Shoto Todoroki : My Hero Academia

Shoto Todoroki : My Hero Academia

Shoto Todoroki (轟焦凍, Todoroki Shōto), one of the heroes and major characters of My Hero Academia, is a student of Yuei High School and an A student accepted on recommendation. He aspires to become a professional hero. Find our My Hero Academia Shirts and My Hero Academia Hoodies in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

The appearance of Shoto Todoroki

Shoto is a tall, well-built teenager with shoulder-length black hair. He has fringes that he splits in two to avoid blurring his vision. His hair is also divided into two shades: white on the right and crimson red on the left because of his change. This could be due to a recessive gene, which is responsible for genes that produce more melanin in the iris and therefore give him a strange hue. His eyes are thin and cold, and he has a large burn scar on his face that runs from his hairline to halfway down his cheek.

Despite this, many of his classmates find him attractive. Mina Ashido, in particular, thinks he is the most handsome boy in the second grade.

At school, he wears Yuei’s usual male attire. He substitutes a neutral brown shoe with pale, informal cyan laces instead of the usual brown laces.

He is seen wearing a plain white shirt, matching trousers and boots with two gold straps on the shoulders in his first hero costume. An ice-like substance covers the entire left side of his body, including his head, which he removes to reject the fire aspect of his alter.

His new hero costume is a dark blue jacket with angled sleeves, a high collar with a grey neck piece in the centre, loose trousers of the same colour and a plated metal combat waistcoat. He also has white boots with soles and a thin line down the middle that are darker than his skin colour. He wears a brown utility belt around his waist, with small metal capsules hanging from the front containing medical supplies.

In the Arc of the provisional license exam, he is given two burgundy wrist guards with metal plating to help keep his body temperature stable after his attacks, and he wears boots with a set of straps.

The personality of Shoto Todoroki


Shoto was much colder and more reserved in his previous life, as he had had a rather hard childhood. He preferred to be alone rather than hanging out with other people because he was focused and unemotional. Shoto became much more sociable after the Yuei Sports Championship, he even acquired a sense of humour and would occasionally smile despite his aloof demeanour. After the Arc Rattrapage, he began to open up more to his classmates and lightened his usually serious attitude.

Despite his calm demeanour, Shoto had a moderate degree of arrogance at first, which, coupled with his solitary habits, sometimes led him to take the lead without regard to the opinions of others, certain that he could overcome any obstacle with his own power. He was also considerably meaner; in fact, someone might end up despising him.

Shoto is a seasoned fighter who knows how to keep his cool and his composure in the face of real threats. Despite his brutality in battle, Shoto is exceptionally reasonable in the realm of heroism, wishing only to take down his frozen enemies rather than kill them by prolonging their frozen state. Shoto seems to get some of his moral convictions from All Might, like Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo.

Shoto deeply fears his fire abilities, which he got from Endeavor, because they are linked to his father’s hatred for him and his mother and what he was born to be: a tool to defeat all power, a fate he despises. Shoto decided to rely only on his ice power in battle and never use the other half of his alter, even covering his torso and arms with ice in his first hero costume to symbolize his resistance against his father. His flames were used for the sole purpose of extinguishing ice-type attacks.

At the Yuei Sports Championship, Izuku’s words recalled his mother’s encouragement, and for the first time since he was a child, Shoto used his firepower in battle. He was in a trance during the fight, and afterwards he had ambivalent feelings about using his left side. Shoto eventually came to accept the half he once despised after reconciling with his mother. Although he was labelled as a youth by his mother, he has no animosity towards his mother and has visited her frequently since the tournament ended.

Shoto, on the other hand, continues to hold a grudge against Endeavor, although he respects his father’s heroism and recognizes that such animosity cannot be easily erased. Shoto’s father, Norman Osborn, deprived him of a normal childhood in order to train him to achieve his own selfish goals. Shoto still suffers from various psychological scars after all these years, which reappear when others compare him to Endeavor. Shoto now aspires to be a hero, but in his own way, largely due to Izuku’s influence.

Shoto’s cold attitude towards Endeavor has not abated, and he has made it clear that it would be difficult for him to forgive his father’s death and the way he treated him and his mother, but he has shown concern for his father’s safety. Now that Endeavor is trying to repair the breakdown in his relationship with his family, Shoto has taken a cautious but hopeful approach.

