Ochaco Uraraka : My Hero Academia

Ochaco Uraraka : My Hero Academia

Ochaco Uraraka (麗日お茶子, Uraraka Ochako) is a main character in My Hero Academia, and one of the protagonists of the manga. She is a student at Yuei High School and in the second grade A. She aspires to become a professional hero in order to earn money and give her parents a better lifestyle. Find our Women My Hero Academia Shirts and Women My Hero Academia Sweatshirts in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

The appearance of Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco has shoulder-length brown hair and large hazel eyes. She has two long locks on either side of her round face, as well as a square haircut at the back. She has small pads on each finger which are used to activate her Alter.

Hero Costume

Ochaco’s skin-tight suit is black and light pink. Her outfit includes a helmet that protects the semicircular canals of the inner ear, as well as two bracelets that exert pressure through a blood pressure monitor-like gadget. The medium boots are made of inflexible, waterproof leather. They also have a collar that stimulates acupressure points at the base of the skull to relieve migraines and heavy boots with a shock absorbing cushion in the sole. The heels are also reinforced with springs.

When the heroic stages are resumed, Ochaco’s outfit undergoes a change. The belt around his waist has been modified. The gauntlets on her arms have grown rings protruding from the side and are now capable of pulling grappling hooks, as previously mentioned. She no longer wears a glass visor in front of her face, and the design of her helmet has been changed.

The personality of Ochaco Uraraka


Ochaacu is kind and pleasant to the people she meets, and she will help those who have helped her in the past. Because of her pleasant and amusing nature, small things easily excite or surprise Ochaacu, causing her to lose her temper. Her reactions are often comical and exaggerated.

Uraraka’s confidence is contagious. She is very proud, and this rubs off on those around her. Uraraka can sometimes be fierce, adopting an extremely determined and intimidating expression that may surprise her classmates. This quality is apparent in combat where she is cautious. She does not like to be taken lightly. Ochaco’s parents are her main source of motivation to become a professional hero. Her desire to help them is one of the driving forces behind her ambitions. Although this may be difficult for Ochaco, she is also upfront about her goals, stating that she wants to become a professional hero in order to make money.

Ochaco’s career choice as a future professional hero is rescue missions. She is a big fan of the hero Number 13. She is also aware of her own physical abilities, and has chosen Gun Head (“the fighting hero”) for her field training to learn martial arts rather than facing danger head on.

The history of Ochaco Uraraka


She wants to be a hero so that she can give her parents a good life with her income, although they want her to live her own life rather than look after them.

Ochaco Uraraka's relations

Izuku Midoriya

Ochaco is a pretty girl who, like Izuku, has parents who are professionals. They understand each other and get along well. She seems to be the closest to Izuku, respects him a lot and trusts his judgements and decisions. Ochaco also trusts Izuku a lot and enjoys her presence. He also has feelings for her. After Izuku protected Ochaco during the entrance exam, their friendship began.

During the end of term exam, Yuga Aoyama asks Ochaco if she is in love with Izuku, to which she responds by blushing. Because of her uncertainty about her feelings for him, when they are alone together, she shuns Izuku in an exaggerated manner. After the provisional license exam, Ochaco chooses to put her future as a heroine before her relationship with Izuku.

Tenya Iida

They became friends because they were close to Izuku. They get along very well and frequently find themselves together in tense circumstances.

Mei Hatsume

Ochaco has a conflicting relationship with Mei, because of her frankness. She seems jealous when Izuku praises Mei’s gadgets, or irritated when Mei denounces Izuku’s body so that she can “check the merchandise” When she discovers that Mei has made new gloves for Izuku, she appears upset and disturbed.

Himiko Toga

Himiko and Himiko are on opposite sides of the supervillain alliance. When they met, Himiko tried to attack Ochaco and Tsuyu. Himiko called them her “friends” with a smirk. When Toga found out that Ochaco had feelings for someone, she hit a nerve.

Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki, who considered himself the only “main character” of class A, did not recognize Ochaco at first when he had to face him in the championship. He was not interested at first and did not pay attention to the names of his classmates. He thought he would defeat Uraraka with one blow before he discovered his strategy (getting his attention and making him produce projectiles he can use later). Bakugo will give his all in the fight after learning that she is not stupid and that he can establish his worth by competing against her. Although condemned by the crowd for his lack of self-control, Aizawa points out that Bakugo gave it his all because he respects his opponent. Back in the stands, Ochaco’s lack of self-control will be contrasted with “a delicate young man” and Katsuki mockingly snarls, “Fragile? You bet.” This is proof that he understands his fighting ability. Because of her pudgy face, he nicknamed her “Egghead.”

Skills and competences of Ochaco Uraraka


Zero Gravity

Zero gravity gives her the ability to lift anything that comes in contact with her, whether it be an object or a person, using the pads on each of her fingertips. She prevented Izuku Midoriya from tripping at the school entrance by using this power. When she uses her power too much, she feels nauseous and frequently regurgitates. As the books progress, she learns to float for a short period of time.

  • Comet Service: Ochaco has the ability to incapacitate an opponent by throwing large debris at them.

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