My Hero Academia: Season 5

My Hero Academia: Season 5

My Hero Academia is set to become a shonen series that will define a generation. The conclusion of the manga is imminent, but the anime is about to pick up at an exciting point in the plot. Four seasons have come to an end, and fans eager for Season 5 may want to refresh their memories on the most recent events in the story.

The pace of the story is steady, without losing a second of the good versus evil battle. Izuku Midoriya grows and learns quickly, just like his classmates. When he finishes season 5 of My Hero Academia, what moment could he start? And what decisive events from season 4 could set the stage for season 5? Find our My Hero Academia Wallets and My Hero Academia Mouse Pads in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

Mirio And Izuku Saved Eri From Overhaul


Izuku soon arrived at Sir Nighteye’s hero agency, and he collaborated with Mirio Togata, the two trainees meeting young Eri while patrolling the streets. They couldn’t save Izuku from Overhaul when he was the crime boss, so they decided to fix that mistake when the pro heroes attacked the Shie Hassaikai gang’s stronghold. Izuku and Mirio fought Overhaul personally and, with Eri’s help, they won.

Eri is now in the custody of the AU and Pro Heroes employees, recovering both mentally and physically from Overhaul’s abuse. Hopefully, Eri can finally have a normal, happy childhood. Perhaps she will return in season 5?

There Is A Drug That Erases Alters


Eri was not kidnapped and tormented by Overhaul for fun. He created a unique anti-alter bullet that could annihilate heroes with one shot, which is why Mirio lost his own permeation alter. In the streets, Eijiro Kirishima and Pro Hero Fat Gum were confronted with this pill for the first time, and their recovery helped the professional heroes understand Overhaul’s strategy and develop a counter strategy.

This alter-erasing drug is a powerful weapon that any faction could employ. If the Pro Heroes are not careful, they could face this ingenious weapon again. It also points to the progression of crime right under the heroes’ noses, which shows that they simply cannot control the criminal world, which is a concern for Season 5.

The League Of Villains Gets Even Bolder


The Villains League has suffered some losses, including the arrest of Muscular, Mustard and Moonfish, as well as the founder and leader All For One shortly after. Tomura Shigaraki, meanwhile, is quickly becoming the world’s new big bad, not least because he was chosen by All For One to succeed him, just as Izuku is the designated heir to All Might. Tomura is a dark reflection of Izuku; he is ready to prove it at any time.

Tomura, and some allies, captured the defeated Overhaul and destroyed his alter in order to eliminate the competition. The League’s numbers are limited, but the resisters have all the daring and strength required. Tomura, the flaming Dabi and the shapeshifter Himiko Toga should not be absent for much longer.

Retreat From All Can Erode World Peace


All Might sacrificed its last strength to defeat All For One, but it was a close victory, and in this way its ultimate triumph may not be much. Tomura Shigaraki’s goal now is to destroy All for One; worse, it is mostly All Might that has acted as a firewall against evil and chaos. The dam has now been broken, as season 4 made it clear that the villains of the world are more determined than ever in the past, and not even the new generation of Top 10 heroes can stop them.

Despite their differences, All Might has gained the world peace. However, that golden age has come to an end, and season 5 may show the consequences of its absence at a critical time. It is now up to Izuku and his friends to continue the fight, and they are engaged in a deadly battle. It is possible that the whole world will soon become a place for evil.

Endeavour Proved To Be The New No.1 Hero


Because he is no longer the No. 1 Pro Hero, the Billboard Hero replacement has begun. As expected, Endeavour, ranked #2, has risen to the top; however, he may be experiencing a little impostor syndrome. Furthermore, he never personally triumphed over All Might as he imagined and neither did his son Shoto, the product of a Quirk marriage. Endeavour soon faced a daunting challenge: the New Hooded Nomu, the most powerful Nomu ever.

All of Japan watched, horrified, as the Nomu gave the new No. 1 hero a beating, and unlike All Might, Endeavour drew neither courage nor hope from the people. But just as the situation reached its tipping point, Endeavour changed things. He had now gone beyond the stars, defeating the Nomu in a fierce battle, and finally being recognised as the true number one hero. Shoto was stunned, which could translate into a new deal between them in season 5 – not to mention the possibility of a resurrection against evil. Endeavour is really in the spotlight now, and will certainly stay there. More character development will surely be inevitable. Check out our My Hero Academia Mugs and My Hero Academia Badges in our online shop along with our collections of clothing representing your favourite heroes.

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