History and biography of Shoto Todoroki


Enji Todoroki, Shoto’s father, was always overshadowed by his fierce competitor All Might and was only considered the second best, despite his excellent record in solving crimes. Enji’s goal of surpassing All Might prompted him to impose an alter marriage on Rei Todoroki in order to give birth to a child with an alter strong enough to surpass All Might.

At the age of five, Shoto began to be taught by his father because of his alter. However, Shoto’s training proved to be too difficult, causing him to sob and vomit. Rei tried to intercede on his behalf, but Enji refused to listen and even assaulted her in front of Shoto.

Shoto’s father also prevented him from interacting with his older siblings when they played, and Shoto came to hate his training and despise his father for mistreating him and his mother.

Rei was always there to encourage Shoto in difficult times. Despite the abuse she suffered, she constantly pushed Shoto to become a hero. Once, they watched a special program on All Might. It encouraged young people to develop their own abilities, even if they had inherited their parents’ talents. Rei told him that he was not bound by his lineage, and that he had the power to become whoever he wanted to be with the guidance of All Might.

Rei, on the other hand, gradually distanced herself from him as she grew up and found it hard to look at Shoto’s left side because he reminded her of Enji. One day, while talking about her past trauma on the phone with her mother, she discovered that she no longer had the mental stability to raise her child. Shoto’s sudden arrival at the door stunned Rei, who then began throwing boiling water on her face to give her a burn over her left eye.

Shoto began to suspect that his mother had been murdered after another of Enji’s wives, Ume, was found dead in a ditch. Shoto asked where his mother was after this event, to which Enji replied that he had sent her to the hospital to harm her. Shoto pointed at Enji and said that it was all his fault. Later in life, Shota would forget his mother’s words of encouragement.

Shoto’s miserable childhood left him obsessed with his father’s rejection. He became cold and distant towards others. Shoto participated in the Yuei entrance exam, where he met Inasa Yoarashi. Inasa tried to find out about Shoto’s father, but he was rejected. nThe two of them were at the same stage of the practical examI when I, Nasa, narrowly managed to win first place over Shoto. The one who was to become a student of Shiketsu High School sought to reconnect with Shoto, but he was rejected and ordered to get out of his way, as usual.

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Shoto Todoroki's skills and abilities


Overall Abilities: Shoto is a product of his father’s teaching, and has been recognized as one of the greatest students of the Second A from a young age. He finished second in both the Alter Assessment Test and the Yuei Sports Championship (although the latter was achieved because he deactivated his alter at the last moment due to his psychological instability). Shoto dominated all the villains in the landslide area and showed superb judgment, combat sensitivity, and athletic ability in the sports championship.

When Shoto and Izuku fought, a spectator said that Shoto was already stronger than the average pro hero. This would have either destroyed the stadium or killed both of them, if not one of them. As Izuku and Shoto headed to the top of the gate, they were intercepted by Cementos and Midnight. This shows how strong Shoto and Izuku are when they fight each other. Despite losing to Katsuki Bakugo in the last round, Katsuki admits that Shoto could have won the fight if he had used his full strength. After restoring his fire abilities, Shoto was powerful enough to take on Stain, an S-level nemesis who had defeated many professional heroes before. Stain himself is well aware of Shoto’s power. After Stain’s defeat, Pixie-Bob noted that Todoroki was one of the best students of second A, as Izuku had stated. According to Izuku, working together as the Bakugo escort team (consisting of him, Shoto, Katsuki Bakugo, Fumikage Tokoyami, and Mezo Shoji), the whole gang has the potential to face someone like All Might.

