark green.

Read on to learn more about the prodigy of this my hero academia manga, including his backstory. You will be educated about his power at the end of the reading. Find our My Hero Academia Pants as well as our My Hero Academia Socks on our online store along with our collections of clothes representing your favorite heroes.

The power of Shoto

Shoto’s power is actually quite complicated, contrary to popular belief. It’s not just his ability to produce walls of ice or heat that sets him apart. In fact, this incredible ability, which everyone appreciates, is the result of his speed, stamina, intelligence and durability.

Improved durability 

Shoto’s durability has already been confirmed. He has proven several times in the series that he can be quite tough. For example, Izuku’s direct punch and many assaults. Strangely, at the end, he didn’t seem to have any major injuries. Let’s also talk about the episode where Shoto resisted Dabi’s agnikinesis.

Improved stamina 

Shoto, the Pro hero of the manga My Hero Academia, has shown several times that he is tenacious. Indeed, even when he is very injured, he does not give up the fight. He continues to fight hard to protect the most vulnerable people. Before, he escorted his allies to the end of their fight against Stain. This was despite the fact that he suffered fatal wounds to both arms and face. Moreover, even though his body was consumed by fire, he did not give up the agnikinetic fight against Dabi.

Improved agility 

Shoto’s agility and speed have never been better in the last few seasons of the series. In fact, Shoto was the best in the Sports Festival obstacle course, which takes place at the end of the summer season. He is able to create walls of ice in a matter of moments. In addition, he has also improved over time, developing many reflexes. This was demonstrated during his encounter with Stain. Despite the fact that Hei is very fast, he could not throw any knife at Shoto despite his best efforts.

Sharp intellect

Shoto is a very intelligent child. He has always stood out from his classmates in many cases. In addition to his studies, Shoto won fifth place in his university’s midterm exams as a testament to this.

Shoto was able to determine that the attackers had a Quirk user in the attack at USJ.

The next day, he sensed that the villains’ assault was not a coincidence. This turned out to be true. The others confessed that they had been sent to assassinate All Might after being questioned by the authorities.


He deduced that All Might and Izuku were linked through his superior intellect. And it was only because of their powers that he came to this conclusion. His fantasy, on the other hand, distracted him from the nature of the connection. He really thought that Izuku was the son of Almighty.

Moreover, he did not fall for Tenya’s trick. Unlike the others, he could tell just by looking at him that he was mad. He understood that his internship at Hosu was not to do good, but rather to avenge Stain.

During the search of Izuku’s house, he was able to determine his exact location. And that without making a single phone call. Fortunately for them, he was able to arrive in time to avoid the worst.

Indomitable will


Shoto, like his father’s main opponent, All Might, has a strong fighting spirit. Despite his young age, he is not easily frightened or psychologically disturbed. He stays focused during a fight, no matter what is going on around him, and does everything he can to defeat his opponent.

It is true that at first, Shoto was quiet and unsociable. However, during the AU Sports Festival, Shoto broke his vow to never use his firebending abilities. This happened during Izuku’s fight with him. Izuku made him understand that the power he had refused with all his will was his own.

Moreover, Izuku remembered the words of his mother and Almighty after hearing the harsh words he had spoken. He broke free from the prison of his past at that moment. He was very determined and decided to use the power of his left side to protect people from evil in the future.

He still had doubts. It was then that he was struck with immobility and lost the fight to Katsuki. This defeat gave him the opportunity to reconsider his beliefs. It also gave him the desire and determination to use his special abilities.

Shoto’s mind was tested once again during the third joint training battle. He was really under a lot of pressure from Tetsutetsu.

Fortunately, this time he succeeded. In fact, he exceeded his own limits and was able to defend himself against Tetsutetsu. He remained steadfast even after learning that his older brother Toya was alive and a notorious criminal.

Alters of Shoto


Shoto of the Alters, like all the other heroes of my hero academia, has his own identity. The ones he relies on the most are :

Half cold, half hot


The particularity of this Alters is that it allows Shoto to master fire and ice. In other words, he can create ice on his right side.

On the right side, a fire. He has taken to favoring the use of ice because his father regularly abused him with the cold. Even when the situation called for flames, he stuck to his preference.

For this reason, he has a lot of trouble controlling his flames. If he tries to use both skills at the same time during fights, his striking speed is reduced. Moreover, if he uses one element more than the other, his body temperature is affected. Therefore, he must constantly strive to find an ideal balance between fire and ice.

Ice wall


We can observe that this ice barrier is able to pierce the sky in the series. This wall of ice is typically used to obstruct the field or lock up an opponent during a fight. Shoto used this Alters for the first time during his fight against Hanta Sero at the Sports Festival. That was, during the Sports Festival.

Wall of flames


He usually creates walls of flames with his left side. The result is a large explosion and flames that cover a large area. In practice, this barrier is both an offensive and defensive weapon. However, when fighting several opponents at the same time, it is best to perform combos. During Tetsutetsu’s fight against Shoto, he had his first encounter with the Alters.

Heat wave


Unlike the other Alters, the heat wave is more difficult to achieve. Shoto must first cool the air around him by using his ice power to create it. Then, he uses his talent for heat to warm and expand the air. This results in an overheated explosion.

Why does Shoto hate his father?


We discover children who despise their parents in real life as in fiction. The young Shoto from my hero academia is an example. But before passing judgment, it is essential to understand why he got to where he is.

All Might’s father, Endeavor, was jealous of Shoto. After all, he couldn’t bear to be the second greatest hero behind the symbol of peace. In his futile effort to win acclaim, he decided to do anything to have a son who would be superior to his main rival.

That’s how he hooked his future wife. It is claimed that he chose her for no reason in the series. He chose her for the control of the ice she possessed, according to the story. According to Endeavor, it was all carefully planned. The child conceived as a result of this marriage would be able to command both fire and ice.

When Shoto was 5 years old, his father began to demand that he train hard. He was forced to try shooting fire every day. If he failed, his father would beat and torment him. In addition, Endeavor frequently assaulted Shoto’s mother in front of him. As a result of all these events, Shoto despised his father.

Shoto’s mother could not protect him from the war. As a result, Shoto spent his entire childhood in sorrow and isolation. Indeed, his father forbade him to interact with his brothers and sister. They were blunders to him.

Shoto’s hatred for his father grew over time, becoming more and more intense. It became so intense that he disowned the power he had been given. To top it off, he created an ice-like substance himself.

He kept it on his left side, typically on his entire body.

Shoto spent most of his childhood and adolescence harboring a deep hatred for his father. He even vowed never to use his firebending skills again. Fortunately, with the help of Izuku Midoriya, he was able to put this event behind him and move on.

Why does Shoto have a scar?


Shoto’s scar is unique, and it leaves a deep impression. To put it differently, no one is insensitive to this scar. In other words, it is an indication of the burn his mother inflicted on him to punish him for his disobedience. His wife apparently became mentally disturbed because of Endeavor’s conduct. She eventually went insane.

Unfortunately, she began to transfer her disgust for her husband onto Shoto.

She claimed that his left side disgusted her during one of her rage attacks. Because it reflected Endeavor, it was a source of great shame to her.

She finally gave up because her husband was so cruel. One day, when Shoto suddenly appeared before her, she immediately poured boiling water on him.

Shoto’s mother was taken to a mental institution after this terrible incident. Shoto and his brothers were deeply affected. Their mother, with the help of the nurses at the facility, gradually began to come to her senses. Find our My Hero Academia Shoes and My Hero Academia Slippers on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

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