My Hero Academia V.S. One Piece

My Hero Academia V.S. One Piece

From Saitama’s ability to crush an opponent with a single punch to Majin Buu’s ability to turn anyone into candy, anime characters can have strange powers. However, two series have the most unique abilities: My Hero Academia and One Piece.

Demon fruits give pirates extraordinary powers at the expense of their ability to swim. On the other hand, My Hero Academia’s alters are special powers that some are born with and change society almost immediately. Although they are two to the structure of their fictional worlds, and some of them are quite simple, there are some strange powers and demon fruit powers that no one else can master, but which series is richer in extraordinary weird powers? Check out our My Hero Academia Cosplays For Womens and My Hero Academia Wigs in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

Normal capacity


To determine which series has the most strange powers, it is important to choose which has the most “ordinary” powers. If the outlier is weird, then the series will feel less strange. My Hero Academia has a large number of extraordinary powers; however, most of them are fairly simple and inspired by classic superhero characters.

Deku’s main ability, One For All, is simple: superior strength. What about Uraraka? Reduce and manage gravity using the Control key. Bakugo? Sweat is triggered explosively. It’s pretty standard, but it works effectively. Despite this, it looks like a rat; Nezu’s quirk is that he can devise decent tactics. It’s pretty useful, but it’s not really strange at all.

From this, it’s clear that most of One Piece’s powers are irregular. Yes, even though Luffy’s abilities are pretty similar to Marvel’s Mr Fantastic, the way he applies them is strange in terms of animated forms. Luffy’s entire body can expand and dilate. It’s also a relatively mundane power. It doesn’t help that every demon fruit has the inexplicable side effect of making swimming impossible. Although there are alterations, the average demon fruit is definitely stranger.

The Strange World Of Alters


The alters are distinct from the demon fruits because of their number, and many of them are disappointing because of the number of alters there are in My Hero Academia. Midoriya the mother, for example, can carry treasure. Some of the more insane powers, however, are extremely unique.

Mineta is one of the strangest characters in the series: he can pull out sections of his hair and throw them like gooey raisins at targets. The best jeans maker’s ability to control and manipulate fibres, including his extreme denim wear, as well as the textile loops that surround him. Sero shaves a strip off his arms, while Jiro has audio input devices hanging from his ears that allow him to listen in on distant objects. Shinso can direct the minds of those who contact him.

Even things that seem normal have mysterious secondary abilities. Tsuyu Asui, for example, has frog-like attributes, including a long tongue, but she can also suck her stomach dry. The gummy acacia can absorb the impacts in its stomach and body fat, which is not particularly strange. However, it can then convert the energy stored in its body fat into raw energy, after which it burns it to increase its muscle mass.

The strangest alters are the ones you don’t pay attention to. Amajiki can absorb all the capabilities of the food he has raw, but this seems reasonable until he ingests squid and tentacle sprouts. La Brava can tell someone she loves them, increasing their power to the point where Gentle Criminal, a non-combatant, can fight on par with Deku. While Overhaul’s ability to deconstruct and reconstruct everything he touches already seems terrifying, it becomes much more frightening when he absorbs other people into himself to form a colossal monster of phenomenal dimensions.

But The Demon Fruit Is Stranger


They are, however, such strange beings that even the Quirks seem strange, and they are always presented in such a way that we can understand their limits. The strength of My Hero Academia is that we see the limits of each of the alterations, which fixes them in reality. However, One Piece is not limited to the rule of cool: if it’s cool, anything goes.

Of course, some of the demon fruits are quite simple. The incredibly powerful Whitebeard, for example, can cause earthquakes – some of which have the ability to reverse tectonics. The Buggy Clown has the power to split into pieces and float through the air. This is really strange, but their application can be original.

However, there are powers like Raiken’s demon fruit, which allows him to worship a literal fire god as a spirit. Kaido can become a gigantic dragon. There is also Marco, who can create healing blue flames and transform into a phoenix. The above abilities are strange; however, the modifications are quite easy.

Then there’s Trafalgar, who arguably has one of the most elaborate power sets in One Piece or My Hero Academia , with his ability to form planar spheres where he can control everything. He can use it to transport himself, heal others or harm people; he can also do anything he wants with the reality distortion. When Trafalgar appears, the laws of physics somehow break down.

Few of the Demon Fruit’s powers are as strange as Trafalgar’s. However, given the large number of extraordinary demon fruits, it is not extravagant to conclude that One Piece has the strangest powers. However, this is because of the small number of demon fruits. By definition, demon fruits are unique. If they were less unusual, they would be less specialised. The duplicates are supposed to be more commonplace. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are not as strange as demon fruits. Check out our My Hero Academia Wall Art and My Hero Academia Posters in our online shop along with our collections of clothing featuring your favourite heroes.

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