  • Increased Resistance: Shoto has proven to be quite resilient, surviving multiple assaults from Izuku, including a direct punch to the stomach from the 5% enhanced One For All that did not cause significant damage.
  • Increased Stamina: Shoto has demonstrated that he can fight even when injured, as in his fight with Stain, where he is able to continue to fight and support his teammates despite multiple wounds to his arm and face, and even carry the unconscious body of the villain after the fight is over.
  • Increased Agility: Shoto is a fast and agile hero with quick reactions. Thanks to his own athletic skills, he was able to hold on to first place for the majority of the obstacle course in the sports championship. He was also able to build walls of ice in the blink of an eye to avoid being thrown out of the ring during his fights with Izuku and Katsuki, as well as partially deflect a knife thrown at his face.
  • Acute Intelligence: Shoto proved to be a prodigy. Shoto figured that the bad guys had an alternate user in their ranks who could disrupt communications during the SCA situation. He discovered that the attacking bad guys had a strategy and asked them some questions to get answers. Shoto’s hypothesis was correct because the objective of the bad guys was to kill All Might. After observing Izuku’s strength and comparing it to his statement about All Might fighting the nomu, Shoto realized that Izuku had a connection to All Might. Shoto was right in thinking that Izuku had a connection to All Might, but he wrongly guessed that Izuku could be All Might’s secret child. He was able to locate Izuku, Tenya and Stain using an emergency phone call and did so in time despite his complaints. Shoto is a very talented student when it comes to studies, having finished in fifth place in the mid-term exams. Shoto discovered a loophole in Itsuka’s precautionary plan to keep Momo away from her teammates during the match between Momo Yaoyorozu’s team and Itsuka Kendo’s team. He pointed out that if she wanted to be careful with Momo, Itsuka would have made her whole team invade all the children as soon as the fight started. Shoto concluded that Izuku’s development of a second alter is similar to his own, but he did not realize the true significance of Izuku’s new power.


Ice and Fire (半冷半燃 Hanrei Hannen ): Shoto’s Alter allows her to control both pyrokinesis and cryokinesis: the left side of her body creates fire, while the right generates ice. The ends of his right arm can also be used to cool things down enough to produce huge slabs of ice. The ones on the left side, on the other hand, generate heat and allow Shoto to make and throw flames. When his alteration approaches its extreme, it has no visible negative effects, except that the ice causes his body to freeze and he begins to tremble.

The major disadvantage of Shoto’s Alter is that he is forced to maintain a constant body temperature because too much use of his ice causes him to get cold bites. The frost on his skin slows him down both physically and mentally, limiting the power and speed of his frozen strikes. However, if his flames can counteract the low temperature, they can also be used to counteract this drawback. However, if he continues to use this technique for a long time, his body will overheat and start to burn. This weakness can also be compensated by using the appropriate side of his body to cancel out the high heat.

Shoto’s biggest flaw, as Stain pointed out, is that he relies too much on his ability to alter.

Shoto does not have complete control over his flames because he despises them because they remind him of his father, Endeavor. Shoto, on the other hand, is very good at handling his ice and uses it effectively. Specifically, Shoto sent the ice at the SCA Brainless without touching All Might, who was then trapped in the monster’s arms and in the Black Mist portal. Shoto is naturally good at using ice, as he has an ice path in his quirk that allows him to control the temperature of space. He can also create large glaciers, which he does on a large scale. Izuku helped Shoto accept his flames after Yuei’s sports competition, and it was only then that Shoto agreed to start using his flames. Despite the fact that he can use both abilities at the same time, he claims that learning this technique slows him down. When he trains for his ultimate technique, he claims that the combination of ice and fire reduces his speed.

He eventually admits that he has been using ice as his first attack for so long that he considers it a muscle reflex, which makes him predictable. Because of this, he often fails and belatedly realizes that it would be wiser to use his flames, as he demonstrated in his conflict with the Second B. During this fight, Shoto unleashed the full power of his flames, which All Might claims are as strong as Endeavor’s. According to Endeavor, while Shoto’s flames have the potential to surpass his own, Shoto is still dangerous when he uses his flames at full power, especially if he does not control them.

Special techniques of Shoto Todoroki


Giant Ice Wall: Shoto builds a huge glacier that can either envelop his opponent or completely obstruct the immediate area with ice. This technique was originally used in his fight against Hanta Sero during the sports festival, but it went unnoticed until the end-of-term exams. He told Mr. Compress that it was more powerful than necessary, but he was irritated and overused it. In his fight against Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto used this technique extensively. When he attacked Mr. Compress, he also used this attack on a large scale.


Wall of Flames: Shoto’s left side is used to create bursts of flame that cover a large area. This is both a defensive and offensive technique, similar to the Giant Ice Wall maneuver. It can be used to attack several people at once and create distance between Shoto and his target. Shoto originally used this method against Tetsutetsu in a joint training with the 1-B class.


The Great Ice Heat Wave ( Bōrei Neppa): Shoto uses this method by first cooling the air with his ice. Shoto then quickly heats the air with his flames, causing it to expand. This technique allows him to generate a strong burst of fire comparable to an explosion.


