Nine : All About His 7 Alters

Nine : All About His 7 Alters

In My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, the students of Class 1-A thought they would spend a few weeks of community service on Nabu, an island untouched by the onslaught of villains on the mainland. Unfortunately for them, the evil Nine has set his sights on the island in search of a powerful alter. The conflict with Nine and his crew was fierce, and it took two One For All’s to defeat him; however, there was a purpose.

Sixteen not only had an alter, but he also possessed many other alters that he had stolen and developed into his own. Many fans may have forgotten all of his characters, and others may still be confused about how they work, which is crucial to understanding why he was such a formidable opponent who took so much effort to defeat. Check out our My Hero Academia Winter Gloves and My Hero Academia Pants in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

7) Sweeping


Scanning was one of Nine’s restorative alterations that helped him in his search for a similar alteration. With this alter, he could read a person’s skills and even measure their power level with special infrared vision.

He could see that Katsuma was the one with the cell-activating alter he needed after scanning them, and when he fought Midoriya for the first time, Nine noticed that his power increased as he used One For All at 20% more frequently.

6) Air Wall


The Air Wall was one of Nine’s most frequently used alterations, given the way it could be used both offensively and defensively. In an instant, Nine could generate a circular wall of compressed air in front of him to defend against incoming attacks. The air shields he could generate were quite durable, capable of withstanding the assaults of Midoriya and Bakugo. For additional protection, Nine could stack air barriers.

He could also launch an intense blast of compressed air from his air shields, allowing him to throw his opponents after blocking their movements.

5) Laser Ball


His Quirk, Bullet Laser, allows him to generate violet laser beams from his fingertips, powerful enough to cut through flesh and stone. They also explode on impact, causing considerable devastation to the environment around them.

When 1-A’s children tried to bury him to force him to use up his alternate personalities, it was Nine’s Laser Bullet that prevented anyone from putting a stone too close. This Quirk is fast, accurate, and allows him to take on opponents like Sero, who was trying to intimidate him from afar.

4) Cell Activation


At the beginning of the film, Nine took the ability of Katsuma Shimano’s father to activate specific cells in the bodies of those he touches to increase his natural rate of healing and regeneration. This duplicate is comparable to Recovery Girl’s Heal in that it allows users to activate certain cells in the bodies of others to increase natural healing and regrowth rates.

Unfortunately, the downside of this meter is that it leaves the user feeling drained. Due to their limited endurance reserves, they are dependent on it. The second disadvantage is that it can only be used on individuals with a certain blood type, which is significant in My Hero Academia as Strain has launched its alternative.

Although the ability to control type A people was lost during his childhood, Katsuma’s father could not use his alter on type A people, making it useless to Nine. Katsuma, on the other hand, had the same alter, he only used it on people of type A, B, O or AB. This is also the “universal donor” blood type. The alter was stolen by Nine because it allowed him to restore his physical form when he could not control his own powers.

3) Hydra


Katsuki has a Quirk, named Hydra, which allows her to generate and control a gigantic snake-like creature from her back. It can split into multiple heads in order to capture Bakugo and Midoriya just before they reach 100% One For All. At its peak, Nine was capable of producing nine hydras. They are quite strong and fast, able to withstand Bakugo and Dekugo’s ranged assaults while chasing them.

However, when he was in the lead, Longstreet preferred the coup de grâce to the chip-and-charge tactic. He would use this attack on opponents who tried to hit him from behind, not only catching them off guard, but also covering his biggest blind spot, as Air Wall could not protect him from a sneak attack from behind.

2) Manipulation of Time


In a single minute, Nine could drastically alter the weather, frequently using this ability to generate clouds in the sky and rain down lightning on his enemies. His weather-altering power was powerful enough to destroy entire cities, and he could even give himself the ability to levitate, as he demonstrated in his final battle with Deku and Bakugo.

Although this was one of his most powerful alters, and the one he was originally created with, it took a heavy toll on his body, so he used it carefully.

1) All For One


All For One was originally the only opponent capable of stealing Quirks, which made him quite scary. Nine, on the other hand, acquired the same function from the evil scientist Kyudai Garaki, who was only able to store eight alters in addition to time manipulation. Unfortunately, the use of All For One’s alteration exacerbated the negative effects of his condition, and he needed equipment to keep him alive in much the same way as All For One.

Whether it’s losing himself entirely or putting himself in danger for the rest of his life, My Hero Academia makes it clear that there is a price to pay for having many doubles. Find our MY HERO ACADEMIA CLOTHES and MY HERO ACADEMIA WOMEN’S CLOTHING in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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