My Hero Academia V.S. One Punch Man

My Hero Academia V.S. One Punch Man

Successful anime series have taken place in hero-centric universes, two of the most popular being My Hero Academia and One-Punch Man. Although these shows had a lot in common, the heroes within them seem to generally possess extraordinarily similar powers and abilities, making some people often wonder which heroes would win in battle.

We put 10 of our favorite My Hero Academia heroes to the test to find out which cast of characters has the most strength. There are some manga spoilers for fans of both series, so proceed with caution. Find our My Hero Academia Tablecloth as well as our My Hero Academia Action Figures on our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

10) Cowboy Snipe vs Gas Mask


Snipe and Gasmask Cowboy share many similarities, from their ideas to their general abilities! Snipe is a famous hero in My Hero Academia while Gasmask Cowboy from One-Punch Man is neither extraordinary nor unique. Mumen Rider, one of the worst characters of the series, is placed on top of him, a sign that there is a lot to say.

Snipe, on the other hand, has a powerful quirk called Homing that allows her to control the trajectory of her bullets with extraordinary precision. During their confrontation, Gasmask Cowboy could not avoid taking a bullet.

9) Mineta Against King


King and Mineta are quite similar, considering their characters. Both have the ability to be bigger than they are right now, but they often prefer to run away rather than fight. While My Hero Academia fans have always wanted to know how a coward like Mineta got a spot in the prestigious AU Class 1-A, one fan of the man wondered why the king hasn’t yet been publicly outed as a pure S-class hero.

If a strange circumstance occurs, the two will have fought before, and Mineta will most certainly win. King will be stuck on the ground, begging for mercy after a few glue gun shots to his head.

8) Kaminari vs Lightning Max


Two heroes, Dei Denki Kaminari and Lightning Max, have learned to incorporate electricity into each of their jobs. Kaminari is a rather strange character; he can jump over 2 million volts from his body while knowing that overusing his alter often fries his own brain, turning him into an idiot for an entire hour. While Lightning Max is not able to generate electricity from his own body in the same way, the stored gunpowder not only gives him an increase in speed but also the ability to link his kicks with powerful electrical discharges.

Without his weaponry, Kaminari is able to catch him without difficulty, but Lightning Max’s naturalness and martial arts skills will allow him to endure and avoid Kaminari’s attacks before delivering the final blow.

7) Endeavour vs Genos


Endeavour, without All Might in the picture, is without a doubt the most powerful hero on the market. Endeavour creates flames so intense that they can cut through buildings like paper. By using his control over fire, he can also dramatically double his speed, though this is nothing compared to Genos, who is so fast that he can keep up with Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, a villain from One-Punch Man who is essentially faster than sound.

Genos’ metallic skin, while not as resistant to a powerful concussive impact, is still willing to withstand large amounts of heat. Endeavor’s flames might be able to tackle buildings, but Genos’ can split entire cliffs in an instant. Endeavour could not hold a candle to the “Demon Cyborg” not only because he is not the number one hero in his own universe, but also because this creature has similar abilities to the Wolverine.

6) Fat Gum vs God Pig


While the hero of One-Punch Man, Pig God, thinks he’s clumsy, he’s actually one of the best guys in the world. His method of defeating monsters is usually based on him swallowing them intact, but it’s not likely that he’d put his nose to eat another hero like Fat Gum just to win a battle. Both characters are resistant to firearms and blades, and they can absorb blows in their many layers of fat.

Fat Gum is unique in that he can actually hold the energy of the blows dealt to him, and then release it all in one lethal strike. The Pig God would almost certainly trade blows with Fat Gum, who would simply absorb the attacks before unleashing a punch of enormous power as a last resort. Unfortunately, this would not be enough to finish off the Pig God.

5) Todoroki vs Brut And Enjoe


To counter Shoto Todoroki, the incredibly powerful hero from My Hero Academia who can control flames and snow, it was only natural to compare him to two opponents who can do the same. Although Brut and Enjoe from One-Punch Man are “heroes” and not really “villains,” they are certainly not “good guys” either.

Enjoe, on the other hand, can create fire while Brut can control ice. However, despite their similar abilities, and despite being born with powers as spectacular as his, both can only control a tiny fraction of their respective elements. Their coordination can also take some effort. Instead of using their powers to prevent an enemy from crushing them at the heels, they are constantly the end of each other’s attacks. Todoroki can easily defeat Brut and Enjoe in a nightmare.

4) Uraraka vs Fubuki


Uraraka’s quirk, zero gravity, allows her to temporarily reverse the gravity of anything she comes in contact with for a short period of time. While this power doesn’t seem to be particularly useful in combat, Uraraka has combined it with her Gunhead martial arts skills to become a force to be reckoned with.

Fubuki is a natural seer, and she is not sickened by her use of the powers. Even with the ability to float, Uraraka could never get close enough to Fubuki to cause any real damage.

3) Koda versus Chemonille


Koda’s quirk, Anivoice, allows him to hire animals to distract and annoy his opponents. Chemonille, an associate of Brut and Enjoe, has a similar ability, although he can only call small birds. If Koda wanted to use insects to create Chemonille’s shocktrooper like he did with Present Mic, Chemonille’s birds would be enough to destroy the insects.

However, Koda only needs to summon even larger birds to make Chemonille’s power useless.

2) Deku Versus Tanktop Master


Using the technique against Deku was difficult, as he had the same abilities as him, while a multitude of One-Punch Man heroes have enough speed and power alone to dance with him at 20% Full Cowling. Deku would be able to dominate Tanktop Master in a 100% Full Cowling fight now, but he is not yet able to access the power by himself.

Tanktop Master is not a mover, from what we saw in his fight against Garou. Tanktop Master is not someone who plays around. With one hand, he was able to lift a huge slab of concrete and throw it into the air at such a speed that it almost broke the soundproof wall. This raw power was too much for Deku, who had no time to devise a plan of attack against Tanktop Master.

1) All Might Against Saitama


Despite his amazing power when he was introduced in the series, the All Might that fans met in the very first episode of My Hero Academia was past his prime. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to assume that even at his size, Saitama would not be nearly as strong.

Saitama’s power is almost satirical. Fans have never seen him in a tough situation, and he has single-handedly fought gods like Boros and Orochi. Light blows from Saitama are enough to shred an opponent’s body, while All Might’s “300 power blows” didn’t leave a scratch on the Namekian he fought in the USJ incident. This game is almost excessively unfair, but then again, every match involving Saitama will be that way. Find our My Hero Academia Funko Pops and My Hero Academia Iphone Cases in our online store along with our collections of clothing representing your favorite heroes.

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