Flashfire Fist (赫灼熱拳 Kaku Shakunekken): The user raises the temperature of their flames to the maximum and compresses them to a point of white heat, greatly increasing their power. It was developed by Endeavor to be used with Shoto’s signature technique.


Flashfire Fist – Jet Kindling: Shoto concentrates his flames in a white hot area on his fist and attacks his opponent. Shoto’s arm explodes with a huge flame on contact, severely burning his target.

Shoto Todoroki's equipment

  • Hero suit: Shoto’s second hero suit is meant to take advantage of his two sides of fire and ice in battle. It is meant to keep his body temperature as low as possible by regulating it.
  • Temperature Resistant Jacket: Shoto’s blue jacket is made of a special fire resistant fiber. There is a gadget near the neck that monitors his body temperature and helps him maintain it.
  • Combat Jacket: Shoto’s back device is able to detect Shoto’s body heat and immediately warms up or cools down as needed. Shoto had his original costume designed to have a heating mechanism.
  • Utility Belt: Shoto’s belt is equipped with metal capsules that contain water, painkillers and disinfectants, making it a first aid kit.
  • Snow boots: Shoto wears white snow boots with spikes under the soles, which prevent him from slipping on his own ice. Later, he gets straps that cross over the top of the boots.
  • Wristguards: Since Shoto’s suit is made of a similar material, he added new wrist guards made of the same substance. They seem to keep the heat and ice off his arms and into his body, preventing the intense temperatures from reaching him.

Shoto Todoroki's relations


Enji Todoroki

Shoto’s father is Endeavor. Because Endeavor saw Shoto as a tool to defeat All Might, their relationship was at its lowest ebb. Shoto despised his father who saw him as a tool and abused him and his mother.

Endeavor began training Shoto when he was still very young, but he was harsh and abusive. It was at this time that Shoto began to despise his father, telling his mother that he never wanted to become a hero like him. When Shoto’s father began to abuse his mother and prevent him from seeing his siblings, he became even angrier. After Endeavor hospitalized his mother, Shoto lost control, openly expressing his dislike for him to his father.

Shoto’s animosity toward his father had a significant influence on his early personality. He was extremely rebellious toward him, and frequently thought of disowning him in any way possible. Shoto’s disgust for his father was so intense that he refused to use his fire abilities since they came from his father rather than himself, seeing him as an extension of his father rather than himself. He was forced to use his fire abilities out of necessity due to his desire to deny his father the pleasure of surpassing All Might by relying on his fire alter, which he did. He concealed his left side with ice in order to challenge his father in his original hero costume.

Shoto doesn’t blame his father for his bad personality and the abuse he put him through in his youth, but he is not blinded by his hatred for him. Shoto respects his father for his intelligence, judgment and insight, even though he despises him for his incompetence and stupidity. He chose the Endeavor organization because he thought it would teach him a lot about what it means to be a hero through work experience.

Despite this, Shoto has not yet forgiven his father for everything he has done, but he no longer lets him dominate his life as a person. After All Might retired, Shoto’s father became furious when he took the number one spot.

Enji was sure that his son would pass the next steps of the exam because he had seen his development during the catch-up period, but Shoto rejected him coldly. Enji simply advised him to become a better hero and a man he could be proud of, but Shoto just ignored him and smiled at his father’s transformation.

Shoto was shocked and disgusted to see his father being beaten by a villain during a news report about his father’s fight against High End. Shoto continued to watch his father nomu, even cheering him on before seeing him emerge victorious. Shoto fell to his knees and was relieved when he saw this, assuming that it meant his father was safe again. After defeating High End, Shoto returned to school to see his father again, but after seeing how happy he was for him, Shoto decided not to. Shoto mentioned Enji’s recent scar, presumably implying that he now understands that scars are irreversible. Natsuo then confronted Enji, where Shoto referred to him as a great hero after his success. Shoto surprised Enji by stating that he had not yet forgiven him, but that he expected to see the changes he would make as a father.

Rei Todoroki

Shoto’s mother is kind, caring and affectionate towards Shoto, which shows how much he adored her. She was similar to his father in that she was a devoted parent who loved to teach morals and ethics to her children.

Shoto despised his father for his constant abuse of his mother. When Shoto was only five years old, Endeavor began to train him very hard, but his mother frequently tried to stop Endeavor from using strange training techniques. Shoto’s mother encouraged him during those dark days, telling him that it was okay for him to become a hero.

