My Hero Academia: Which Character Are You?

My Hero Academia: Which Character Are You?

My Hero Academia’s primary class is made up of quirky and varied characters. Each student has their own unique set of attributes (whether Force-fed or personality-fed) that sets them apart from a room full of twenty extremely powerful students and their teachers. Many of these personality characteristics are associated with the zodiac. Although born under different stars, some members of Second 1-A are potential prime candidates for other zodiac signs. This indicates that some individuals under certain zodiac signs may simply come into contact with various characters of the First 1-A class. Find our My Hero Academia Necklaces and My Hero Academia Keychains in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

12) Aries: Bakugo


Aries are independent decision-makers who take the risks by going for it. They strut their stuff in their clan to prove that they are the best at whatever they do.

Just like the terrible hero of class 1-A. Bakugo, perhaps calmed down since his first appearance as an evil tyrant, has never been extinguished in his heart that urges him to be the best.

11) Taurus: Midoriya (Deku)


A Taurus, who is steadfast and loyal, tends to be the workhorse of the Zodiac by providing a lot of elbow grease.

Deku is loyal to a fault, steadfast in the face of danger, intelligent enough to analyze the abilities of various heroes and villains, and ambitious enough to try to become a hero when he had virtually no authority. Furthermore, he is undeterred in the area of relentless effort. Something he showed early on when he trained to inherit the power of All Might.

10) Gemini: Mina


Although they are falsely characterised as having two faces, Gemini has much more to offer. In fact, they evolve into much more admirable qualities.

Mina is a body that could be comfortable in a wide range of social situations, just like the sign. Whether with boys or girls, or a combination of both, they are willing to try anything. They also have a taste for romance, but not necessarily their own. Mina is happy to dig up all the delicious dirt she can find on Deku, Uraraka’s older brother.

9) Cancer: Todoroki


Cancers may seem prickly at first, but deep down they have the heart of a true blue friend. They are not necessarily the best when it comes to socialising, but they are always inclined to trust others with their honesty and loyalty.

Shoto Todoroki, although initially portrayed as rather cold, impassive and solitary, eventually opened up to his friends and family. His steadfastness is also evident; the young man is willing to get into trouble and disguise himself as a member of the host club’s staff in order to help his friends save Bakugo.

8) Leo: Kirishima


Leos know that their role as king of the jungle is not easy and they are more than willing to work their way to the top of the pack. Usually, not in a petty way, but often in the process of amassing friendships.

Kirishima is like a rock, resisting all forms of adversity that come his way. He is more than happy to put himself at risk for friends and strangers alike, and devotes his efforts to making his alter as great as possible. Even Bakugo cannot deny his strength or his friendship.

7) Virgo: Momo


The term “femme fatale” was first used by the French critic Charles Baudelaire in his essay Le Voyage à L’Isle de la Grande Jatte (1861). They are sophisticated and kind, and tend to help their friends without complaint. Virgos also have a propensity to look at the big picture.

Needless to say, Momo is a helper. She frequently lends a hand to her classmate when it comes to studying. Basically, she is the first one to take off the disguises in order to better blend in when the group goes to rescue Bakugo.

6) Libra: Kaminari


They are very amused by flair, and they tend to get lost in their own imagination and tilt their heads back. If it starts to look like a certain character, it’s just because it is.

Kaminai tried to look cool in front of his classmates. His poor grades in school and his tendency to lower his IQ with his power make him unique. He even tries to charm whoever he can, just like the normal Libra. Fortunately, he makes up for these shortcomings with a Libra inclination towards the benevolent and friendly.

5) Scorpio: Tokoyami


Scorpios are described as the strongest black side of the zodiac constellation. Tokoyami has the strongest black side in his class. And he’s happy about it.

For a very good reason, tokyamid considers the darkness to be his ally. Dark Shadow’s Alter is literally fed by darkness. Dark Shadow’s length, strength and defences are comparable in quantity to the amount of darkness that surrounds him. You get a top-notch Scorpion when you combine him with his chuunibyou tendencies.

4) Sagittarius: Hanta


Sagittarians tend to be mood setters and individuals who make people tremble. They are incredibly gifted at being people with an exploring mind. In addition, they enjoy discovering the path of life on their own. Above all, they don’t believe in authority or anything like that.

Hanta is a triple threat to a Sagittarian. He is described as sympathetic and has excellent friendships with his comrades. As a hero, he wants to prosper on his own while encouraging others to do the same. When your only power is a paracord ribbon, it takes a lot of courage to try to be a hero.

3) Capricorn: Iida


Capricorns are followers of natural laws who prefer authority and strict order. What better description of the 1-A class president can we give?

By default, Lida tends to follow a straight and narrow line. He only strays into intense scenarios that involve family and friends. He is also very disciplined and expects others to do the same. His classmates are often annoying because of his bossy attitude. However, underneath it all, he is a kind young man who puts his classmates’ best interests first.

2) Aquarius: Tsuyu Asui


Furthermore, Aquarius can be defined as unique. They march to the beat of their own drum and do things that no one else has ever done before. Even if the discipline is discreet, they are nevertheless irreproachable.

She may keep a poker face, but she is without a doubt the most unique person in a class full of distinct personalities. However, she is determined to be the best hero she can be for her family and others.

1) Fish: Uraraka


Pisces is one of the psychics of the zodiac. Very often they can correctly predict how others are feeling or whether a circumstance is good or bad. They usually direct their behaviour through their gut.

Uraraka certainly has a lot of this. She is often in tune with the feelings of those around her as an ally. Tsuyu was visibly upset behind his poker face, and she even managed to correctly guess that Tsuyu was upset behind his poker face. Finally, she adapts her fighting style to be more instinctive. In combat, she frequently relies on her instincts.

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Now that you know which My Hero Academia character you are, tell us in the comments.

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