Endeavor’s cruelty soon infuriated Shoto’s mother, who began to despise him and shun his left side. One day she finally broke down and threw boiling water on Shoto’s face, burning his left eye. Shoto did not resent his mother for this act and showed no animosity towards her, but he held his father responsible. Shoto learned that his mother had been admitted to the hospital and was furious. He referred to his ice abilities as his mother’s alter during her rebellion against his father, showing that he was trying to become the better hero using only his ice powers for both of their sakes.

Shoto still loves his mother, even after everything that happened in the past. After Yuei’s sports championship, Shoto met his mother and they reconciled. After that, Shoto finally agreed to use his firepower. The two are close, and they spend their days off together. When he was a child, he used to watch All Might’s exploits on TV with his mother, which was one of the few enjoyable moments in his life.

Fuyumi Todoroki

Shoto could not communicate with his brothers during his early years because of his father’s harsh training methods. However, he got along well with his sister Fuyumi Todoroki, and they seemed close enough to tell him that he was seeing their mother.

Natsuo Todoroki

During his Hero Pro arc, Shoto spent time with his sister Natsuo Todoroki before seeing his brother Natsuo warn their father about his previous conduct towards them. Shoto stated that he had never seen his brother become so emotional before. He also seemed to feel bad about his wish to be part of the family. He gets along well with Natsuo.

Toya Todoroki

When Toya, Shoto’s older brother, saw him as his replacement in their father’s plan to take down All Might, he tried to attack him while he was still a newborn. Shoto was not allowed to interact with Toya without knowing that Toya had tried to kill him as a baby, as did the rest of his siblings. It is likely that part of this absence motivates Shoto’s hatred for his father.

Shoto did not recognize Toya after he resurfaced as Dabi the super-villain at summer training camp. Shoto’s father was delighted to learn that his older brother had become a terrible villain and that the one who had sent Ending to capture their brother Natsuo, intended to attack Toya, and in Toya’s eyes, his younger brother is nothing. Since then, Shoto tries to prevent his brother from joining his father.

Izuku Midoriya

Shoto initially considered Izuku as his ultimate rival since he was related to All Might. Shoto’s encounters with Izuku became more serious after the defeat of Stain, but not to the point of being hostile.

Shoto began to take Izuku more seriously after forcing him to use his firepower during the battle of the horsemen, and went so far as to tell Izuku his story and promise that he would surpass him using only his ice abilities. Shoto has great respect for Izuku, noting that he is considerably superior to him. After seeing Shoto’s sadness, Izuku began to feel sorry for him and decided to help him rather than focus on winning. When Shoto spoke to Izuku at the end of their fight, he thanked him for helping him realize that he was not his father. Shoto began to recognize Izuku’s skills after his fight with him, noticing that he is a person who must help others.

Shoto has a high regard for Izuku’s strength and his desire to help people, even if it puts him in danger or costs him money. He is willing to work with Izuku, which implies that he believes him to be competent. Shoto is the first and only one to arrive when Izuku sends an emergency rescue message in the Arc Stain, showing that he now considers him a friend. Shoto was even surprised by Izuku’s improved control over his alter.

Izuku is worried about Shoto’s feelings after the final exams. We find Shoto with his own promises and encouragement, such as when he assured Izuku that “heroes are supposed to cry” and considered Izuku’s feelings, asking if he wanted to join them when they went to save Katsuki.

After the lessons were over, Shoto went to Izuku to ask him about his second alter. Shoto had initially thought that Izuku was keeping his power a secret, but he had previously advised him to give it all away. However, he felt that Izuku’s promise was an unexpected event, and explained how he intended to master a shooting technique.

Momo Yaoyorozu

Despite the fact that their encounters were few, Shoto and Momo are generally on good terms. Shoto is similar to Momo in many ways, as both are students who were admitted to Yuei on recommendation, come from families of renowned heroes, and have strong alternative personalities.

Shoto clearly respects Momo’s intellect and talents. He selected her for the Battle of the Riders at the Yuei Sports Championship, and she was elected class president. Shoto even praised Momo’s leadership abilities and suggested that she be elected class president, telling her that he thought she excelled in that position.

Shoto was paired with Momo against Aizawa in the practical part of the final exams. He seemed oblivious to the fact that Momo’s low self-esteem allowed her to compare herself to him. When his plot backfired, he apologized for not asking Momo if he had any suggestions. Shoto comforted Momo when she voiced her concerns aloud by telling her that he had confidence in her abilities and believed in her. Shoto encouraged Momo to have confidence in her as a leader after she was taken prisoner by their teacher. They worked together to deceive Shota, overcome her obstacles, and pass the exam.

After the conflict, the two youths became closer and acknowledged their problems. Shoto also asks Momo to help Izuku and Tenya save Katsuki without having to get involved when he is taken by the Super Villains Alliance.

Katsuki Bakugo

Shoto and Katsuki have met a few times before, including at the sports championship obstacle course, where they had a brief altercation for first place, and before they faced off in the final match of the championship tournament. Shoto did not seem to respect Katsuki’s arrogant attitude, and he did not seem to consider him a rival. It was observed that Katsuki was jealous of Shoto’s strength after seeing him in the fighting event. Katsuki, on the other hand, is not a fan of Shoto’s cold behavior. Unlike Izuku, Katsuki doesn’t seem to care about Shoto’s problems or feelings. By the end of the first semester, it seems that Shoto and Katsuki have reached a balance with each other, so that they can interact without animosity, as demonstrated when they joked about Kota reminding them of people they know.

Shoto and Katsuki teamed up for the bravery test during the trip to summer camp, so when the coalition of supervillains attacked, they were separated from everyone else. Shoto tried to persuade Katsuki not to fight, reminding her of the deadly risks of using her alter near the gas and urging her not to get caught, but Katsuki showed some fury towards Shoto. Shoto tried to save Katsuki from being kidnapped by the Alliance and agreed to help rescue her. Since then, Shoto has been friendlier to Katsuki, trying to engage her in informal talks, such as when they were forced to attend extra classes to get their provisional licenses. However, Katsuki remains irritated with Shoto for this reason. When Katsuki suggested in the Arc Rattrapage to be more violent with juvenile delinquents, Shoto suggested that there should be other methods to deal with them. This caused Katsuki to consider Shoto’s history, which proved that he was at least more empathetic to Shoto’s past than he had been before.

Tenya Iida

Shoto seems to be on good terms with Tenya, whom he respects for his incredible speed, and Tenya seems to respect Shoto for being a real hero.

Shoto and Tenya meet for the first time when he chooses him to join his team in the Rider War. Shoto is concerned about Tenya’s mental health after learning of Stain’s Tensei Iida’s injuries at the championship. Shoto also understands Tenya’s animosity for Stain, and he knows how to feel similar to him. He has the idea to help Tenya overcome his bitterness and encourage him to become the man he wants to be. They are frequently seen together with Izuku Midoriya afterwards, suggesting that they consider each other friends.

Over time, their relationship grew stronger. Tenya was the only member of Shoto’s team to acknowledge that something was wrong with him, surprising his teammates, who could not understand how he knew what Shoto was thinking, as Shota’s face rarely changes.

The two students try to support and encourage each other after their encounter with the Second B team.

Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro has a good relationship with Shoto. They didn’t interact much before, except when Eijiro tried to stop Shoto from declaring war on Izuku for the sports championship.

They bond more during Katsuki’s kidnapping because they both agreed to go rescue him, despite the fact that it was against the rules. During the rescue mission, they had no problem working together.

Finally, we see that their relationship with each other improves with time and they interact more frequently because of it. For example, after Neito Monoma makes a joke about the fact that two students in second A failed the provisional hero license exam and all their classmates in second B passed it, Shoto apologizes to his classmates for being one of the ones who failed, but Eijiro tries to appease him by saying that Monoma is faking it.

All Might

Shoto was created and trained by his father for the sole purpose of surpassing All Might, but while Shoto expresses this desire, it does not appear as heavy-handed as Endeavor’s; instead, Shoto has respected and admired All Might since he was a child, as he watched him on television with his mother, and this is part of the reason he wishes to become a hero. That is part of the reason he wants to become a hero. He admires All Might’s words that an alter is his, regardless of his lineage, and wants to become a hero like him.

Shoto takes on the role of All Might’s counterpart, and his connection to Izuku is revealed. All Might is amazed by Shoto’s abilities, who seems to have seen the boy’s problems and tried to help him without meddling in his personal affairs.

Shota Aizawa

Shoto’s relationship with his instructor is excellent. In general, he does not give him as much trouble as Izuku or Bakugou, although Aizawa is aware that Shoto has his own set of difficulties to overcome.

In the final test of the term, Shoto teams up with Momo and faces Aizawa. Shoto is captured by Aizawa during the fight. He asks him to trust Momo more in his plan, telling him that he is putting too much importance on himself. Shoto follows his teacher’s advice, and together they defeat him.

Shoto ignored Aizawa’s orders during the Arc Raid against the Alliance of Super-Villains and rushed to Bakugo’s aid, where he was one of five students who broke the rules. This conduct earned him strong criticism from Aizawa, who claimed that if All Might had not retired, he would have been expelled with the rest of the students.

Their friendship grew stronger over time. When the battle between Endeavor and High End was broadcast on television, Aizawa showed his concern for Shoto. When Endeavor was about to die, Aizawa ran to where Shoto was, anxious and wondering how it would affect him. He stood over him as he prayed for his father after Endeavor’s victory, relieved that he had survived.

Inasa Yoarashi

In the final stages of the exam for Yuei students who went through references, Inasa won and went to congratulate Shoto on his strength, but was completely overlooked by Shoto, leading him to despise him. They then met at the provisional license exam, where Shoto asked about Inasa’s hostile looks for bringing up the event during the exam. The conflict between Inasa and Shoto caused them to disregard the situation and compete, but they came to their senses when Midoriya became angry. Despite this, they both failed, with Inasa regretting failing Shoto and Shoto claiming that it was also his fault for failing them both.

During the Arc Rattrapage session, they began to understand each other and despite Inasa’s persistent bitterness towards him, he moderated it. However, their hobbies still clash from time to time.


Stain’s idea of murdering “phony” heroes to get justice revolts him, going so far as to tell Tenya not to listen to him. Stain seems to have respect for Shoto’s power and his desire to save his friends.

The trivia of Shoto Todoroki

  • The Todoroki surname is composed of a single kanji: 轟. It is derived from the term todoroku which means “to roar, to be known, to be celebrated”. Because his father was the #2 superhero before becoming the retired #1 of All Might, the Todoroki family is notable.
  • For each member of the Todoroki family, the author has taken a first name and written it in relation to their alter. Shoto’s first name is made up of two characters: 焦 + 凍.

Sho is a kanji meaning “to burn” The verb saseru, which also means “to be in a hurry, to be impatient, to be annoyed/irritated, to lose one’s presence of mind, and so on,” is derived from it. Although this does not exactly reflect Shoto’s behavior, it may allude to the fury he felt towards his father before fighting Izuku.

The kanji 凍 (to) means “to freeze, to be frozen, to freeze.”

  • Shoto is a Japanese name. However, it is not usually written that way.
  • The kanji was changed by the author to show Shoto’s two different personalities!
  • Shoto’s favorite food is cold sobas.
  • Shoto’s Yuei records are as follows:
  • Shoto is a Second A student.
  • Shoto is in fifth place among his classmates in terms of grades.
  • Shoto finished second in the Aizawa Alter Test.
  • Shoto was one of the final participants in the first Yuei Sports Championship.
  • Shoto’s popularity rankings in the polls are as follows:
  • Shoto finished second in the first and fourth popularity polls.
  • Shoto finished third in the second and third popularity polls.
  • Although not specifically based on him, the character of Shoto has many parallels to Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Both have abusive fathers in their past.
  • Both can generate fire.
  • They both have a burn scar on the left side of their eye, thanks to a family member.
  • The protagonist meets both and becomes friends with them, but one is cold and distant while the other is more open and becomes a friend.
  • They despise their fathers but adore their mothers.
  • Both were taken from their mothers at a young age and reunited several years later.
  • Both have a bad father. Shoto’s father abused him to teach him to fight, while Zuko’s father abused him because he was inferior to him. Their respective fathers sought out their mothers based on their genetics: Rei for her strong alter, Ursa for her family ties and being a descendant of
  • Avatar Roku, and Ursa for her family ties and being a descendant of Avatar Roku.
  • Their fathers forced their mothers to marry before they were born, as did their own fathers. Interestingly, Kohei Horikoshi has stated that these similarities are purely accidental.
  • With his birthday in January, he is the fourth youngest in the class, taking into account that each student was 15 years old at the beginning of the school year in Yuei.
  • Momo Yoyorozu, Juzo Honenuki and Setsuna Tokage were also accepted on official recommendation. He is one of four applicants who were accepted on the basis of merit after a rigorous selection process.

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